Behind The Scenes & Churrasco with Paulie and Wives

UntitledIMG_2526I headed to Jersey for some trio bodypaintng with Paulie’s Wives, Vanessa, Hazel and Lady. I’ve known Lady for awhile, and we always make the effort to say we’re gonna hang out, but just never actually do it.

This time I was being bribed  with good meat and drinks, how could I possibly say no!?

The girls were so sweet and  so fun to hang out with and that churrasco that Paulie made was deliciously smoked to perfection.

This was the first time, the girls were getting painted on, I could tell they were nervous, but once they let lose, we were ready to shoot.

Check out some behind the pics from our day and stay tuned for their final images.
IMG_2525IMG_2529IMG_2832 IMG_2540 IMG_2550

Behind The Scenes: David Zayas Jr. & Stephanie


Photoshoots wouldn’t be as fun, if there wasn’t some behind the scenes action. Check out this random pics from our day!

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