Born and raised in New York City, a free spirited Latina who discovered a love for art and a talent for drawing at a very young age. I could describe myself as a lot of thing but creative and passionate are at the top of my list. I started this blog in 2010 as a way to share my artwork, and over time it became like a public journal where I would write about my dating mishaps, travel adventures and overall road to self discovery. However, I am no longer the girl I was 8 years ago. I have matured so much since than.
Art has alway been a passion of mine and a way to earn a little income. I started selling names in “graffiti” style lettering to my peers at school on crappy pieces of paper for $1. I would carry a notepad with me and every chance I had I would sketch in it as a way to escape my surroundings. I never stopped. While New York has always been my playground and muse, as an adult I learned that there is so much more to explore in this world than what’s on the block. So I began to travel. I’ve fallen in love with every country and city I’ve visited, connected with the locals, learning their history and experienced their ways of living while also discovering a little bit more about myself along the way.
Much like myself, my art work has also grown. I decided to take my talents to the world of freelancing. Teaching myself as I went along. My flourishing small business now consist of creating custom invitations, logos, tattoo designs and personal illustrations. By all means, I do not plan to stop there. My dream is to grow my brand, creating a style that is all mine.
Furthering my talents, I started to dabble into photography. Again self teaching as I went along. Photography has now become a passion of mine and very rarely am I without my camera.  I’ve always loved to capture moments believing that a picture can speak volumes. I started off taking photos of my friends, family and travels. Before I knew it I was being hired to capture special moments in others lives. Through these small jobs I was able to invest in better quality cameras to perfect my craft which is now an added service to my business.
I love to work and meet with my clients as I single handily bring their original ideas to reality. May it be through illustration or photography. I’ve never been one to shy away from learning and trying new things. Through faith, trial and error and my continued travels, I discover what my niche is while learning how to become better than I was yesterday.