A Day On The Sand In Connecticut

Family has never been just about blood to me. I am so blessed to be surrounded by friends that I consider loved ones. And this week was no exception. I decided to bring my godson Zj to Connecticut to visit Tio A and Titi Jenni. I haven't seen them since my niece Jolie's birthday in … Continue reading A Day On The Sand In Connecticut

Jolie Has A Scary Birthday

This was not a hangover, and no I'm not being sarcastic. After leaving Chris's house (You can read that post here) we knew we had to wake up early, yet did no such thing. We, as in Misha and I , were exhausted. Yes, we did some drinking and yes we had a tiny headache, … Continue reading Jolie Has A Scary Birthday

Drunken Pictionary

This post has a little bit of everything, family, drinks, kids, games, videos, new artwork... I hope you guys enjoy =] Headed to Connecticut on my day off from work, and I was missing my family soooo much. Work has definitely been taking a toll on me. I know you guys can probably tell because … Continue reading Drunken Pictionary