Photo Journal: Prosper And Be In Good Health

"New beginnings" doesn't always mean starting over. Sometimes it means looking at what you already have and tackling it from a different perspective. Being grateful for how it exists, and rediscovering how it can be better. One of my biggest goals this year is to learn how to --self care-- I want to be able … Continue reading Photo Journal: Prosper And Be In Good Health

Family: Fractured & Hungry

A couple of weeks ago now, my brother was hit by car. By the grace of God, he's with us alive and well, just limping a little bit. Since he's been on bed rest for a little while, and probably bored out of his mind--One of his close friends, Alex wanted to throw him a … Continue reading Family: Fractured & Hungry

Another Chapter with Ashley

I love, love, love me some Ashley. She's like my soul sister, and love talking to her about everything and anything. Since we are no longer dating those brothers, we don't get to see each other as much as we used to on a daily basis. We lived fairly closed to each other and used … Continue reading Another Chapter with Ashley

Minnewaska State Park

Today was marvelous.  I had the chance to speak to the sky. I'm so motivated to turn this bad rut around. My stress level has been through the roof with all the loss of my grandmother, my cousin Cesar, the loss of a love life. It can get to anybody. And apparently it has. My … Continue reading Minnewaska State Park

Pedal to the Point

One of those Sundays, you know, the ones you spend with family, and this time friends. Feels like I don't do much anymore but work and spend time with blood. I'm not complaining though, I've missed out on a lot these past couple years. I feel like we finally get to be "us" again...naturally. My … Continue reading Pedal to the Point

Man Up with Some Wine

I haven't seen Nikki since we got back from Europe. So much has happened, and a lot of things haven't happened as well. That's life isn't it? We had some catching up to, and Nikki and I did it all while stuffing our faces with tostitos. We needed some wine, and when we headed to … Continue reading Man Up with Some Wine