Raymond’s 19th Birthday

My not so baby cousin is officially 19 years young. I arrived early and got to help my godmother with all the shopping for the BBQ that was happening tonight. You had to see us, running around that supermarket like crazy ladies. We were running short on time and had so much to do. Raymond … Continue reading Raymond’s 19th Birthday

Behind The Scenes & Churrasco with Paulie and Wives

I headed to Jersey for some trio bodypaintng with Paulie's Wives, Vanessa, Hazel and Lady. I've known Lady for awhile, and we always make the effort to say we're gonna hang out, but just never actually do it. This time I was being bribed  with good meat and drinks, how could I possibly say no!? … Continue reading Behind The Scenes & Churrasco with Paulie and Wives

Never Made Its

Here's another round of Never Made Its. Those random pictures that just have never made it to get their own post on the site. Mostly random pictures through out the day. You can find most of these on my instagram, if you're not folowing me already! @2minxinx Get to it! Stuck at work looking like … Continue reading Never Made Its