New Body Art: In His Tee

IMG_3941Mini Kat, at least that’s what I get to call her. I haven’t seen her in forever, and what a perfect way to catch up, but by letting me paint all over her. She was a little shy at first, but not when it came it to her butt, that’s one thing she was flaunting everywhere!  Renne Mode was in the neighborhood and decided to kill some time before she headed to an art show, so I put her to work right away. I made her grab my go pro and make her self useful so I can get some video behind the scene action (see here). This time I was working solo. Not only did I paint, like I usually do (and with no sketch), I photographed, and edited both the video footage and the pictures. I’m a jack of all trades.. or at least teaching myself to be.  Since I didn’t want her to be so exposed I put her in a men’s collared shirt.  Kat was pretty simple to direct, and I love it when the girls feel comfortable and throw ideas at me. She grabbed a video controller in no time and I ended up loving it!

As for the piece itself, Take it as you must… but I will say this, I was in a bit of a rut…hence the purple haired girl shedding some tears with a broken heart, but the spiritual me, kept praying, hoping for better days to come.

Enough about that.. let me knows what you guys think… you know I absolutely love feedback!

Until next time loves,1372784350218-light80perc.jpgIMG_4037 IMG_3965 IMG_3996IMG_4082Credits:

Body Painting, Photography, Editing: myself, 2minxinx

Model: Kat

New Bodyart: Slim and Nasty

IMG_05260d98d83e94a85fb00b203c4e0e0d568cIMG_1444Working with Photographer David Zayas Jr. and model Slim was incredible. I was in the mood to work with some greens to bring in St. Patty’s Day as festive as I could think of. And what’s more festive than painting some skin? hahaha. Check out this sessions pics, Make a new friend and support their work by clicking on their name, and tell me, which one is your favorite???


New Body Art: Those Titties Out

Shoot w Zayas and Stephanie7215833926366c60b1a511e096e1e5da8dbf33283c3614e74edb3035cc749b3cRecently I had the pleasure of working with a good and talented of friend of mine for another time. David Zayas Jr. is a natural behind the camera. The last time we worked together was about 2 years ago with model/mutual friend (see that post here).

 I also had the chance to meet pink haired Stephanie, who was the biggest sweatheart imaginable. We bonded while I was painting her “cuca” which we found hilarious, and started to exchange war stories about boyfriends. She mentioned it was her first time meeting David, and she felt extremely comfortable already. I agreed with her right away. I first met David in 2011 and as soon as you meet him, there’s no awkward moments. I told her to have fun and do whatever you want, which she definitely did. 🙂

Shoot w Zayas and StephanieI ended up doing two different pieces, In this post you’ll only see the one of them. This blue skinned beauty with lime hair was actually the second piece of the bunch. Like always, I never really know what I’m doing and just work with whatever comes to me at the moment. But I do have to admit, at least this time I came in with a rough draft of the pose I wanted, all the colors, details and whatevers  came at the moment.

So, tell me what you guys and gals think…. I know it’s been a while since I’ve put any work up, I’m sooo rusty. (Enough making excuses)

David was great, Stephanie was wonderful and I had sooo much fun. So enjoy this batch for now, and stay tuned for the second batch which I think you guys would enjoy, since it’s meant to be silly and funny…..

I’ll also be posting some behind the scenes shots.

See you guys soon!


Feel free to make some new friends:

Photographer/Editing: David Zayas Jr

Model: Stephanie

Body artist: Minxinx (myself)

New Body Art: Rabiii0sa


It’s been a little while since I’ve posted up new body art for you guys.

This time I had the awesome Alejandra, Rabiii0sa, to you guys, join in on the fun.

She was so great to work with, painting her was a snap, and after picking on her for a few, a few beers loosen her up enough to relax in front of the camera.

Since her, Q and I are all friends it was too funny catching up.

This was also Q’s first time watching me paint someone completely nude.

Yes, he’s been with me to a few shows, but nothing beat having time and privacy.

Sometimes the rush of an audience makes you hurry.

So this was a first time for him, and he can’t complain, since he got to see some boobs that aren’t mine and not get in trouble for it!


I also worked with Madame Julievet for this shoot, since she’s been wanting to expand her makeup portfolio,

and what better way to experiment than to do crazy shoots with me!

I hope you guys enjoy this set, and don’t forget that artwork is always up for sale, so don’t feel shy.

Shoot me an email ( ) and let’s talk details.

I sell canvases, design tattoos, draw mini versions of you, make tutus, and much more.

or book me for a live performance

Read my F&Q for any additional questions, if you’re still timid, maybe your questions is already answered.

Until next time guys, Enjoy!



Body art, Styling, Photography and Editing : Me, Minxinx

Makeup and Hair: Madame Julievet

Model: Rabiii0sa

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