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Where are you located?

I am located in New York , NY. I mostly accept sessions in the New York Metro area. I am also available for travel destinations upon request with additional fees.


What is your turn around for photos?

Portraits sessions are delivered between 2-10 business days. Event sessions are delivered between 4-20 business days, and weddings may exceed up to 8 weeks maximum.


How will I receive my photos?

Images are delivered via an online gallery.
You will have access to download your favorites high-resolution photos.


Do you provide prints?

Prints, framed prints + certain personalized photo albums are available to be purchased within the shop in your gallery.


What is your preferred style of photography?

I love to capture emotion. Though I do guide my clients with posing that is best flattering, I do prefer candid style photography, laughing, playing, tears etc. Love is a verb, and I’m here to help you capture that feeling.


How do YOU prefer to communicate?

My preference is to use email, this way I am able to reference any important details of your session. I’ll gladly jump on a call or video chat if requested. On the day of your session, I prefer text or calls so we may have faster contact.


How do I book a date?

If you head on over to the “Services” page on the menu, you may message me with as many details as you can think of. Once, we’ve come to a mutual agreement, I do require a 30% non-refundable retainer to secure your date and time. Bookings are made on a first come, first served basis and your date is not booked until I’ve received the retainer and a signed contract.


Am I allowed to print the photos that you deliver to me?

I do prefer that you shop via the shop within your gallery, however, I have no issues with you using a third party service to print your images. You 100% have my permission to print your images.


How much retouching do you do?

I believe in capturing the moment as seen. Every image you receive is edited for color, contrast, exposure + style. Some images may require more attention like a pimple or blemish, but things like body reshaping are not included in my packages.


Do you work with a second shooter?

All images are taken solely by me. If you’d like to ensure multiple angles of the same moments, assistants and second shooters are available for my wedding packages.


How long Have I been doing this?

I’ve always had a camera in hand as a child, I received my camera around the age of 13, and loved capturing moments for my own journals + blogs. Later on in life I fell in love with capturing moments for others. So— all the time.


What’s the best time to have our session?

Light is everything. Outdoor sessions typically take place 2 hours before sunset. Indoor sessions will usually be best around 11am-2pm. Your preference is always considered first, so your schedule, is my schedule.


What’s the best place to have our session?

Locations vary by client, especially if you have a specific place in mind. If you don’t, no worries, I usually choose a location that I will scout out + pick before hand that fits your needs.


How should I dress for my session?

Style brings your photos to life. Color choices, fabric and movement make a huge impact to your photographs. I highly suggest sticking to a color palette of about 3 colors. Maxi dresses look wonderful on women. Parents in solids and kids in print are always a good pick. Before your session I send you a easy guide to prepare for the day, and may ask you to send me a layout of your planned outfit.


What should I expect?

Fun. The number one thing I hear after a session was that the Family/Couple had fun. I am a storytelling photographer. What that means is that I like to observe what makes you, you and photograph your natural interactions with those your love. Nothing too posed, or stiff. I will direct you into some shots and encourage you to be yourselves which means no awkward fake smiles + lots of relaxed good times.


Do you deliver Raw files?

I shoot and edit every session in RAW to ensure the maximum amount of exposure and color information is available for my editing, however I only deliver edited and finished high resolution JPEG files that are ready to be shared or printed.


Do I own the copyright to my photos once you deliver them to me?

No. As the content creator, under New York law, I am the copyright owner of my creation, images. However, you have the freedom to share, print, scrapbook and use your images for personal use. I do not watermark my images and you’re free to print them at your lab of choice if you decide to not use the professional lab included in your gallery. You CANNOT provide the images to any sort of commercial entity for commercial use, and cannot be used to be entered for any contests or used for any monetary gain.


Will my photos show up on your social media or website?

As a photographer it’s important for me to be able to show my existing work to attract new clients and illustrate what I can do. Typically, you’ll see highlights from our session to show up on my website, blog, instagram and other social media sites. If you’re uncomfortable or wish to keep your images private, please be sure to tell me before you secure your session.


How far in advance should I book?

Anything sooner than 2 weeks of your desired session date is harder to be available. Typically portrait sessions can be booked at your earliest convenience, this ensures that your date is available and is not being advertised to other clients. Weddings should be booked no sooner than 4 months of your wedding date. Booking your session further in advance will more likely mean that your date is available. Feel free to contact me here if you’d like chat about my availability.


What is your policy for rescheduling due to bad weather?

Though I’m still willing to photograph some fun dancing in the rain images, I completely understand if you’d rather reschedule to a warmer, sunnier day for your portrait sessions. This is obviously not a choice for your wedding day, but I will help you develop a game plan and make the most of your rainy wedding day.


what’s your payment structure?

A 25% non-refundable retainer is required to secure your date. The remaining balance of your session can be paid on the date of your session. Weddings also require a 25% non-refundable to secure your date. Your remaining balance can be paid in 3 installments, the first 6 months before your wedding date, 3 months before, and the final payment 2 days before the big day.


Do you deliver Black + White photos?

A small portion of the images I deliver (typically less than 5%) are black and white where I feel it better suits the image, but the majority of images I deliver will be in color.


What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations are a tough situation that nobody wants to encounter, but we need to have a plan just in case. If you have to cancel and you contact me 48 hours or more before your portrait session, I will be happy to give you options for new available date. Because I turn down other clients for your date, and if your session needs to be cancelled, and I am contacted within a shorter time frame of 48 hours, I can no longer fill this date with another client. A new retainer will be needed to secure a new date for your session. To accommodate all parties as best as possible, while aiming to be fair to you, my client and myself, I strive my best to give you another date availability. If we are unable to meet a mutual date for your rescheduled session, no refunds of the retainer will be granted.


Any general tips for me?

The best advice I can give you after having been a part of many milestones in people’s lives is to be authentic and to only do and include things that actually matter to you. What brings you joy? Look at the sunset. Surround yourself with positive energy, beautiful people, and just have fun. Not every portrait session will be the same, I’m here to help you show off YOUR story.