Artshow: Escape2NY Parte Dos

I  met up with my hot date Olivia, today we were going to an artshow,  Escape2NY to be exact. Earlier this year was was the first event (see that post HERE) I don’t even know where to get started from this night. Wait let me re-phrase that, I know how started, I don’t necessarily remember how it ended. There was an open bar serving jungle juice and goodies being sold. Oli and shared a cookie and listened to the DJ do his thing. He killed it.

The art was great, the music kept every vibing off of each other, the art show quickly turned into a party. I bumped into some old friends, caught up and tried my best not to fall. That second cookie was hitting the system. Bb and Oli danced, while I gave the couch some of my undivided attention.

The night was great, and if all goes well, I’ll be showcasing some work at the third Escape2NY. Click on some links below, and I’ll see you guys next time!


Performances: After Party

Hosted by: gismo .

Sounds by: Broquete | Jamesy | Jonluc

Goodies by : HomegrownNY & Baked By Bobby

Check out the video shot and edited by @jessy4l

Pool Side w Oli

My work shift blessed me with the ability of leaving early. Oli and I made plans to catch up and I was excited. Oli and I were never really close in High School, and for some reason we’ve grown attached to the hip nowadays. I’m not complaining one bit.

We met up in McCarren Park in Wililamsburg, and waited on the long ass line to get to the pool. For the first time in almost ever, I was actually looking forward to tanning. Something I hate to do.

I feel like this summer has started so late for me, but that doesn’t mean my skin has to reflect that. Good thing Oli was prepared and we drowned ourselves in tanning oil. I felt like a chicken being rotated in a rotisserie.

It sucks that we couldn’t take pictures in the pool, but hanging out with Oli is always a breath of fresh air. i get to vent and just let out all of my frustrations. She’s like a cheap therapist…hahaha.

When we jumped in the pool, some 2 girls decided to forget what personal space was, and propped their towels directly right in front of us. How rude!  I have no shame, and moved their towel for them. She noticed, I’m sure… but she’ll get over it. I was so hype that I got a bit of sun, but now that I’m looking at myself, I don’t see it anymore…booo.

Wat-Aah! Taking Back The Streets

2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxTime is getting the best of me. As you probably noticed, lately I haven’t been painting as much usual. I’ve been taking  my creative self and stepping behind the camera for a little while. I self teach myself everything I know, which I love to be able to say. Though I don’t know much, I’m glad that I have enough skills to get me to where I am so far. I started going to art shows again, and I couldn’t be more excited. I missed it so much. The environment itself is addicting, regardless of what’s being plastered on the walls. Being surrounded by other fellow artists is inspiring. Which only means I need to get my lazy butt picking up some brushes already, it’s about that time.

I met up with Mheartstar, my lovely date for the night. I haven’t seen in her a couple of months, last time being the day we played Princesses for a day with Chevy (Read that post HERE) It was time to catch up and I couldn’t be more excited. Plus I know she’s been wanting to hit up a couple of art shows, and slowly end up having one for herself. I’ve had this event written on my calendar for some time now, and I was eager to go. As luck would have it, I was super grateful for giving MHS the directions before my phone decided to give up on me, somehow I got the black screen of death, and all I wanted to do was just scream!

We met up and arrived at Wat-Aah’s launch event in the city. It was beautiful. I was surrounded by fantastic works of art, and even managed to bump into familiar faces, both in the crowd and artists that were displaying work… like Smurfo. I’ve known him since highs chool, and even though we had cliques of our own, he was always sweet and super talented. There were many other artist that were displaying work like Ski_UrNewYork, Cope2, Indie 184, Jerkface, Iheart and many many more.

Mhs and I were running around ooohing & aaahing at all the works, and basically hunting down booze. We had some champagne and the Brooklyn’s Brewer’s beer was on point. Made me super happy.But then again, when doesn’t booze do that.

Feel free to check out the links below and make some friends!


Wat-aah:   Website   |   Instagram   |   Twitter   |   Youtube   |

Smurfoudirty:   Website  |   Instagram  |

kiss kiss


Captured by Belle: Joe’s 30th

It’s been a long week, yet it feels like it’s flying by and dragging all at the same time. I have so much work to do, and it feels like I’m leaving everything to the last minute, even though I’m really not.

Earlier this month I was commissioned to photograph a 30th birthday. Of course I had to show you guys a little bit. There were many photos, and this wasn’t one of those “let’s pose over here” kind of shoots. Event photography usually has you running around all over the place, the lighting wasn’t that fun, but I managed. Yes, I have a light, but silly me, decided to bring the light and no batteries.

Practice makes perfect right?

The theme was camouflage, perfect for the birthday boy who loves to go hunting. The food was delicious, prime rib steak at it’s finest,  check out a few pics below:joe 1joe 1joe 1

Tuff City Artshow: Who Runs The World? Girls!

