Illustration: Peace of Mind

It’s been a little while since I painted on canvas. Time to make time for myself and my form of meditation, my peace of mind. 

Illustration: Q’uality

They say music is universal, and I for one can’t wait to see until @qualityofficial roams the streets, hearing his lyrics blasting from other people’s speakers.
You’re going far and I couldn’t be prouder.
Many blessings Q!

Illustration: Itching

Told myself I wanted to get ink every time I visit some place new.
I’m itching for some more.

Illustration: Alicia Keys

Inspired by the talented and gorgeous @aliciakeys , may her positive and self loving ways give us the strength to love ourselves the way we should.

Illustration: Glamour Girl

Sometimes, all you want is a little glamour.
-milli stephania


New Artwork: Pop

Dating is like  bubble gum, at first it tastes better than anything you could have ever imagined, and then it starts losing it’s flavor.

The newest piece to the bunch. Fun fact, I had a pink leather jacket just like that when I was about 14 years old. Kinda wish I could find that now… I showed my mother this illustration, and she smiled like “hey! you  had a jacket just like that!”


New Artwork: Selfie

You know we all love to take selfies. This is a selfie generation. My newest illustration “Selfie” rocks her sea foam green hair and is ready for her close up!