Photo Journal: Kat’s Picnic for Two

3E4A3597   One of the beautiful things in the world to me, is the radiance of a woman who’s transitioning into a new stage of motherhood.
One of my dearest friend’s Kat is expecting, and her and her spouse couldn’t be happier. Due to these past couple of months being a rough in the world, we’ve stayed away from each other as recommended, but I love having girl dates.
I think making time for your girlfriends is essential. They’re the ones that listen to all your troubles, make you laugh and are with you every step of your journey, so why wouldn’t I go out of my way to do a little something simple, like plan a picnic.
We made our way to the most obsolete part of the park, 6 feet had nothing us today. Our speaker was blasting reggeaton, while we caught up on everything that’s going on in our lives at the same time. Where do you even begin?
For me that was a little easy, as my trusty camera was ready. But let’s be clear this photo session was not planned, not even a little a bit… but I was eager to document some part of her journey— even if I was a little late, and even if she’s almost due.
3E4A36243E4A36213E4A36733E4A3662bf9974af-8933-42ef-b657-72ebc19f895cHow about you, are you ready to document your journey to motherhood?
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Photo Journal: ASAP ROCKY

    If you were to see my calendar, you would either be really impressed or you would be horrified of how packed and color coded it is. I wasn’t always like this, I used to  be so “go with the flow”. Now I make lists (I’m always running out of paper, and yes I keep them digitally as well) On the calendar was a free presentation in one of Apple’s stores in Soho. I told a  friend to meet there, and since he was still far away, I decided to walk and catch some Pokemon (that’s another story for another day).

While making my way toward Soho to go see Mario. You know who it is, “Oh, baby you, you got what I need, but you say I’m just friend“. Yeah, you  know the song, I bet you sang that, didn’t you. I’m not a crazy Mario fan, he hasn’t really come out with any new music in a little bit, not that I’m aware of at least. But the singles he did have, I was always singing. And I have a huge love for concerts (even though this wasn’t concert) it was free, and anyone who knows me, knows that “free” is my favorite number.
I guess the universe had a different plan for me, because when I passed Madison Avenue, smack down the middle of the street was an interactive pop up hosted by Calvin Klein and Amazon Fashion. Of course I stopped and asked a event staff guy what was going on. I noticed the small stage, and I already knew someone was going to come out, they just had to, I felt it in my bones. I asked him who it would be and he didn’t know. He checked his email and told me ASAP. In my mind, I’m like okaaaaay, but ASAP who, ASAP FERG, ASAP ROCKY, the mob has a few people.. he just looked at me like I spoke Chinese. I grabbed his phone and read the name for myself. I knew it, ROCKY. I made my way inside.. duh! Like I’m going to go see Mario  now (if you ever see this Mario, no offense, I still like you).
I’m not gonna lie, I was getting a bit antsy, especially because it was starting to get to packed, and you know people when something is free, pushing and shoving. But I was already pretty hype because you have to soak it in, that you don’t always know everything. You can’t plan every single detail of your life. I got to experience a wonderful moment, and if my friend wasn’t running late, I wouldn’t have walked, I wouldn’t have bumped into a better (who an compare?) event and be up close to such a handsome man…. oh yes ROCKY… you are fine… any way (cough cough) Check out these shots I grabbed. Love!
  Oh, and you can see some more photographs of concerts that I captured on

Photography: Stefanie Katja

Had a little fun in Chinatown with fashion blogger  Stefanie Katja . I love when my models are wearing bright clothing, and red in Chinatown is a beautiful match made in heaven!
See more of my photography on instagram —> @millistephaniaphotography 

Louis Louis

“Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada, Basic bitches wear that shit so I don’t even bother.”

My mother had the most gorgeous collection of Louis Vuitton bags. When I was younger I used to hope that one day they will be mine. Who am I kidding I used to borrow them all the time and never give them back. In high school I will show up & strut down the hallways like I was hot shit, knowing damn well I couldn’t afford that.
So here I am today, I wear no name brands, hell, it’s hard for me to even match anymore. Give me basic clothing and I’ll go on with my day. But that doesn’t mean I can’t admire from afar. (My wallet agrees that I should look from far too)

The Louis Vuitton exhibit is taking place until January and it’s free, so if you haven’t gone yet,  there’s no excuse not to go. Just don’t forget to RSVP before you go, since they scan tickets upon entry.
Today’s outing was nice little adventure after  work. I met up with Phil and Kat and walked right in (after I stuffed my face with a deep dish pizza from the corner shop, that I do not recommend).
I knew I wanted to take a lot of pictures today and thought I would have more to work  with, especially since Phil’s such a fanatic with his luxurious eye for brands. In London he arrived with a bright yellow duffel with LV print that was absolutely gorgeous. –Guess who decided to arrive wearing a Fendi hat instead? — Really Phil!?
I shifted my focus on the pieces that were being showcased instead. The first floor started off with the history and timeline of Louis.
We saw his early works of canvas and his trunks that were made of wood. The cute little old school cars with his name that will transfer all the luggage. My favorite thing was guessing who’s luggage belonged to who depending on its contents.
The higher up the floor, the more modern the pieces became.
If you find yourself in the city and looking for something to do, go enjoy some fashion history. Here are a few pics I snapped of our tour.

Event: Fem.Is.In

artwork by : Lady Pink
artwork by: Queen Andrea

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to attend art shows. It’s been a little while, but Fem.Is.In was a great way to get me going again. Seeing Swoon, Queen Andrea and Lady Pink‘s pieces in person again, are always a reminder to get my craft together. The push to start creating and stop making excuses. Great show Ladies!

Carousel and Some Syrup

1It was time to meet up with Misha, my long lost lover of a best-friend who recently came back from the Dominican Repulic after another adventure. (Talk about a run on sentence) We haven’t really been spending much time together to be honest, and it was about time we actually made plans and stuck with them.

Since I had time to spare before our meeting time, I headed to a place I have been dying to visit, just never made the time to. Shame on me as a New Yorker, This is one of the most beautiful escapes I have bumped into in the city. I didn’t even get lost, like I usually tend to do.

Jane’s Carousel closes at 6pm, and I happened to make it just in time, 5:50pm to catch the last spin on this merry-go-round. It was so adorable and I found myself getting super excited like any kid would. And since lately I’ve been taking myself out on dates… I actually have the time to focus on what I like, and Jane’s Carousel was definitely a thumbs up.

Also, I don’t knwo if you guys, have noticed, but there’s a big New York Egg Hunt going on… I this little hunt has me running around learning new places of the city.  I got lucky and found 5 more eggs at this point!

I also bumped into this pretty awesome food truck with a great cause.

New York-based Drive Change offers formerly incarcerated youth the opportunity to serve food with a side of social justice. With the competitive job market, finding employment as a former youth inmate can be very difficult, & a lack of income can lead back to a life of crime. Through this food truck program, young adults can start with a clean slate & get a chance at employment, life skills & a future.

 I ordered 4 little skivers, that were like pancakes and had chicken in the inside. It was pretty good, and not to mention the employees were super sweet. I wish them all this all the best in their future comings.

Check out a few pics from my little solo adventure…. Now it’s time to meet up with Misha.

Later my loves.


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