Captured by Belle: Tanya in Long Island City

IMG_0540As promised, more shots of Tanya from our shoot yesterday. We headed to infamous Pepsi Cola sign in Long Island City. We were destined for some fun, especially since the rain shower that was going on, seemed to hormonal. One moment it was bright and beautiful, the next we’re drench hunting for cover.

I’ve known T for a long time now, and sometimes shooting with someone you are so comfortable with can either be a disaster or the outcome of brilliance.

Kash (I have so many nicknames for this girl, don’t get lost) looked absolutely beautiful.

I hope you guys enjoy these pics…especially since she took some of me, and I’m suuuper shy!

Thry should be in the next post… don’t go far!


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Captured by Belle: Tanya at Long Island City

IMG_0572.bwI think we all know how badly I’ve been starting to use my baby Belle (my canon rebel) I’m self teaching myself everything I know

(story of my life)

I love capturing moments, and this time I got to shoot good friend Tanya. Consider these previews, because we have some wonderful shots.

I just couldn’t resist!

Damn, I have no patience… or maybe I just love you guys so much!

I’ll be posting more soon, and in color…

plus Tanya got some pics of me in the process… I feel so weird IN FRONT of the camera, but, some of mine came out pretty damn good.

I’ll be seeing you guys later.



New Body Art: Hey Tanya!

UntitledFor our, and when I mean our, I mean David Zayas Jr. and I’s open call, we had about 6 girls lined up to get painted. We are in desperate, zoned out, focused and ready to continue building our portfolios. This time on our team we had makeup artist Rachel, ready to let us use her and her services for the day.

I threw on my comfy painting clothes and got ready to work. Tanya was our first victim. eager and excited. In our email we mentioned to bring props, so while rumaging through her bag, that fur spoke to me.

Check out the pics David amazingly shot and edited. You’ll be seeing a new body art session, every day this week, so keep coming back. I promise you, it’ll be worth it. smokefreefurlookwinocigtimeCredits (go make some new friends):

Photographer & Editing: David Zayas Jr.
Body Painting Artist: Myself, Minx
Makeup Artist: Rachel
Model: Tanya
** If you would like to participate please click here for further instructions**

Pillow Fight at Washington Square Park


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