Desirables: June 2015 Wants

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This month of June is all about easy living, keeping it simple and being effortlessly amazing. Sometimes you just want to throw something on and just head out the door, that’s why I’ve been craving over one piece clothing. I saw these cute olive green overalls online and was wishing I had them in my closet. I could throw those on with a t and some chucks and boom, I’m done. I could even pair them with heels if I want to spice it up a bit.

That yellow gown has me in awe… but really, where would I ever wear that thing?

My main focus right now is growing my beautiful curls. I want them to be longer, so I don’t always look like I just came out of the disco era with my fro. Once they start going a little past my shoulders I think I’ll be good money, I’ve been using a lot of coconut and castor oil, and I think it’s making a huge difference. My hair looks so much healthier, and I’ve also noticed that my roots have been growing at a faster speed. Yes, the maintenance to keep the blond going strong is annoying, but at least I’m seeing results. I actually decided to take step 1 into being a grown up and bought vitamins this week. Omega 3’s and coconut oil pills. Let’s hope they work for the better!

I’m constantly thinking about how I should switch up my room, something I also do because I tend to get bored so quickly. I’ve only been at my apartment for 2 years and half and I promise you, I have ran out of options. My bed has made it to every single wall in my bedroom. I’ve been trying to keep things neat, but let’s face it, I’m a pig. Aren’t artists usually messy anyway? These little cute storage boxes seem like something I’m definitely going to invest in. Maybe they’ll at least keep all of my bobby pins in order.


July Wants

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I am in huge need of a laptop, sooo bad. I’ve been going crazy for a mac for a little while, but ever since messing with Kat’s macbook air… I’m kind of sick of it, and don’t really find it convenient. I’m sure for other’s it’s a necessity, and I won’t lie the graphics are amazing.  I’m meant to be a Windows girl, and that’s just how I’m going to keep it. I fell in love with these ( 13 + 14 ) two beauties.

I’ve also been hunting  for some new septum jewelry… I’m getting so sick of this basic silver ring. I want something more tribal .

As you guys can tell, I’m always updating my blog… like always… it’s my baby! Sometimes I catch myself having a brain fart, and don’t know what to type, don’t know what to say. Ever since I was younger I always wrote everything down, maybe it’s because my lack of remembering details or maybe t’s because I can’t stay still and always need to fiddle with something. This leather journal is just calling my name. Plus, I loooove the smell of new books.

What are some things you want this July?

April Wants

polka dot dressgrey jersey dressstripe maxi dresspolka dot swimsuitbird print dressstriped dresscolor block pumpschunky lace up bootsflatformsblack bootieslace up suede bootsvamp wedgesheavy sole sandalsbrow glassesapril wants

February Wants

February Wants♥ February Wants ♥

tall stripe band back dresspow boom print tube skirtstripe denim shortslace setflame leopard bodysuitlace traingle braplatform heelblue heelscut out strap shoeslazer cut platform heelneon ethic necklacebeaded bracelet

On The Set : Toby Love’s music video Lejos


The driven Jorge and and Edgar asked Misha  and I to be P.A.’s for an upcoming project.

and I was excited, how could I say no?

The talented  Danny Hastings from Atomicus Films would be shooting, for all you spanish music lovers out there, bachatero  Toby Love ‘s  new music  video, Lejos.

The first day we started to  set up, I was up and ready to go by like 10 p,m Yes, we were working at night.

Once we got to the location, everything was covered in dust. We had so much work to do.

We needed to make a  bar, work on the stage, remove  many furniture that just doesnt fit, clean, paint, add lights,  and  so on.

So we got started.

After all the work we did, we still were not  finished.  Day two rolled around and we got started right away. Jorge started to paint his speak easy sign while I got a hold of the curtains that are on stage. I have to say, with the limited fabric I had, I think I did them enough justice. ♥

Day three, time to shoot.

I had  to go to work, and couldn’t be there by 5am like everyone else. I got to work at 5 am and left by 9am.

I couldn’t miss this. I finally arrived by 10:30am ( long way to Brooklyn )  and everyone was already set up.

I was glad I didn’t miss much.

The wonderful Pia  was doing wardrobe  and I have to say she did great!

