Photography: Soulful

 This year I have fallen in love with my camera more than ever. I’ve been putting in work, and I can see the growth. I’m so proud of myself. I know you guys are usually used to me drawing and photographing women, but I’m here to tell you, that I haven’t forgotten about you men. Working with Sonny was a nice experience, and who wouldn’t have a good time with laugh lines like his?
I have so many more photo sessions that I can’t wait to share with you guys, so please stay posted.
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Photography: Little Red Riding Ash

It was time to test out my new baby, my Canon 10-18mm lens. I’ve only dipped  my toes into this wide angle lens, I didn’t want to waste an opportunity with my gorgeous model for the day, so a lot of these were taken with my handy 50mm portrait lens.

Any who, look how glorious Ashley was looking in her plaid red cape. She reminded me of an urban little red riding hood.

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Photography: BoWhoreNYC: FURociously Fierce Hooded Cardigan

Hey guys, I know things have been a little slow around here. If you’re a loyal reader, not only are you appreciated, but you also know that my family is dealing with a great loss. Not only have I been super busy, but even when I’m not, I simply don’t have the energy or strength to do anything. My best friend at the moment is my bed, and when I force myself to go to work, I’m missing my pillows like crazy. Today I gave myself the momentum to update you guys on the last looks of a recent photo shoot I had the pleasure of photographing.

Look 7 has to be one of my favorites of the bunch, that trench is everything, and if you would like to order your own you can do so by going HERE. I’ll be posting the last look in a few minutes while I still have some drive to do so. I might not have much to put up for a little while since I’ll be in mourning, which I’m sure you all understand. But I’m not going far, I just need a little space to heal. I’ll see you guys soon. Much love.

October 2016 Wants

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Usually around this time of year, I’ll ready for  the dark lords to take over. The purples, greens, blacks and oranges are everywhere. I start hunting for a good Halloween costume. Even though I am on a search for a good outfit, this month’s Desirables. are everything but dark. On the contrary, I’m still in pastel mode. Maybe I want summer to stick around a little longer, I don’t know.

This pretty in pink leather back pack is way too cute, and may just be exactly what I need. Noted, I already have a leather back pack in white, brown and black… but colors, we’re all about colors today!

As you guys probably know already, I’m a sucker for new toys. I love having new gadgets, and there’s quite a few on here. I will never have enough cameras, I may have a sickness. I’m always looking for the next big thing, and yes I know I know, it’s not the equipment, it’s who’s behind the lens, but still… come on guys. Look at how cute this camera is, it looks like a perfume bottle and it’s perfect for selfies.

Speaking about selfies, I’ve been in the mood to change my phone and change carriers all together. I currently have the Samsung Galaxy s6, and it’s great and all, but if I could change a few things I would. Like having an external battery for one, or even having the option of having an sd card option. I have so much media on my phone, and even though I pump and dump it all, mind you and print my pictures ( I have so many albums at home) I need more space, and this Sony Xperia 5 may just be what I’m looking for. The camera quality is a great bonus as well. And for the moment, because I know I won’t be cashing in just quite yet, maybe I could just in vest in some new cases for my current phone in the meantime. Trick myself into thinking I got something new. These marble cases are too elegant, and may just make me feel like an actual grown up.

Now a days, what’s a phone without a smarwatch. I never leave my house without a watch on my wrist, but I’ve been super old school with some cheap little things. This Moto watch is gorgeous in gold, and I need it now, now, now!

On another note, I’ve been getting very spiritual and I’m teaching myself, about chakras, positive energies, balance. With that love of being at peace with myself, I have learned to take notice and appreciate the sun and the moon, and the moon to me is a reminder of anything celestial. I’ve been really hunting for a beautiful gold necklace like this one, or maybe even something more delicate like this one. Though I can’t find the exact one I’m looking for, maybe this ring will be a nice reminder that there are bigger things than myself out there.

Well, we shall see, what my shopping addiction has in store for me. Which one of these is your favorite? Is there something you’re really looking into spoiling yourself with this month?
love, m

Mood Board: September 2016 Wants: Colorful Leathers

It’s my favorite time of the year, Autumn is approaching. I love the colorful leaves, the nice breeze and all the amount of layers I’ll get to wear. I think we can all agree that leather jackets are a must for fall, however for some reason, I’ve been in the mood to shy away from basic black. I gave myself one do-able, yet kinda difficult resolution this year.


After working at an old job were I had to wear black from head to toe every shift, I kind got sick of it. I know black is everyone’s classic go to color, but I want to kick it up a notch. I’ve been tempted, kind of obsessed with going ham on my credit card, and just buying leathers in all kind of colors. Look how cute that yellow one is, it’ll go perfect with the new shade of brown I’ve dyed my hair. An auburn I’ve struggling to get just right. This fall I’m ready to get into rustic neutral tones. with just a pop of color.

What are you guys excited for now that the chilly weather is getting here soon?

love, m

Mood Board: August 2016 Wants : God Daughter

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Omg guys! Remember when I said my brother and his girlfriend are expecting? Not only am I blessed to  have been asked to be the God Mother, we recently just found out the gender of our new bundle of’s a girl! I’m so excited, we’re all so excited! Now I can officially start shopping and go into debt.

A have baby fever, and I can’t wait  until she’s finally here. The parent are busy picking out names and planning the baby shower. My mother has started to knitting and it’s the cutest thing.

Like I said, shopping has been on the brain, I’m not a fan of pink for a girl. It’s so gender based. It’s not that I hate it, it’s just everywhere for baby girls. Us, girls, women have many options, pink, purple, green, blue all of it. These little rompers, and dresses are perfect examples that other colors can  still just as frilly and girly. Ooooh, I can’t wait for her to get here!love, m

Desirables: April 2016

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Now that I feel like an old hag, I feel like everything in my closet is outdated and doesn’t reflect my new bound age. I want to feel like a grown up, and all  my raggedy t-shirts aren’t doing the trick. I’ve been wearing long pencil dresses lately, and I’ve been feeling good with myself, especially with all these curves I all of a sudden realize I have. These dresses above are simple and minimal, and can work for day time and night time. I figure, throw a nice blazer on top for work, while wearing some hose and tall black boots, and for night time, just throw on a nice statement necklace and throw on some pumps…taaa-dah!

I’ve been working on more digital sketches lately, especially during my hustle and bustle commute of a New Yorker, those long train rides. My finger is a fat piece of a thing, so sometimes being precise gets a bit annoying and leads to shake hands or a lot of mistakes. These stylus’s above seem to be my favorite so far, but I just keep thinking do I want to drop a $100 right now. No, not really, but if someone wants to get me a nice present… boom!

I’ve been itching for a new bike like crazy, mostly one that folds. I’ll be easy to store and I can pretty much take it anywhere. I finally took the plunge and purchased the Miami bike from I loved the powder blue and had a rear rack installed, which has come in handy. I know I have to get a helmet, which I think is super goofy to wear, but safety comes first. I bumped into this helmet that’s discretely keeps you safe while looking like a cap. So cute. I need this in my life.

I need all of these in my life!

love, m