Desirables: July 2015 Wants

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Pretty gold tones everywhere!

Ever since I went blonde, gold is my go to for everything, it makes me feel sun kissed with a hint of minimum classiness to it. Those gold heels are to die for, I’ve always been used to platforms for the extra support when wearing heels. For these babies, I think I’ll take a ride on the wild side.

Fourth of July is right around the corner, barbecues and fireworks everywhere! How cute will that statement necklace and wedges look with an all white outfit?

That pink dress remind me of Pretty In Pink.  I don’t think I have ever owned an all pink dress. Hell, the only pink thing I probably own is undies, but lately I’ve been feeling super girly, and if you’re going to do something, you might as well go big or go home!

New Job, Here I Come!

2minxinxYou ever have those days where you feel as if everything is going in your favor?

Today was one of those for me, and it felt absolutely amazing. But before we get into today, let;s begin with yesterday, because those are pretty important too I guess.

Yesterday, I had an interview, most of you know I have been hunting for a new job recently. Why is it that it feels like New York City has so much to offer, but jobs seem difficult to come by unless you know someone who knows another. I’ll be quite frank, I may not have the best “education” background, since I have no college experience, dropped out of High School 6 credits shy (yes, stupid me)… studied my ass off, and decided to take the GED all in one day. Passed it with flying colors. I’m smart cookie, just a little lazy when it comes to homework and paperwork.

I like to think I love to learn from life. And that my friend, I do.

I’ve been working since the age of 15, and always liked to hold my own weight. Through out those years, I have had many experiences from food handling, to retail, to a sitting behind the desk job. I have learned many things, how to handle situations, how to handle people, how to care for what doesn’t belong to you, when to speak, when not to the list goes on and on. Every single job (lord knows there have been many) as ridiculous as it may have been at the time, taught me one thing, work hard, work smarter, learn quickly.

Back to yesterday, I met with the young lady who happened to doing the first rounds of meet and greets for the applicants. I showed up, not in business attire, since I think it can be too stuffy and it looks like you’re trying too hard, but I showed up in black trousers, a silky blouse, and comfortable dark blazer with some round toe pumps. I look around and I see an applicant in washed out jeans and jordans, another with a shirt too small at the bust, a button that’s holding on for dear life. At least I look the part, or at least I look like I care. I’m speaking with the lady and I have her at ease in no time, I can tell she likes me, and before I know it I’m meeting with a Manager.

Manager asks me questions about what I would do in certain situations. I’ve done customer service for far too long. No matter where you work, everything is customer service, without clients you have no income. I know these answers like I’ve known them from the womb. He smiles and says job well done. Explains to me, that I should hear from someone in a week. I get a few hours later, come in again tomorrow (now today) at 10:30 am to meet with the Big Boss. I tried my best to reschedule this, knowing I had another interview the next day at 12pm. Midtown Manhattan all the way to Downtown Brooklyn, would I be able to make it on time?

I say yes, I’ll be there. So here we are, today.

One of my main problems I have in life, is my tardiness… I swear, I must have a disease or something, (Someone google a lateness disease quick!) I rush out the door about 10 minutes later than expected.. I promise you, I’m trying! I throw on some boots with a heel I haven’t worn in a year, and I pray I don’t regret this decision later on. I have whole day of commuting to do, last thing I need to do is walk in limping into an interview. I missed my train by about 20 seconds, but luckily for me, another was right behind it, something that barely happens on the J line. I transfer to the F, time check… I have 3 minutes to get there, 4 blocks away. I decide to not run, but play tackle football instead. That’s what I call what I do when I’m dodging slow walkers in front of me. I made it with 2 minutes to spare… Damn, I’m good!

The Big Boss loved me, I was grateful the interview went by so quick. Here I am thinking, “How am I going to make it all the way to Downtown Brooklyn on time?” and I realize I know have time to kill, but not too much so I decide to not test my luck and head underground once again. Let me tell you, trains are the easy part, finding a block while walking is the worst, and after I walked about 2 blocks in the wrong direction, I decided to go into a store, where I fell in love with the cutest leather jacket (which I regret not getting, right about now). I figured I’ll come back to it after the interview, found the place, after I thought I was super lost, still got there 10 minutes early.

Here’s where the story gets good.

