Event: Write Off Cancer

All photos taken on an iphone 7+

I’m going to start this entry with a big thank you. Thank you to everyone who came out last night, and showed support for such a great cause.
Write Off Cancer, is a group exhibition that was curated on the behalf of legendary graffiti queen, Diva. This benefit featured original works for sale, from a collective group of artists. All the proceeds fro this exhibition will be going to help Queen Diva with medical expenses and her battle with cancer.

Kaystar, the beautiful soul that she is asked me if I wanted to be a part of this installation. It was bit last minute for me with the move and all, but there was no way I was going to say no. I happily donated 4 older pieces I had hanging out in my bedroom. Two of the pieces were displayed,while the other two will be auctioned off, at an online auction. That link is coming soon, so please stayed posted.

The love and support was so real. It was such a great turnout.
I’ll update this post with a quick recap video of the night. See you guys soon!

New Artwork: Say Cheese!

I drew this baby before I even went hiking. I took advantage that I already knew what I was going to be wearing and just rolled with it…now “Say, Cheese!”

Official Latino’s Film Festival

Sometimes we’re blessed at last minute. It’s either take it all in, or pass up the opportunity. I am not the one to ignore a good fortune, especially when it means showcasing new work. The marvelous Edgar Zorrilla, invited me to display 2 pieces at Official Latino‘s Film Festival that was being held in Spanish Harlem. How perfectly fitting.
Since everything was happening so quickly, I had no time to get myself together. I rushed out of work to put some last minute touches on paintings that I had been working on. Luckily for me, they were almost finished, I added some varnish and let them dry off. The smell is so intoxicating, I love that smell. I rushed to the space where Edgar was busting his butt setting up, the show was tomorrow and he was going to make it work, and that he did.

Come “tomorrow”, and the place was looking great. I was happy to see Socky Chop‘s work in person. I’ve been a fan of his style since the highschool days. I also got to see catch up with Tanya, who was also displaying work, and who I haven’t seen in quite some time. My date Oli and I made a friend and snuck our way into the actual screening of the festival, since it was being shown at a different end of the gallery. We made it right on time to the beginning of the Horror panel. I loved how these short film were all directed, produced and even casted by latinos. At the end of the big screen, the film makers went up on stage and explained their experiences in non-latino dominated business. How much it means to them, to create something will inspire us to do better, something we can all relate to.

The audience even had a chance to vote for their favorite film, I actually ended up voting for Christian Alexander Morán‘s “Let’s Play Dead Girl” which is based on true events. Check out the trailer below:

After the films, Oli and I headed to a new Mexican spot around the corner. We were in the need for food, and actually I was in the mood for a beer. Edgar, Manny, Tanya and some others met us after in that beer journey. I ordered some fish tacos,which were delicious, and now it was only time to figure out what to do next.

Dancing of course!

Oh, I so needed this. I needed to move my body, I know we all had a great time. Let’s do it again soon guys. oh, and stay posted, I’ll post some closeup shots of my new pieces soon enough.

love, minxinx



This temporary pop up installment has social media going nuts, how could I resist?

Their motto “Turn emotion into art” is definitely applied, especially since they focus so much on the smell sense. Which came into play later at the gift shop where candles were being sold. Scents of each room to remind you the emotion you’re supposed to feel.

Chris and I waited an hour on the line, something I hate doing, especially in the cold. It was fucking brick that night. I could tell Chris was getting cranky on the line and just wanted to leave, and he sucked it up for me, knowing that I wanted to go in. awwwww, thanks 

By the time you finally get inside, you go in with a small group and there’s a host to describe instructions. You’re handed a flash card that’s reflective, and it starts to make sense why as soon as you enter the room.

The next room which was probably my favorite was “Joy”. You’re handed 3D glasses and there’s green led lights hanging all over the ceiling. In the center of all the madness of  lights is a green token that resembles the plumbob from the Sims games. When you get close an aroma of fir takes over. This room was more like “what if I was tripping on acid right now” which was pretty dope.

