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J.Cole at The Barclay’s

I surprised Katt for her 30th birthday with J.Cole tickets. We spent the hour before the concert started looking for food and drinks. And let me tell you, I may be late to the party, but Artichoke pizza is heaven sent.

Whenever  I go to concerts, I almost always like to go to the ones that have a range of artists. I was a little skeptical at first, but omg.. J.Cole killed it. I’ve always admired his lyrics, but watching him put his heart into it, just made me fond over him some more. Katt kept making fun of me since I was crushing so damn hard.

Milli Stephania

Vlog | Kayak and Some Beers

I’m a huge planner. I think everyone knows this about me. If you were to look at my calendar, you would probably get a little scared. But sometimes life surprises you, and no matter how much you think you have something figured out, the best moments come with spontaneity.
Josh invited a bunch of us to go kayaking, and though I’ve passed  this pier many times, telling myself I would go… I just never went out my way to go do so. Today was the day, and when Melany came to join us, the party was really starting.

I just got out of work, and was extremely overdressed on this hot day. My jeans stayed on, but I was so glad I was wearing a cute sports bra. I took that baby right off.
Now, I don;t know how to swim, but that never stops me from getting into water. I was little nervous at first, especially since we all got on single kayaks, instead of doubles… but that ended up being a great idea, since we kept racing each other, and playing bumper kayaks in the water. Josh kept splashing us, while Mel and I tagged team to get him right back.

Last person to the dock buys beers… you guessed it… first round is on me. I was doing pretty well until I bumped into another person and got stuck going backwards. lol.

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Photo Journal | The Greatest Day Ever

The Bronx almost never has anything cool to do. Don’t fight me on this. I have never stepped foot into The New York Expo Center and if things keep  going this way, it won’t be the last either. The Greatest Day Ever is a two day festival brought to you by The Brunch Bounce team. There was no way I was going to last all day, so I mad sure I started my night when the sun was going away (shrugs shoulders) making sure I did my homework on the lineup.
I’ve always had a weird love for Ferris wheels. They scare me, but they’re just so beautiful, that I just have to get on! This one was no different, and I was inspired to draw a quick little sketch of one of my own.
Once the sun went down, I was loving all the lights, and I was glad I was able to bring in my camera. I noticed some people complained they couldn’t bring theirs in, and so glad I didn’t have that issue.
The rides were so much fun, and the music was great. I was right though.. I knew I wouldn’t last. The next day my body was sore, I ended up re-selling my tickets, and stayed in bed all day being lazy (whispers: I’m getting old) I heard and saw that Diplo killed it on day 2 though…aaaaahh!


Milli Stephania

Real Estate Photography | Blue