I walk in, already feeling good because of the previous interview. I greet the new guy who;s going to interview and we already have a quick chuckle at the expense of my real name, almost everyone pronounces it wrong, so I’ve learned to laugh about it. “You can call me Milli’ He starts asking me the basic questions, but he only asks me 2, we’ve already hit it off and are talking as if we’ve been friends who haven’t seen each other in long time.

He gets serious, sits up and tells me, “Milli, I’m gonna be completely honest with you, we’re not hiring anymore, these are are just customary interviews, we’ve already picked our team.”

He starts to explain how the budget was only fit for 4 new people, but he wanted me on his side so bad.  “I really like you!” He gets’s up with the quickness, and says.. “Wait, I have a plan! Just wait right here.” He runs out of the room, and I’m not exaggerating here people, he wasn’t walking fast, he ran out of the room and about 5 minutes later he was back, out of breath, but back, looks at me and smiles.

I look at him and laugh, I say ” I like plans, what’s going on?

He explains to me how I would make the perfect fit for an even better and higher paying position and just spoke to the manager from the different department and I quote ” I must, must, must meet her…today!” Of course I’ll meet her, like I have a choice  by now. His plan was for me to get hired as this position for now, so he can later scoop me up onto his Visual department later, when the temporary hires are gone, which was only going to last 4 weeks. (Whew, good thing I wasn’t getting that!)  I meet with the Main manager, apparently she’s the big boss on the floor, sweet as can be, and tells me how much the first interviewer adored me so much. We keep on talking, and there i am, selling myself, trying to balance being braggy and humble all the same time.

She goes ” Well, I already see we are going to have a problem here!”

I smile out of curiosity, not worried one bit for some strange reason, and she says ” He better hope I don’t fall in love with you, because we’re going to be fighting for you at the end of this!

I laugh, and I’m just thinking to myself – I am so in!

After filling out some paperwork, I head over to my previous job, to catch up with my old coworker. We made plans for dinner tomorrow, but since I was so close, why not lunch instead. We head over to a nice Mexican spot that just happened to open up around the area (where were you when I was working there!?)

We catch up on everything from her kids, to how work is going, to how jerkish boys can be, to how sweet others may be, to all the stuff we did over the summer, how my art is going, how she’s planning to move, so much so much so much… all over some grilled chicken avocado salads, which were the bomb, by the way.

I have to say, today was pretty amazing. I felt a lot of positive energy going around and I was digging it.

Now I have to make up my mind if I really want to get out bed, now that I’ve gotten so comfortable, there’s an art show going on right now I’ve had marked on my calendar for a while, but I will I still be able to make it….

ok, enough ramblinf, I know this post was like a bible passage!

See you guys soon!

kiss kiss, Minx



February Wants

It’s that time of the month for me… what do I want?

In reality, all I really want is a new apartment to call my own. But since you can’t really find one of those  in  a retail store. So to make things simpler, I’m a shoe fanatic.

Here are a few of my favorites:46dfdffc5e53de36a4c80baba3c0eaa732Z70EWHT_large32Z70EWHT_large32Z70EWHT_large32Z70EWHT_large32Z70EWHT_large32Z70EWHT_large32Z70EWHT_large32Z70EWHT_large

February Wants

February Wants♥ February Wants ♥

tall stripe band back dresspow boom print tube skirtstripe denim shortslace setflame leopard bodysuitlace traingle braplatform heelblue heelscut out strap shoeslazer cut platform heelneon ethic necklacebeaded bracelet

Body Art Gig at Jouvay Lounge

Tag from invited me to be one of the artists that would be body painting live at Jouvay Lounge.

Joining me was Tag himself, Vezo and Ozbe. Including some random pieces done by Ash, Fore, Saper and Ano.

(As always, you can click on image to make it larger.)

Misha and I headed to Queens, running late. All the guys were already there and  set up on stage doing their thing. Once I arrived, there was deco markers everywhere!

I of course don’t use deco markers unless it’s for tiny details. So I came equipped with my bag full of paint, brushes and my cute little cupcake tray that I use to mix my paint in. You’d be surprised how handy that comes in.

The music was loud and though I was super focused on painting and seeing who’s next, I could never resist and always end up shaking my tush to the music.

The crowd was great and everyone that I got to paint was so nice, I tend to be friendly always striking up random conversations so I pretty much ha everyone laughing.