1efa37ced5e05d7bbc687290fab463357 28927d92c60c9bceb2bf5f7473b770fc82e891121c2f546d4a863e74459879689I met up with Kat after work, to my surprise we almost looked like we planned our outfits to match, since we were both wearing camo pants, which I thought was pretty funny.3All the way from Coney Island, we headed to the Bronx, yes it was a looong ride, but sometimes you just have to do these things. At least I do.

Before heading in to the show, we couldn’t resist, well I really couldn’t resist dragging Kat with me for a little shopping and pizza….

And theeeen we headed to the show.


As you can obviously tell by my title, Tuff City was holding their first all girl show and their line up was pretty damn good.



5It was great bumping into friends I barely get to see any more.

After arriving, like 10 minutes later Kat had to go pick up Zj, so we hopped in a cab, threw him in the car, and jumped right back in to go back to the show.

Talk about making things happen.6I walked back in with a Spiderman backpack in one shoulder and my godson in hand and got ready to mingle.7I have to admit, with all the artist that were being shown, not much artwork was displayed. Seemed like everyone just put in two pieces and decided to call it a day.8I know Nikki Nameless and Reds gave in about 4 pieces each, which made me a little happier.9I bumped into my friend Ash, who I haven’t seen in forever. It was so great seeing him, and I was so glad he told me he was doing well, and officially has a new apartment which he wants little old me, to do a piece for.

Hmmm, so many ideas.10 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22Kat kept laughing at me, because apparently I kept having my face all up in Joey Chang’s piece, titled “Pu$$y”.

But it was so shiny!23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31I got to catch up with the sweetest of the bunch,Erotica.

It’s always nice bumping into her. She’s so inviting and adorable.32 33

Mommy and son love.34Zj is a skeleton…..ah!35Erotica had everyone writing on her “virtual black book” and I ended up doing this for her as quick as I possibly could.031cc1c2496a11e3ae2312183a46235f_8

October Moon

1.t Whenever a new art show pops up on my feed, the first thing I do is message Misha. She’s the best when it comes to attending shows. Not only do we get to talk shit all night, but she’s not shy to just grab my camera and start clicking. 2 Who cares how many pictures we take, just chose the best ones and you’re done. You guys will see them up here. 3 We decided to meet in Soho since there was a group show in Soho Art house titled “October Moon” and what a nice fit, since the skies were looking amazing, and even though it was a little windy it was great for the walking that we did. 4 We arrived at Soho house, which looks like a little hole in the wall, upon arrival. It looks as if it was an open basement concept. Steep stairs, but bright inside. Could’ve been scary, but with the lights and how packed it was, not a chance. 5 And it was definitely packed. Misha and I walked in and the first thing we noticed, which was a little different , the works that were being displayed, were on a screen. Not your usal print nailed in the wall. What was a bit cooler, I thought, that just like the mini digital photo frames you have at home, the images would change. 6 Which meant we had to roam the room more than once to catch all the pieces or to stand in front of one frame until you noticed a pieced being repeated again. 7 We also got to meet Marcus Allen, who is extremely talented. He was actually one of my favorites that was showing his work and it wasn’t just because we realized we already followed each other on instagram, but because his graphics were so vibrant and urban. 11 I have to say, this piece above was one of my favorites, not only was she on an old school canvas, not screen, which truly made you appreciate the details, like the brush strokes. She looks so majestic and beautiful. I dont think I got the name of this artist, but once I figure it out, kudos to you my friend. Apparently I can’t read script. 8 There was a jazz band playing, which was super smooth for the vibe that was being put out. Fancy cheesew and fruits. I grabbed a tangerine and managed to put it in my pocket for later. Yes, I just did that! 9 I noticed most of the work that wqs being disolayed was photography, so were definitely in Misha’s element. 10
12 And if you notice, most of the images I out up slightly show the artist’s name at the bottom, so don’t be shy and google your fingers off. 13Look at the details on this kicks, and look how cute this little old lady is!

Fresca, eating a banana in public!14

She fell in love with the Brooklyn Bridge photograph below.15 16 17

These creppy dolls had me bugging out, I loved it!18

This headpiece/mask, wasn’t in the show, but I caught him sneaking under the stairs.19 20This lady’s dress was too awesome, look at those ponytails!21 22Old School wedding gown, imagine if we were all modest this way 🙂23Another Marcus Allen creation, I noticed he uses a lot of red!24Mish caught me networking with a fellow future artist who plans on traveling to Argentina and indulge in his photography.
25 26Directly across the street was this cute little shop, I couldn’t help but to snap a few pics.27 28 29See you guys next time!30



My art show is not today, it has been postponed.

We apologize for the inconvenience with our shows details. Minxinx & Tanya Lavache prepared for too long to settle for having no show,

so good news is

“Blood, Sweat & Tears” will now be Thursday, June 6th 2013 from 5 pm- 10 pm.

With all who already RSVPed please RSVP again for the new date.

(as we will be emailing you as well)

We really hope you all can make it!

We are so grateful for all those who support us and our work.

We appreciate you guys and we can’t wait to meet you.