The whole experience was pretty cool and pretty quick for the long wait, at the end you kind of get the whole take on the essence bit, and realize it was all just a giant advertisement for Glade.

If you would like to visit the Museum of Feelings, the installment is open until December 15th 2015 and it’s located on 230 Vessey Street, New York, NY 10080

You can visit TheMuseumOfFeelings.com for more info.

New Body Art: Cyn City

2minxinxYou guys know exactly what I’m good for… and painting on boobs has always been one of my best qualities. ha! How many people can say that?

I got to finally meet and add some pigment on the cutesy Cynthia, she started off a bit shy but was ready and willing for whatever. Just like I like it, and I guess that’s what the camera loves too, because she ended up looking amazing. Of course David Zayas Jr. was behind the lens, and Rachell worked her makeup skills for a nice, sweet smokey touch.  When I saw how full Cyn’s boobs were, I knew I had to go big when it came to the hair, go big or go right guys!? Using about 5 different shades of pink, I worked on her curls, and Cyn’s final product turned out just how I wanted, right in your face! Check out some more from her set.

Feel free to follow all of these talented chicks and dude by clicking on the credit links below.

See ya next time!

kiss kiss


Credits:    |  Photographer: David Zayas Jr.  |  Body Artist: 2Minxinx  |  Makeup Artist: Rachell Ventura  |  Model:Cynthia  |

Mimosas and The MOMA

Catching up with MaryAnn is always a treat. This time we picked brunch for our gossip session. She decided on this cute tiny spot by the name of Wine Bar by 90th Street. As soon as I saw her, I ran across the street and was ready for one of our hugs. As soon as we sat down we already knew we were going to be chugging mimosas. We were sipping in no time. MaryAnn ordered some eggs Benedict, while I decided to go with a mozzarella and tomato panini. Oh, my…delicious!

After catching up on boys, all of their traits that drive us crazy, yet can’t get away from, we didn’t want our date to end. Since we were so close to the MOMA we ended up taking our date to the museum. Before we even arrived, we noticed a guy in the park making the most beautiful big bubbles, they were so colorful!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art was gorgeous in all it’s glory. I wish we had enough time to look through it all. We got through half of the first floor and kept oohing and aaahing at all the interesting pieces. Some of my favorites were the American History Homes. The luxury, ay dios mio.  There was also an exhibit dedicated to the fashion of mourning. All black gowns, stunning pieces of clothing. I’ll admit my favorite had to be 2 sequined gowns that were worn by Queen Victoria. Mostly in purple hues since it seems to be the color for half mourning, whatever that may be.

I hope you guys enjoy the pics, I know we enjoyed our date 🙂

Science Project at Sweet Science

2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxWhen I say something, I get it done. i told you guys I was going to start going to more artshows and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I decided to drag Chris with me, on a last minute notice, after a few beers. We headed to Sweet Science where I got to see the works of longtime friend Yes One, the infamous Shiro, and a lovely artist by Vik NYC that I haven’t seen in years. Last time was about almost 8 years ago, so it was nice to touch base and catch up quickly. It’s crazy how fast time goes by, and that only made me realize how long it has been since I started my love for attending art galleries. I love to network with artists and just be surrounded by those with a creative eye, or even those who appreciate it.

I got to meet the sweetest event manager by Nikki, and if all goes well, maybe we’ll work together in the future (fingers crossed). After Chris ordered us some beers, Yes One and I caught up, roamed the lounge to see all the works, which were fabulous by the way, I got into action as well.

When bumping in to OldNYC76, Crooklyn and Millie, it was jokes all around, and it didn’t take me long to get in on the drawing action. I started hitting blackbooks, model trains and maps in no time. Damn, I sure missed that!

Links:   Sweet Science  |  Yes One  |  Shiro  |  Vik NYC  |  Oldnyc76  |  Crooklyn   | Millie  |

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