Plus Mel kept offering me beer so that always helps.

Everyone that was painting had a line of women waiting for them, which is always a good thing.

I actually had  a couple of guys wanting to get painting on.


Since I never really paint men, I was a bit skeptical but of course wanted to do it anyway.

They were sweethearts and loved what I painted on them!

Here’s a few more random pics from the rest of  the night.

Photo credit to Misha Merino 

On The Set : Toby Love’s music video Lejos


The driven Jorge and and Edgar asked Misha  and I to be P.A.’s for an upcoming project.

and I was excited, how could I say no?

The talented  Danny Hastings from Atomicus Films would be shooting, for all you spanish music lovers out there, bachatero  Toby Love ‘s  new music  video, Lejos.

The first day we started to  set up, I was up and ready to go by like 10 p,m Yes, we were working at night.

Once we got to the location, everything was covered in dust. We had so much work to do.

We needed to make a  bar, work on the stage, remove  many furniture that just doesnt fit, clean, paint, add lights,  and  so on.

So we got started.

After all the work we did, we still were not  finished.  Day two rolled around and we got started right away. Jorge started to paint his speak easy sign while I got a hold of the curtains that are on stage. I have to say, with the limited fabric I had, I think I did them enough justice. ♥

Day three, time to shoot.

I had  to go to work, and couldn’t be there by 5am like everyone else. I got to work at 5 am and left by 9am.

I couldn’t miss this. I finally arrived by 10:30am ( long way to Brooklyn )  and everyone was already set up.

I was glad I didn’t miss much.

The wonderful Pia  was doing wardrobe  and I have to say she did great!

I’ve seen her strut her fashion senses when we were in High School together,  in  our fashion illustration classes together, and even in our annual fashion talent  shows,  but things like that are never really the same once you’re rushed and being put under pressure because of timing and one horrible person you have to deal with and answer to.

Yes, I went there. hahaha

Any way, to back to our behind the scenes posts, enough drama.

Toby Love was actually a very chill person.

You could tell he was loved by many , not just because of his twitter stats, but because he was very down to  earth, cracking jokes and such kind of dude.

I cannot express enough how much I was glad he was just him and nothing to extravagant.

Hooray for celebrities that aren’t douche-bags!


Can you believe this awesome dress that the female lead Sally was wearing for the Flash back shot was Pia’s High school Prom dress!

It looked amazing on her.

Sally’s acting was on point, especially her face expressions.


Well, I hope you guys enjoyed a sneak peak into this video.  I have been holding this post hostage until Gabriel was finished editing all the clips together, so you guys can have everything at once.

Everyone was absolutely fantastic to work with. I had such a great time and experience and I definitely hope it’s not the last.

So enough stalling, here’s the end result. Enjoy, and please don’t forget to visit all the links below that take it back to those who made it happen.

Credits and  links: 

Atomicus Films

Starring singer  Toby Love

Directed by Danny Hastings

Produced by Gabriel Guzman

Art directors Edgar Zorilla  & Jorge Urbaez

Wardrobe by Pia Lindsay

Co starring lead actress  Sally ferreira

P.A. Misha Merino


This commission piece was made for the lovely Juliana. ( @its_jayci ).  She explained to me that her room was a teal color with hints of neon pink and was covered in the damask brocade print. ( Which I had no idea what it was, until I googled it. ) I have definitely seen the print before but have never tried it. I’m such a huge fan of black and white print, which explains my constant use of stripes and polka dots. I’m obsessed I tell you! So I was super excited to try this one.

Either than a color scheme, she gave me full control of what to do with piece. I have to admit, I was stuck. I then realized, how long I have been wanting to paint a Minxette staring at herself into an ornate vanity mirror, everything just flowed from that  point on. I gave her some skin toned pantyhose, garter belt , of course!

She covers herself in a black sheet with white damask brocade print all over it. Baby pink wooden floors, with a white and black polka dot area rug…. let’s not forget her tattoo sleeve in silver with the minx logo!

You’re seeing these pictures now, but I had no visual of what her room looked like until AFTER the piece was done. I have to say, I think it fit in perfectly! I was even more satisfied that Juliana loved her piece, especially when she noticed that I had painted her Jeffrey Campbell spiked heels on the Minxette.

Thank you J. Enjoy.