Travel : Washington D.C. 2019

Sometimes it's time to escape the hustle and bustle of NYC, and find some bustle somewhere else.     Weekend getaways tend to be my favorite. I can pack a small backpack with me, have a new adventure and go back to work on Monday like nothing ever happened. A friend recently told me about … Continue reading Travel : Washington D.C. 2019

Travel: Bermuda 2018: Tie Dye Blues

We've been counting the days. I recently peer pressured Kat into taking a trip with me,and guess what.. it worked! She hasn't had a vacation in God knows how long, and I was on a mission to get out of New York. Seemed like a win-win to me. I did all my homework, our itinerary … Continue reading Travel: Bermuda 2018: Tie Dye Blues

Travel: How I Travel With Only A Carry On

Flashback to October 2017, my parents are getting married in the Dominican Republic. Everyone is jumping on a plane and there's so much to bring a long with us. I've already packed about 4 days before our departure. My carry on is by the door, and a few days later, the night before our flight … Continue reading Travel: How I Travel With Only A Carry On

Travel: How I Travel on a Budget and How to Plan An Itinerary

A friend recently called me "The Human Planner" I giggled because it's the first time I've heard that about me. But when I stopped giggling I thought about it, and she's kinda right. I plan everything. One of the many things that have to be in order is when I decide to travel, things like … Continue reading Travel: How I Travel on a Budget and How to Plan An Itinerary

Mood Board: Passport Portfolio

It' time for another trip. This time I'll be roaming the streets of London and Rome. What a perfect time to get away. I've kind of been on my "loner" thing these past couple of months. I've had so much on my mind, re-evaluating my priorities, the energies I want to be surrounded by, and … Continue reading Mood Board: Passport Portfolio

Cuba: Swallowed by the Sea

    That was a good night sleep, I was so cold though. I snuggled up next to Tanya just to get more warmth. It's 10am and our taxi is waiting for us. Mitchell is quiet, and also very polite. He drives us to Varadero. Cuatro palmas is a gorgeous beach. I noticed there were … Continue reading Cuba: Swallowed by the Sea