The Meadows NYC

|  my favorite shot of the night, Bryson Tiller  |Girl friends are the best, I swear! Oli surprised me with tickets to The Meadows NYC concert that was being held at Citi Field, in Queens. We were supposed to meet at 2pm, and I kept the poor girl waiting an hour, well, we kept each … Continue reading The Meadows NYC

Rat Infested with Oli-Oli-O

 I had a date with my Oli Oli O, and we decided to meet on 5th ave, and since we were already there I had to stop by Bergdorf Goodman. I love their Christmas section, and yes, even though it's super early, I know they already had it set up since late September. I used … Continue reading Rat Infested with Oli-Oli-O

New Job, Here I Come!

You ever have those days where you feel as if everything is going in your favor? Today was one of those for me, and it felt absolutely amazing. But before we get into today, let;s begin with yesterday, because those are pretty important too I guess. Yesterday, I had an interview, most of you know … Continue reading New Job, Here I Come!

Mood Board No.6: Hire Me!

Ay, another Mood Board... this one is number 6. (See Mood Board No.5 Here) I started these so I can visually start showing whatever I was feeling or going through at the moment, and this one is no exception. I've been breaking my back lately trying to find a new job. I've been hunting for … Continue reading Mood Board No.6: Hire Me!

Tuff City Artshow: Who Runs The World? Girls!

I met up with Kat after work, to my surprise we almost looked like we planned our outfits to match, since we were both wearing camo pants, which I thought was pretty funny.All the way from Coney Island, we headed to the Bronx, yes it was a looong ride, but sometimes you just have to … Continue reading Tuff City Artshow: Who Runs The World? Girls!