Photo Journal: Prosper And Be In Good Health

“New beginnings” doesn’t always mean starting over. Sometimes it means looking at what you already have and tackling it from a different perspective. Being grateful for how it exists, and rediscovering how it can be better.
One of my biggest goals this year is to learn how to –self care– I want to be able to have a healthy body, mind and soul. I don’t want things, people or situations to dictate my responses or actions. I am in control of me. And you are in control of you.
All of our goals no matter how different, tend to fall into a similar category, being a better version of yourself.
I hope you all prosper and become better versions of yourselves in 2019, 20, 21 or no matter how long that journey may take you. .

Take longer baths, listen to that music a little louder, drink more water, dance in the rain, say more “thank you’s” and less “sorries”, hug people more, be kind, eat better, call your mom more, make better decisions and most definitely surround yourself with people who make you feel good.

Family: Fractured & Hungry



A couple of weeks ago now, my brother was hit by car. By the grace of God, he’s with us alive and well, just limping a little bit. Since he’s been on bed rest for a little while, and probably bored out of his mind–One of his close friends, Alex wanted to throw him a little barbecue to get him out of the house… even if it may it be only a few feet away.
It was a nice night, and such a nice gesture. I woke up early to  clean the back yard a bit, and a few moments later, Alex and I were in Costco stocking up on supplies (and yes I made him push me in the cart all over the store)
Here’s to happy healing, and being grateful for blessings,

Another Chapter with Ashley



I love, love, love me some Ashley. She’s like my soul sister, and love talking to her about everything and anything.
Since we are no longer dating those brothers, we don’t get to see each other as much as we used to on a daily basis. We lived fairly closed to each other and used to make wine and drawing dates, but now that I moved, and we all have our own lives to live.. it get’s a little tougher… but not impossible.
We finally made time for each other, and before even finding each other in person.. we we’re 4 blocks away talking to each other until we saw a glance of each other, and started laughing, giving each other hugs and kisses.

Before I go off sharing photographs, (which will be in the next post) Enjoy these from our taco spot date in DUMBO. We stopped by Pedro’s Mexican restaurantwhere we ordered a drink each, she got some banging empanadas, and I devoured some tacos.
The waiter was sweet, and started conversation about the new baby I just purchased. A new lens 10-18mm. Oh man, the wide angle on this thing, beautiful for landscape. I can’t wait until I start playing with it some more. Mind you, this wasn’t even the one I wanted to get when I walked into the store.

Moving on…

And that’s just what we’re both trying and doing… moving on. We’ve both shared war stories, feelings, ugh, the drama… but we also had the chance to share how great things have been going. We’ve both been focusing more time and effort into our crafts. So much painting, being productive, and simply, growing. We’re creating, with full clarity that we come first. It’s comforting, and beautiful.

Hanging out with Ash is always cheerful. Stay tuned for the next post…

See more of Ashley and her work on her instagram or go visit her website. 

Minnewaska State Park

Today was marvelous.  I had the chance to speak to the sky.
I’m so motivated to turn this bad rut around. My stress level has been through the roof with all the loss of my grandmother, my cousin Cesar, the loss of a love life. It can get to anybody. And apparently it has. My doctor warmed me that my blood pressure is through the roof. I have to start taking care of myself a bit more…ok, a lot more.

But with losses also comes gain. I’m gaining family members (my nieces and nephew), I’m creating more. I’ve been so dedicated on working on myself and simply being self content.
A friend Joel, who’ve known online for quite some time, invited me on one of his hikes. Something he loves to do and has done for years, frequently. I was nervous.
Last time I was on a mountain, it was Hunter Mountain for a snowboarding trip. I busted my ass badly, many times. This time I wouldn’t be on a board, so I wanted to invest in some good hiking boots, which I fell in love with.
We arrived at Minnewaska State Park. The trails that we were getting ready to walk through were filled with snow. The trees were dark, mostly empty but still gorgeous. Hmm, kinda reminded me of someone I know. Meeting Joel was sweet. How many people can say, Oh, the first time we met it was on a hike, a 4 hour hike, where I was complaining like crazy towards the end?
Joel has so many wonderful ideas creatively. It only made me so excited for growth. Surrounding yourself with others who trigger you to be creatively aware of yourself, is an admirable trait.
I started this new year in such a refreshing way. Every time I took a breath, my lungs were filled with clean crisp air. I felt awake, re-newed.
Once we arrive at the top, that view was everything.
I for one, am scared heights, and even though looking down was intimidating, the chilling scene was breathtaking. I was trying to grasp and embrace every single part of that moment.I was so glad the trail back down the mountain was easier than the hike up, I was dying towards the end. When we reached the final point, and I saw the car I knew it was over. I was relieved that I didn’t have to keep walking, but it was love hate feeling.
I felt so accomplished, I felt liberated, like daaaaamn, I did this, and that felt so good! Some photographs taken by @jumbojoel_

