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Currently on Instagram

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere, here’s what’s currently going on my instagram profiles. Yes, plural, because knowing me I have to keep things at least a little organized. The first of the pair is @millistephania , go on and follow and you’ll see everything here from lifestyle photos, to my illustrations and even some cute baby pictures of my god-daughter Harlie.
On my second profile, @millistephaniadotcom , you’ll be able to follow along on all my photography. This is where I post up anything that has caught my eye and I just had to capture on camera. All photographs are taken by me, and you can see everything from photo sessions with bloggers, concerts, and still life photography.
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I never noticed the difference between these profiles aesthetically, but now I do. My illustration profile is much more brighter and responsive to color, while my photography profile is darker and much contrasted. Which one is your favorite?

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50 Things to do by Yourself

Now that I’m single, not interested in dating, and barely make an effort to hang with friends anymore… you look for things to do.
I’ve been taking all this time to get to know myself, be self aware of who I am, what I like and don’t like. What do I want to do, who do I want to be, what to do believe in? So many questions.
Like I said, I’m not out looking for anyone, so what is there to do in the mean time?

I’ve found that I like spending time alone, and some may think it’s sad, but I’ve grown to be perfectly okay with it. If I don’t enjoy time with me, why would anyone else?

I’ve had more time to invest in myself and my craft, I’m drawing all the time, having photoshoots. I went out and seen a couple of movies by myself, and I had a great time.

So what are some things you can do by yourself, you ask? I made a list of 50 to give you some ideas…. give some a try, and let me know how you did!

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A Little Help Goes a Long Way

Would you like a sandwich or  a wrap?

Today I had the opportunity to serve meals to hundreds of hungry and  homeless New Yorkers and it felt amazing!

It was such a rush, the line was endless, but every time a new person pulled up to my station, I felt so good knowing I was helping someone else. And their smiles made it all worth while.
Today I gave back to community and I can’t wait to do it again.

To learn more about The Bowery Mission or volunteering you can visit

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Link Love

  • I’ve been doing more homework on body language. Maybe now that I’m pursuing more time with photography, I’ve come to realize how important is is, and not only for pictures. This article is a great example of how you can tweak small things in your posture to make a huge difference.
  • I’m constantly looking up curly hair styles on Pinterest and these have to be some of my favorite looks.
  • This song is just so catchy, it’s been on repeat all day!
  • My boss and I have weekly meetings where we discuss books. Right now we’re reading this one, it’s about emotional intelligence. It speaks about self-awareness, self- management, social awareness and social skill. It sounds like a lot, but I found this chart and article that breaks it down pretty easily. I’ll be ready for my next meeting.
  • I’ve moved recently, and if you know me, you know I like to decorate. Before I get into that though, I have a lot of cleaning up to do. Since I’m losing out on storage space, I’ve been thinking about getting about 4 dressers, and this one from Ikea seems to be the winner so far.
  • As I’ve mentioned, I’m been focusing on my photography more. Which means I’ve been updating this instagram profile, you should go follow.
  • I haven’t announced this yet, but in September I’ll be taking a little business trip. I won’t say where yet, but I’ve been doing my homework on street style shooting. Like almost everything I self teach myself, I go through constant posts like this one, this one and even this one. Soaking up all the knowledge.
  • The warm weather for me usually means it’s time to pick up body painting again. I’m torn, because I want to continue this series, but I want to change the style up drastically, mainly focusing on being less promiscuous.
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Bodega Pizza

“Feliz Cumbe” for my Good Friday.
Finally made my way to Bodega Pizza. I’ve heard so many good things of this spot. The same spot that used to be Apt.78. I ordered Feliz Cumbe, it was like a Hawaiian, with corn added to it. I was skeptical at first, of the corn, but it was absolutely delicious. Francheska‘s margherita pizza was on point as well. Hmmm.. this outing might be a little far for me, but I’ll definitely be back.

Milli Stephania

A Permit? Please!

“You need a permit for photography.” That’s what the security guard at The Botanical Gardens said to me, when he noticed my big camera. Or maybe it was  the way I directing Francheska in the stairs? “Tilt your chin up, release your shoulders, relax”.
I smiled at him nicely, and told him this was not a professional shoot. He was calm and respectful which I appreciated. He told me “You sure? It looks like you know what you’re doing.”
I know he was only doing his job, and I assured him this was only for fun.
We roamed around, and grasped the view of all the enchanting flowers. We let the fresh air hit our hair, and I took advantage and tried teaching Francheska a little bit of how to angle pictures when shooting others. She took all the ones of me… how did she do?

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Mood Board: Cutting the Curls

I walked in to work, my coworker is sitting on a sofa sipping her coffee, looks up at me and yells “Good Morning Millie, your hair looks fabulous! Hey, I’m liking this spirit, give me all the compliments, I’ll take them wherever I get them.
I’ve been trying very hard to stay away from heat, it’s tempting. I failed this week. But in my defense, I did really well for two months. I’ve also been thinking about cutting it, mostly to re-shape the way my curls fall.
I’ve been debating if I should get a Deva Cut, since I keep hearing great things about it. You know what it’s time to just go do it and stop talking about it and just go do it. The price is so steep though.. but if I can spend almost $200 on things like camera equipment and a phone bill, I can invest in my looks.

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Photography: Curls & Cut-Out Jeans

Curls and Cut-out jeans in hidden gems in the city. My second session with fashion blogger Francheska from She’s on the verge of revamping her blog. She started some time ago, and is ready to start taking it more serious, from her fashion and even travel. I had the chance of giving her some new images to work with and I loved how much she loved the outcome.

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Photography: Cherry Blossoms at Botanical Gardens

The cherry blossoms are out. The camera is out, and it’s time to bring out the flower dresses to match. Fashion blogger Francheska from picked out a cute little green number, and we made out way to the gorgeous Botanical Gardens.
I haven’t been there since I was a kid on a field trips, so I was excited to what what in store for us. I threw on some comfy white sneakers since I knew I was going to do some walking and met up with Francheska at the front doors. I did not think the weather was going to be so warm. I had on a little leather jacket that I immediately regret bringing with me. We had a nice time, and got some great photographs to match. Stay tuned for session 2.