I’ve seen her strut her fashion senses when we were in High School together,  in  our fashion illustration classes together, and even in our annual fashion talent  shows,  but things like that are never really the same once you’re rushed and being put under pressure because of timing and one horrible person you have to deal with and answer to.

Yes, I went there. hahaha

Any way, to back to our behind the scenes posts, enough drama.

Toby Love was actually a very chill person.

You could tell he was loved by many , not just because of his twitter stats, but because he was very down to  earth, cracking jokes and such kind of dude.

I cannot express enough how much I was glad he was just him and nothing to extravagant.

Hooray for celebrities that aren’t douche-bags!


Can you believe this awesome dress that the female lead Sally was wearing for the Flash back shot was Pia’s High school Prom dress!

It looked amazing on her.

Sally’s acting was on point, especially her face expressions.


Well, I hope you guys enjoyed a sneak peak into this video.  I have been holding this post hostage until Gabriel was finished editing all the clips together, so you guys can have everything at once.

Everyone was absolutely fantastic to work with. I had such a great time and experience and I definitely hope it’s not the last.

So enough stalling, here’s the end result. Enjoy, and please don’t forget to visit all the links below that take it back to those who made it happen.

Credits and  links: 

Atomicus Films

Starring singer  Toby Love

Directed by Danny Hastings

Produced by Gabriel Guzman

Art directors Edgar Zorilla  & Jorge Urbaez

Wardrobe by Pia Lindsay

Co starring lead actress  Sally ferreira

P.A. Misha Merino

Drunken Pictionary

This post has a little bit of everything, family, drinks, kids, games, videos, new artwork… I hope you guys enjoy =]

Headed to Connecticut on my day off from work, and I was missing my family soooo much. Work has definitely been taking a toll on me. I know you guys can probably tell because my lack of posts lately, but I promise it’s not because I don’t care.

I desperately wanted to go see Jen and AR because there’s so many changes going on and I have been hiding under a rock lately. Jen is going crazy with wedding plans and I wasn’t going to be able to make it to her officially dress fitting. ( Which I definitely got to see before everyone else, so haha! ) and my brother AR is celebrating his birthday next week, which I most likely won’t get to attend either.

Being and adult and paying bills is so time consuming!

So to make things a little better on my part, never show up empty handed….. a bottle of vodka, and how pretty that bottle was.

Jen was amazing as always with her cooking, I swear she spoils the hell out of me. I never leave that house skinny.

I started playing with my gorgeous niece Jolie, and I love our videos together, I swear, she’s such a character.  In this one she has no idea I was even recording and she was trying to get me to take a picture.

Let’s just say we ended up with waaay more videos than we needed to have but I just couldn’t pic my favorite.

Even after she sends me to go to doodooo!

I invited the lovely @damnnv / Violet over so she can pick up a commission  piece she ordered.

What do you guys think?

I know Violet loves pink , Hello Kitty and cupcakes, so I definitely had to make this Minxette all girly like.

So I based off her outfit from a custume Violet was wearing in one of instagram pictures, kitty ears included. I added a baby pink stove with cupcakes in the oven, and a purple fridge with milk inside. Since I knew V liked leopard print, just not too much of it, I gave the background a hint of a leopard wallpaper.

I’m just glad she love it… so of course I had to bribe her with drinks and  while I played bartender, like I usually do, we all started a game of Pictionary.

Let’s just say, while tipsy, this game is absolutely hilarious. Below is Violet trying to draw the ” Mad Hatter” , all while the screen is rotating…

hahhaha.. let’s just say she failed miserably. I shouldn’t be the one to talk though.

I had “Car” how simple does that sound????

Yeah, it wasn’t pretty.

After many laughs , an even more laughs when I ended up busting my ass because I slipped  on octopus  salad… I know, weird right!?


My gorgeous niece was having her “Moving on the next grade ceremony” not to be confused with a graduation.

She’s officially going to kindergarten, and we’re all excited!

She looked so cute in her little dress, I just couldn’t help being a little paparazzi.

Congrats babygirl.

May Wants

Can you believe I just realized I didn’t post this month’s wants!!! I’ve been so caught up with everything it is that I’m doing… I know I always post the “Desirables” on the first of the month.. but here’s a late entry, I hope you guys, mostly =]