Cuba: She Eats by the Seashore

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Mini Illustrations by the beach.

 The bathing suits are on. Our ride is here and we made our way to Santa Maria.  A beautiful beach 20 Kilometers away lined with pine and coconut trees, recommended by our taxi driver. The drive was quick and we drove by El Malecon again, this time watching the calm waters, nothing like yesterday. Jovani has been extremely helpful and more than patient. He gives us a few back stories on all the things we pass, when we arrive he parks his green Chevy and tells us he’ll be waiting for us whenever we’re ready.cuba beach, santa maria, playa santa maria, cuba

  The view is glorious. The blue sky matches the water beautifully. The sand is so soft in between my toes. There’s small huts and we grab some chairs. I decided to be a diva today and put on my see through maxi skirt over my suit. The skirt flowed in the wind, and the winds were strong. No matter though, the sun was beaming, Olivia was already laying down with her back and her ass towards the rays. Her family kept saying how pale they are, and when the do catch a tan it usually starts off red, like a lobster. Yeah, I don’t have that problem. I’m not much of a tanner, I love my sunblock, but if the sun decided to catch up to me accidentally, then I know I’ll be blessed with a nice bronze. No complaints, beach, cuba, guitar, singer

  I order a piña colada, and in time I make my way to the water. It’s refreshing, there are no stones abusing my feet, I’m in love.

  After I went to the doctor appointment  before my trip, I’ve been trying so hard to make better choices with my meal decisions. It’s not easy , I love red meat, and as a Latina, I love myself some adobo. I decided to go to with the red snapper, the rice and frijoles con maduros. Either than the sand that was blowing towards my plate, my dish was delicious. The couple in the next hut  asked if my dish was any good. Yes. When reading (and doing meticulously reading) I got the impression that Cuban food was not that good. Since most of their agriculture is based on tobacco, their food doesn’t have much spice… I had my plate and I cant complain, my high cholesterol thanks you. The fish was still edible, even though the wind kept blowing the rice away from my fork, and the sand into my plate. Still worth it. old school car, chevrolet, chevy, cuba

New Artwork: Say Cheese!

I drew this baby before I even went hiking. I took advantage that I already knew what I was going to be wearing and just rolled with it…now “Say, Cheese!”

Official Latino’s Film Festival

Sometimes we’re blessed at last minute. It’s either take it all in, or pass up the opportunity. I am not the one to ignore a good fortune, especially when it means showcasing new work. The marvelous Edgar Zorrilla, invited me to display 2 pieces at Official Latino‘s Film Festival that was being held in Spanish Harlem. How perfectly fitting.
Since everything was happening so quickly, I had no time to get myself together. I rushed out of work to put some last minute touches on paintings that I had been working on. Luckily for me, they were almost finished, I added some varnish and let them dry off. The smell is so intoxicating, I love that smell. I rushed to the space where Edgar was busting his butt setting up, the show was tomorrow and he was going to make it work, and that he did.

Come “tomorrow”, and the place was looking great. I was happy to see Socky Chop‘s work in person. I’ve been a fan of his style since the highschool days. I also got to see catch up with Tanya, who was also displaying work, and who I haven’t seen in quite some time. My date Oli and I made a friend and snuck our way into the actual screening of the festival, since it was being shown at a different end of the gallery. We made it right on time to the beginning of the Horror panel. I loved how these short film were all directed, produced and even casted by latinos. At the end of the big screen, the film makers went up on stage and explained their experiences in non-latino dominated business. How much it means to them, to create something will inspire us to do better, something we can all relate to.

The audience even had a chance to vote for their favorite film, I actually ended up voting for Christian Alexander Morán‘s “Let’s Play Dead Girl” which is based on true events. Check out the trailer below:

After the films, Oli and I headed to a new Mexican spot around the corner. We were in the need for food, and actually I was in the mood for a beer. Edgar, Manny, Tanya and some others met us after in that beer journey. I ordered some fish tacos,which were delicious, and now it was only time to figure out what to do next.

Dancing of course!

Oh, I so needed this. I needed to move my body, I know we all had a great time. Let’s do it again soon guys. oh, and stay posted, I’ll post some closeup shots of my new pieces soon enough.

love, minxinx

Sheik ‘N’ Beik Monday Blues


A girl’s date is always much needed. Boys are fun, but there’s nothing like spilling your guts with a girlfriend, especially with a drink in hand.

I had plans with Maryann, and invited my sister Julissa to come along with us. Surprisingly, I was the first to arrive, when my sister walked into the hotel, she was looking pretty cute in her little mini flowered dress. 