Pedal to the Point

One of those Sundays, you know, the ones you spend with family, and this time friends. Feels like I don’t do much anymore but work and spend time with blood. I’m not complaining though, I’ve missed out on a lot these past couple years. I feel like we finally get to be “us” again…naturally.

My brother Kiki has always been about speed, and in my head (and on my phone’s contact list) he’s known as speed demon. Whenever my sister Julissa sees that he’s taking one of his bikes out for a spin, she already has her snapchat open and a helmet on. Lokita.

This time my pops joined in and took a quick spin up and down the block as well….in chankletas!We all didn’t really feel like hanging out in the backyard today, so we decided to go a little bigger… the neighborhood’s backyard. Let me explain. There’s a point at the end of our neighborhood, that is solitude, with a beautiful view of the water, the Whitestone bridge and all the planes headed towards La Guardia on their way to land home safely.

I used to come here all the time when I was a kid, or should I say teenager. Every time I felt like I had no one to talk to, I would walk or take my bike and just ride. Sit upon the rocks and just think.Spending time with loved ones, that’s everything. Kiki got on his motorcycle with Jula holding on tight, Gio and friends drove, while I, for old times sake, grabbed a bike and pedaled my way over there, feeling the breeze hit my face.

Even though so many know about this point, to me it has always felt like my own little secret.We all sat and joked around. Luckily I, at least I think so, got a chance to sneak in some shots. You know me, carrying a camera everywhere that I go. That sky was looking great man. I’ve also been using my 50mm portraits lens and I’m trying so hard to get used to it. Not because it’s difficult, but because it challenges me to move around instead of being lazy and just zooming in. When I was finally getting into it, I noticed my battery was dying…womp womp. So I limited the usage of my camera until deemed necessary. Seemed to worked out just fine.
Fernando came to join us a bit later on to the night, and if you know Fernando, you know that means he didn’t come alone. His loyal girlfriend hookah, came to join in on the fun. And that we did, a few smokes and a beautiful view. What a, minxinx

Man Up with Some Wine

I haven’t seen Nikki since we got back from Europe. So much has happened, and a lot of things haven’t happened as well. That’s life isn’t it? We had some catching up to, and Nikki and I did it all while stuffing our faces with tostitos.

We needed some wine, and when we headed to the liquor store, we ended up having to make a second trip because they didn’t take credit. What? Who doesn’t take credit nowadays?

2 bottles of wine later, we got all comfy in bed and put on a chick flick. I honestly put on the first one Netflix recommended, so “Man Up” it was. Lake Bell is way too funny. This movie only made me realize how hard it is to be dating now a days, and a part of me is grateful that I don’t have to deal with that burden or constant microscoping of anything or everything that is done. Relationships come with their own hurdle of course, but I think the constant worry of trying to impress someone is mentally exhausting.

Girls night in tends to be my favorite. Thanks for coming over, m

Macondo for Nikki

It’s Nikki’s birthday!

That only means one thing, it was time for the group to get together, get fat and catch up.

Macondo it was. Everyone seemed like they ordered steak and frites, while I on the other hand opted for an avocado with shrimp and ribs with a sweet sauce. Oh  my, delicious!

Nikki’s tres leches cake arrived, and happy birthday was sang by the staff and of course us. The gang was ready to go out dancing and drink some more. I was way to exhausted from all the dancing that was done yesterday at Pajama Christmas. My sides were sore and all I wanted to do was go home and do nothing.

I was stuffed, the food was great, the company was even better.

Nikki baby, thank you for being such a great friend. I hope this new year for you is all you expect it to be. mhuuuah!