Photography: Five Months and Counting, Luis & Jen






As the unofficial photographer of the family, I’m always ready to get behind the camera to capture the moments that matter. If I can do this for everyone else, why should my own family have to deal with crappy cell phone pictures ( I secretly hate those).
My brother Luis and girlfriend Jen are expecting, and only being 5 months in, I wanted to be able to remember the middle stages of the pregnancy. That way when she’s really showing, we can have round two and compare.
During our Father’s Day barbecue (you can read that post HERE) I told the couple to take a quick walk with me. They really weren’t expecting this happen today, so It’s not like there was any time to prepare. This session lasted about 12 minutes and because we didn’t want to be away for too long and leave the food on the grill waiting for us, we hurried back. For such a quick walk, I think we did pretty damn well!
Looking forward to session number 2, with a bigger belly,

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Photography: Sasha’s Second








I love when I get to use my camera for feel good moments. My cousin Sasha is expecting her second child, and I was in charge of the photos. She didn’t want anything fancy, and wanted to a cozy night in at home, so that’s just what we did. I also had the opportunity of shooting her first, so now that it’s time for number two, big brother Jonahs was ready to get in on all the fun. He did such great job!


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Photography: She’s Making a Human Part 3

When dad-to-be is a baseball player, guess what baby boy will be spoiled with?
My sister Julissa is busy making moves for a baseball themed baby shower, and I’m lucky enough to capture this duo for the festivities… so game on!

Photography: She’s Making a Human Part 2

Part 2 of my shoot with my baby sister. This time her beau Mauricio hopped in on the fun, and they are just so adorable. I love the way they look at each other.
My dad is happy he’s going to be an abuelo again, look at those smiles!

Photography: She’s Making a Human Part 1

This weekend I took the time out to photograph my beautiful sister for her maternity pictures. We’re all excited that Amaury is coming soon, and June couldn’t could come any slower.
Julissa looked stunning, and I’ll be sharing these in small batches. I took advantage of the day and took some pictures of my brother, with his little family as well, so you’ll be seeing those soon!

Photography | Bringing Baby

It’s official, I get to be a titi!

That’s auntie for all you non-spanish speaking folks.

My brother Christian is going to be a dad, and he couldn’t more excited about it… we’re all so excited about it. Mami is running around so happy that she gets to be an abuela now. Eventhough we have known for a little while now, we have all been waiting for that 3 month curse to fade away so we can finally let the world know. Facebook friends and family are all going crazy, and I’ve even noticed a cousin bringing me into the mix. ” I guess you beat Milli to it” Damn…. not yet.

We won’t know the gender until August, it seems so close, yet so far away. All I know is, we’re all just praying for a healthy new life to join us. We can’t wait until we start spoiling that baby, I’ll be the first one snapping pics back and forth.

Check out the announcement photographs I shot for the new-to-be parents.

Not only do I get to have a baby niece or nephew, but I’ve gained a new sister as well.

Welcome to the family Taimane.
love, m