I on the other hand was feeling bloated, and I don’t even know why, and no, it wasn’t that time of the month. Usually I would get wine, but for some reason, I wanted beer, and that’s exactly what I got myself.

Maryann was looking soooo cute, if I could steal that skirt from her I would, every time the wind blew her thighs made an appearance!

The Jacuzzi was a nice touch to the rooftop, my feet were loving the bubbles. Of course the girls thought I was crazy for sticking my toes in, but honestly, if I would have known, I would have came in with a suit!

The view was great at first, but once that moon came out, the buildings and the lights had a story of their own to tell, it was gorgeous, the meat packing district had the perfect view for tonight.

Atlantic City 2015

Vacations. We all need them, and want them even more. Chris’s mom, Millie has spoiled us rotten. She planned a whole family trip to Atlantic City. I’ve been brushing up on my card gaming skills, you know, just in case.

I have never been, and was pretty excited. 

The car ride was pretty uncomfortable, but we all managed through, when we finally got to spread our legs, the sight of the hotel made us forget about the pain. The lobby was full of machines, everything was so bright and light up. I only thought to myself.. If this is how cool A.C. looks, imagine Las Vegas?

We headed to the rooms to get comfy, and headed right back out to roam the Atlantic City boardwalk, which was pretty chilly surprisingly. When we got back, the boy, Chris and Matthew, taught us girls how to play poker. I’ve always wanted to learn, and even though Chris has tried to teach me before.. for some reason, I was finally understanding it now. Maybe it had to do with all the beer in my system.

The next day, we roamed the boardwalk some more, played in the sand and soaked up some sun rays with more beers. Beers are always the answer.

Dinner with the family was great. We all had burgers, keeping it simple and oh, so satisfying.

I’ll admit, that bubble bath was everything, especially since I had a special someone and some wine to join me. The hotel pool party was way too good, and i was feeling the buzz in no time. I was pretty much in my own world the whole time.

Chris started making conversation with some girl in a white dress and after a couple minutes I decided to go be nosy (you know…just in case) and when I looked at her, I immediately recognized her. I’ve met Laurie about once and have had her on my social media for some time now. We spent the rest of the night chatting up a storm, and drinking with her and her beau. 

The morning and check out time came a little too quickly. Chris was knocked out, while I packed our things. Ashley and Matt were already done and I’m running around trying to make sure we didn’t forget anything.

This tiny getaway was much needed. i had a great time. Thank you so much Millie, for allowing to be a party of your family’s escapades.


How sad is it, that you have some different great locations in your hometown and you never get to experience them? So many people travel to NYC to see all the sights, buildings, monuments etc. and knowing that we have all of this beauty in our backyard and just letting it go to waste.

Oli and I met up, for our first time visit to The Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
Everything was absolutely stunning. We walked in on a sunny day , bright and gorgeous. The colors were so vivid. We kept stopping at almost every flower. When we arrived at the wishing well, I already had an idea of what I wanted.

Hanging out with Oli is always the best. We catch up on all of our boy troubles and cutesy moments. We discuss work and what’s our next moves in life.

We stopped by the gift shop where I fell with the cutest succulent (love those!) I regret not buying it. After all the walking and getting caught in the rain, it was time for what I do best…wine.

We ordered some rosé and split some sweet potatoes fries…yum!

Rocos Tacos for Jess

My boss Jess is now in a different location, but before settling in and her changing her business cards, we had to celebrate.

Rocos Tacos is known for their hundreds of tequila options, and we were just the girls to get some laughs in. Since my shift ended a little earlier than the other girls, I headed to Target on the hunt for a going away present that would be from all of us girls.

Originally, we were going to get her some office supplies, but all of her stuff is already all pink and girly.

I suggested we get her a picture frame since she’s such a huge fan of pictures and is always complaining that the frames in her office are ugly. I found a frame that was nice and white and opted into getting 2.

I rushed back to the office to pick up my huge bag and we roamed the the streets on our way to the restaurant a few moments later.

Everyone was excited, the menus were titled “Tequila Bible”, the decor was eye catching and everyone was hungry. I was stuffed since I had some Chipotle earlier, so my main focus was drinks. We ordered two huge pitchers of  passion fruit margaritas. Luckily for us our waitress was such a doll, especially when we complained there was no taste of liquor in our batch. She replaced the other and and brought out a shot to heighten the ones we were already slurping on.The food was great, as much as I didn’t want to eat, us girls are never shy about sharing. Siobhan had a huge ass plate that looked bigger than she was. Shalonda secretly ordered some shots for us to toast Jess’s big promotion, as always Damaris got emotional, and Jess was trying so hard not to cry.

I think it’s great how we all not just work together, but have become like a little family,

especially when there’s tequila involved!