Photography: Brianna & Christopher

I had the pleasure of shooting one of my brother's friends wedding party. Cristopher and Brianna eloped in November, and now was the time to celebrate with family and friends. This was the first time I met Brianna, and she was so sweet, I can see why Chris was so smitten and decided to make … Continue reading Photography: Brianna & Christopher

Family: La Hora Loca, After the Vows

After the ceremony it's time to party! What, did you think we weren't gonna get get down and dance all night. Ha! You must not know Dominicans very well. After we left the church, we arrived in style back to El Palacio Royal. Everyone was already seated and waiting for the wedding party to arrive. … Continue reading Family: La Hora Loca, After the Vows

Family: The Ro’s Tie the Knot

Well, well, welI, I think I’m doing a pretty good job of catching up if I do say so myself. If you're walking in this blog blind, here’s what you missed: I recently traveled to London and Rome on business. I’ve been using my camera and connecting with old friends at the same time. I’ve … Continue reading Family: The Ro’s Tie the Knot