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In Your Arms

Title: In Your ArmsPhotographed by: Milli StephaniaA newborn daughter softens the heart of a new father who’s always accustomed to having a tough exterior.

Never Letting Go

Title: Never Letting GoPhotographed by: Milli StephaniaNewlyweds, The Burgos, sneak off to soak in all their joy during their wedding reception

Youre invited: A Few Blocks Away Photo Installation

“A Few Blocks Away” I’m thrilled to present “A Few Blocks Away”, a group exhibition showcasing photography from three New York City-based photographers, opening on January 20, 2023, from 6 pm-10 pm. “A Few Blocks Away” follows The Great Resignation, also known as the Big Quit, an ongoing economic trend in which employees have voluntarily…

Sometimes you don’t need a reason

I honestly meet the best people. Working as a family photographer has given me the opportunity to meet people who value family and ever-lasting memories. Without a doubt, Yvonne definitely falls into that category.I was recommended to Yvonne about 4 years ago, and every time we meet, it feels like I’ve met up with a…


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