Behind The Scenes: Body Art Video Edition

DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPROI hope you guys remember these Behind The Scene pictures from when  I was working with model Kat, or as I like to call her, Mini Kat. This time I thought I’d step up the behind the scenes experience with a video… why not get up close and personal?

Here are a few more behind the scenes shots and stay tuned for the final product….Untitled2 Untitled3

which you guys actually got a sneak peek of if you watched the whole video!

Behind The Scenes & Churrasco with Paulie and Wives

UntitledIMG_2526I headed to Jersey for some trio bodypaintng with Paulie’s Wives, Vanessa, Hazel and Lady. I’ve known Lady for awhile, and we always make the effort to say we’re gonna hang out, but just never actually do it.

This time I was being bribed  with good meat and drinks, how could I possibly say no!?

The girls were so sweet and  so fun to hang out with and that churrasco that Paulie made was deliciously smoked to perfection.

This was the first time, the girls were getting painted on, I could tell they were nervous, but once they let lose, we were ready to shoot.

Check out some behind the pics from our day and stay tuned for their final images.
IMG_2525IMG_2529IMG_2832 IMG_2540 IMG_2550

Behind The Scenes: David Zayas Jr. & Stephanie


Photoshoots wouldn’t be as fun, if there wasn’t some behind the scenes action. Check out this random pics from our day!

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Behind The Scenes


bts2Here are a quick few behind the scenes pictures to a photo shoot, I just recently did .

Madame JulievetMinxinx collaboration.

Stay tuned !

behind the scenes

Never Made Its: Video Edition

You Guys are aware of my random ” Never Made It’s ” post… Those pictures that just have never it into their post of their own.

For this “Never Made It’s” I decided to switch things up. Instead of posting pictures that have never made it to the site, I decided to do videos instead!

Now I know it seems liek a lot, but I promise you, none of them are more than a minute long..  so just sit back and enjoy!

And if you’re a friend of mine, see if you made the cut and are in any of these!

On The Set : Toby Love’s music video Lejos


The driven Jorge and and Edgar asked Misha  and I to be P.A.’s for an upcoming project.

and I was excited, how could I say no?

The talented  Danny Hastings from Atomicus Films would be shooting, for all you spanish music lovers out there, bachatero  Toby Love ‘s  new music  video, Lejos.

The first day we started to  set up, I was up and ready to go by like 10 p,m Yes, we were working at night.

Once we got to the location, everything was covered in dust. We had so much work to do.

We needed to make a  bar, work on the stage, remove  many furniture that just doesnt fit, clean, paint, add lights,  and  so on.

So we got started.

After all the work we did, we still were not  finished.  Day two rolled around and we got started right away. Jorge started to paint his speak easy sign while I got a hold of the curtains that are on stage. I have to say, with the limited fabric I had, I think I did them enough justice. ♥

Day three, time to shoot.

I had  to go to work, and couldn’t be there by 5am like everyone else. I got to work at 5 am and left by 9am.

I couldn’t miss this. I finally arrived by 10:30am ( long way to Brooklyn )  and everyone was already set up.

I was glad I didn’t miss much.

The wonderful Pia  was doing wardrobe  and I have to say she did great!

I’ve seen her strut her fashion senses when we were in High School together,  in  our fashion illustration classes together, and even in our annual fashion talent  shows,  but things like that are never really the same once you’re rushed and being put under pressure because of timing and one horrible person you have to deal with and answer to.

Yes, I went there. hahaha

Any way, to back to our behind the scenes posts, enough drama.

Toby Love was actually a very chill person.

You could tell he was loved by many , not just because of his twitter stats, but because he was very down to  earth, cracking jokes and such kind of dude.

I cannot express enough how much I was glad he was just him and nothing to extravagant.

Hooray for celebrities that aren’t douche-bags!


Can you believe this awesome dress that the female lead Sally was wearing for the Flash back shot was Pia’s High school Prom dress!

It looked amazing on her.

Sally’s acting was on point, especially her face expressions.


Well, I hope you guys enjoyed a sneak peak into this video.  I have been holding this post hostage until Gabriel was finished editing all the clips together, so you guys can have everything at once.

Everyone was absolutely fantastic to work with. I had such a great time and experience and I definitely hope it’s not the last.

So enough stalling, here’s the end result. Enjoy, and please don’t forget to visit all the links below that take it back to those who made it happen.

Credits and  links: 

Atomicus Films

Starring singer  Toby Love

Directed by Danny Hastings

Produced by Gabriel Guzman

Art directors Edgar Zorilla  & Jorge Urbaez

Wardrobe by Pia Lindsay

Co starring lead actress  Sally ferreira

P.A. Misha Merino