Wedding Photography: Beata + Luis

Photographing the commitment of love is such a beautiful blessing.

I was so lucky to document newlyweds, Luis + Beata.
Upon first getting to know a little more about the couple, who have a 6 years dating, they were eager to tie to the knot and were upset that their initial wedding plans had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. Their Vegas wedding was now being held in Dumbo, with a handful of loved ones surrounding them. I appreciated how no matter the circumstances, the love still shined through.

Everything seemed like it happened so quickly!
The officiant was ready to go, the guests were ready to see the new couple exchange vows and have that first kiss, I was ready to get snapping.

Carousel and Some Syrup

1It was time to meet up with Misha, my long lost lover of a best-friend who recently came back from the Dominican Repulic after another adventure. (Talk about a run on sentence) We haven’t really been spending much time together to be honest, and it was about time we actually made plans and stuck with them.

Since I had time to spare before our meeting time, I headed to a place I have been dying to visit, just never made the time to. Shame on me as a New Yorker, This is one of the most beautiful escapes I have bumped into in the city. I didn’t even get lost, like I usually tend to do.

Jane’s Carousel closes at 6pm, and I happened to make it just in time, 5:50pm to catch the last spin on this merry-go-round. It was so adorable and I found myself getting super excited like any kid would. And since lately I’ve been taking myself out on dates… I actually have the time to focus on what I like, and Jane’s Carousel was definitely a thumbs up.

Also, I don’t knwo if you guys, have noticed, but there’s a big New York Egg Hunt going on… I this little hunt has me running around learning new places of the city.  I got lucky and found 5 more eggs at this point!

I also bumped into this pretty awesome food truck with a great cause.

New York-based Drive Change offers formerly incarcerated youth the opportunity to serve food with a side of social justice. With the competitive job market, finding employment as a former youth inmate can be very difficult, & a lack of income can lead back to a life of crime. Through this food truck program, young adults can start with a clean slate & get a chance at employment, life skills & a future.

 I ordered 4 little skivers, that were like pancakes and had chicken in the inside. It was pretty good, and not to mention the employees were super sweet. I wish them all this all the best in their future comings.

Check out a few pics from my little solo adventure…. Now it’s time to meet up with Misha.

Later my loves.


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