Photography: Aiden’s Trampoline

   One of my favorite things to do is to let kids be kids. Let’s face it, when we (adults) try so hard to get children to stay still for a photograph, it get’s a little complicated.
Sometimes it’s good to let go, and let the little humans express themselves the best way they know how- by playing.
Aiden is so full of energy, and I really wanted to capture that.
I asked him what his favorite toy today was, and he pulled out his trusty trampoline and told me all about it (while jumping up and down).
I’m so content with how these images came out, and if I would have forced him to sit still, I wouldn’t have captured how authentic and full of life he is.
What are some of your favorite ways to capture kiddies on camera?
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Photographer: Mia’s Big Blue Eyes

I get the cutest tiniest humans for clients,  I swear!
I haven’t seen Shana in such a long time, it was nice playing catch up and seeing her as a mom. Her daughter Mia is the cutest little thing, with the chunkiest cheeks and big blue eyes.
At first she wasn’t too impressed with seeing so much photography equipment in her play space. Once I broke everything down to make her feel more comfortable she had attitude went a full 180!
Here was this adorable. spunky, and playful girl. She really liked playing in her biog brother’s bed. Dad was super helpful as well, and not to mention, his cooking was delicious.
Thanks for having me over guys and trusting me to capture the essence of your family.


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Photography: Chasing Kids

Family shoots are always fun. Chasing around these kiddies gave me a good work out.