Photography: Jack with his Daniels

No, I haven’t stopped drawing. Like everything in life is it’s all about balance. My camera has been getting some love and attention from me and today was no different. These shots weren’t planned at all, but I love how they came out.
I’ve been wanting to photograph more men, since all I seem to draw, paint, and photograph is women. Posing a woman in my opinion is easy. It’s just more flawless.
The last thing I want to do is pose a male subject in a feminine manner and have him not like the end result. I’ve been doing some homework on the male anatomy (chuckles) and photography..because let’s face it, I self teach myself everything I know.

All in due time…

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Photography: She’s Making a Human Part 1

This weekend I took the time out to photograph my beautiful sister for her maternity pictures. We’re all excited that Amaury is coming soon, and June couldn’t could come any slower.
Julissa looked stunning, and I’ll be sharing these in small batches. I took advantage of the day and took some pictures of my brother, with his little family as well, so you’ll be seeing those soon!

Photography Shoot: Chrissy Joy Styles : Business Casual

Sometimes I photograph fashion bloggers.

I worked with Chrissy from for the first time last year. She was dressed in all white and I was working with my Canon Rebel T3i. My baby Belle, what I named my Canon has  been collecting dust on a shelf, since lately I’ve been using my Sony A6000, or Cher like I like to call her ( I have another Sony I named Sonny, get it… Sonny and Cher) aaaanyway…enough tech talk.

My schedule has been pretty packed lately, so when Chrissy agreed to meet me during my lunch break at work, I was all for it. These are a few of my favorite shots I wanted to share with you guys.

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See you later lovies!

City Shooting: Strolling Downtown Brooklyn

Sometimes whenever life gets a little hectic, I try to find the simpler things to bring me a bit of instant happiness. may it be cooking, dancing in front of the mirror, watching a chick flick or having a glass of wine, that escape is always needed. During one my lunch breaks, I had to escape from my window-less office. I took a stroll and brought out my camera (canon rebel t3i) that I named Belle, she’s my baby. Since I usually shoot in color when it comes to my everyday life, whenever shooting still life I like to practice my black and white. And no, not changing the color to black and white after the shot has been captured. The old school black and white, right at the moment.

I bumped into  this beautiful dress in the window, a brick arched alleyway leading to a restaurant that was beautiful lit. I bumped into this house with a nice huge window in the front, but even better than that, the gloomiest tree right in front of it, I felt like it was Amityville’s Horror ‘s home. Creepy!

Tell me what you guys think!

I need to take out Belle out on a date more often.

kiss kiss

Captured By Belle: Nnz Family

2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxEarlier this week I got to photograph The amazing Nnz family. I loved how color coordinated everyone was. We all decided to head to a local park and even though Mom Diana had certain poses in mind (which we did do) I loved that she loved my idea for capturing candid moments. I feel candid moments capture more feeling, than just posing and smiling. This family is filled with so much personality and I wanted that show in the final images. After looking spiffy and pretty I suggested they head to the actual park with the jungle gym and swings and just PLAY, and that they did… all while I hid somewhere in a corner and just snapped away.  D loved the photographs and I was so happy that I had the chance to help trap some wonderful memories unto what will soon to be print.

kiss kiss, Minx





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Family Photographer For Hire

Photographer for Hire

Captured by Belle: Joe’s 30th

It’s been a long week, yet it feels like it’s flying by and dragging all at the same time. I have so much work to do, and it feels like I’m leaving everything to the last minute, even though I’m really not.

Earlier this month I was commissioned to photograph a 30th birthday. Of course I had to show you guys a little bit. There were many photos, and this wasn’t one of those “let’s pose over here” kind of shoots. Event photography usually has you running around all over the place, the lighting wasn’t that fun, but I managed. Yes, I have a light, but silly me, decided to bring the light and no batteries.

Practice makes perfect right?

The theme was camouflage, perfect for the birthday boy who loves to go hunting. The food was delicious, prime rib steak at it’s finest,  check out a few pics below:joe 1joe 1joe 1