Desirables : February 2016 Wants | Rose Gold Obsession

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I’ve been stuck in rose gold heaven lately. All I want is to switch over all my golden jewelry for the bronze hue. I’ve been going bat shit crazy on ebay looking for something that may spike my interest.

Now that we’re in February I’ve always dread everything and anything pink. Oh, how funny life is sometimes. (Last year’s February Wants) Now all I want to do is bathe myself in soft colors, anything that will take the roughness away from me. I want to be soft and pretty, like a lady..giggles.

Not that all ladies are soft, pretty and adorned in pink… you have to love those bad asses too.

Do yourself a favor, I’ll be doing myself a favor…

Someone once told me “I’m not getting you any flowers”.

Well, I can buy my own damn flowers, thank you!

There’s no need on waiting on a valentine, treat yourself.


Mood Board No.12: Alex & Ani Obsessed

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Okay, I’m not jumping on the band wagon late, I just never really cared for it much, you know?

Alex and Ani bracelets are pretty damn popular and have been for some time now. I always saw people with them, and yes, I though they were pretty, but nothing so extreme that I wanted to shell out $40 for just one bracelet.

My boss recently gave me one for Christimas, (Thank you Dawn!) and I have to say I fell in love with it. Maybe it’s different when you actually have one for yourself.  Maybe it’s better when you receive it as a gift, especially since the person who picked it out, is telling you how they see you, personality wise.
Those charms aren’t on there just to look pretty. They all represent something different.

I was blessed with the Dragonfly, which is supposed to represent Grace, Change & Power.

It’s description reads:  Characterized by quick, sudden movements and a powerful wing stroke, the dragonfly uniquely changes direction on a whim. Symbolizing transition, the dragonfly has impeccable vision, which is a reminder to open one’s eyes to the beauty of life’s journey. Embrace the graceful energy of the dragonfly to live life to the fullest and to appreciate Mother Earth’s gifts.

Now that I have this beauty on my wrist as an every day accessory, it’s pretty obvious that these look better in bulk, all stacked up on your wrist. These are a few of my favorites that I felt represent myself , that I’m currently willing to take donations for!

Desirables: June 2015 Wants

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This month of June is all about easy living, keeping it simple and being effortlessly amazing. Sometimes you just want to throw something on and just head out the door, that’s why I’ve been craving over one piece clothing. I saw these cute olive green overalls online and was wishing I had them in my closet. I could throw those on with a t and some chucks and boom, I’m done. I could even pair them with heels if I want to spice it up a bit.

That yellow gown has me in awe… but really, where would I ever wear that thing?

My main focus right now is growing my beautiful curls. I want them to be longer, so I don’t always look like I just came out of the disco era with my fro. Once they start going a little past my shoulders I think I’ll be good money, I’ve been using a lot of coconut and castor oil, and I think it’s making a huge difference. My hair looks so much healthier, and I’ve also noticed that my roots have been growing at a faster speed. Yes, the maintenance to keep the blond going strong is annoying, but at least I’m seeing results. I actually decided to take step 1 into being a grown up and bought vitamins this week. Omega 3’s and coconut oil pills. Let’s hope they work for the better!

I’m constantly thinking about how I should switch up my room, something I also do because I tend to get bored so quickly. I’ve only been at my apartment for 2 years and half and I promise you, I have ran out of options. My bed has made it to every single wall in my bedroom. I’ve been trying to keep things neat, but let’s face it, I’m a pig. Aren’t artists usually messy anyway? These little cute storage boxes seem like something I’m definitely going to invest in. Maybe they’ll at least keep all of my bobby pins in order.


Desirables: September 2014 Wants


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It’s September guys!

Which means I post up all the crap that I want to magically appear in my closet, and usually end up finding a cheaper alternative to at the end of it all! When it comes to autumn I’m usually a plaid whore. Burgundy, navy, emerald, browns and gold tones are all I really need to make me happy. Basically, anything grungy, I want it all. I need to invest in some good combat boots this year, since I had like 2 pairs that I destroyed last year.

Plus I have way too many flats that I need to put away, and bring out my funky wedges that I usually pair with jeans. Give me some loose cardigans, and some knee high socks…

damn, someone pass me a credit card already!

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House of Roderick Pompadour Winter Fashion Week 2013

House of Roderick Pompadour Winter Fashion Week 2013

I don’t even know where to start, I guess the beginning will be a good choice but I rather start with the thank you’s.

Matt and Cassmodels

Thanks  to Matthew Colon, who at last minute gave me the opportunity to work under his co-partner Cass Jones; founder of VIP Skinz ( a body art shop, both temporary and permanent ).

With this call I was given the chance to work behind the scenes at “The House of Roderick’s Pompadour Winter Fashion Show” for 2013’s Fashion Week that was being hosted at the infamous Empire Hotel Rooftop.

Makeup artist Lady Lexxusmodel: Andrew Nierenburg and Cass Joness
I guess now we can start at the beginning. . .

me painting model: Rodney LozierHouse Of Roderick's jewelry
It was a rough morning. A very ” why out of all days is this happening to me” morning.

I headed out my apartment ready for a busy day, with my roller bag that was a little way too loud once it hit concrete, but it would have to do.

Everything fit perfectly and better yet, I didn’t have to struggle carrying anything. Especially since I was coming from Brooklyn.

paintingcass jones painting Haley Scnieder

Little did I know, and of course I happened to notice on the train ….

That horrible smell, I couldn’t stand it, and it was wickedly concentrated. Thanks to my cat, sarcastic as I could ever be… I failed to noticed that Vandal had taken upon himself to mark his territory on my bag.

And I of course only noticed when I was already on the train, looking at the time every chance I got.

I was running late, already on my way, worried and now I have to deal with the embarrassment of this stench. How professional.

painting the men model OakleyBoycott being sillypainting the back
Problem No.2 – I’ve never been to the Empire Hotel before, yes I’ve been invited many many times, which mostly was an invitation to wear a too tiny mini skirt, and parade around in heels until I got so drunk I wouldn’t be able to say pronounce my name anymore. I always said no.

the guysMatt painting
I take my phone out to the GPS the directions and today, of course my phone decides not to be activated.
And no, not because I didn’t pay it… But bc I share the plan with irresponsible people who I barely see, let alone speak to.

Models: Patrick Shannon& Andrew Nierenburg

But that’s a whole other story. No phone. No directions. I head to Columbus Circle because that’s the best my memory lets me get to and ask my way around, asking anybody and everybody where this hotel may be at.


It’s 10:20 am and I only wish I could reverse time by 20 minutes. I swear, I’m always late. I panic and make my way to the rooftop where I was told everyone ( body painters, constructors, models,  and Roderick himself will be. )
female modelsLady Lexxus doing makeup

Empty. If I was in the wrong place, I was screwed. With no way to contact anybody ( phone less) I asked around while I dragged around my stinky bag.

cassModel: Haley Scneider
I met Freddy, the hotel’s engineer for 12 years and very sweet man who assured me I was in the right place. I was just the first to arrive. He offers me a bottle of water from the bar and tells me to just sit and wait.
me paintingbackstage

Before I even do that I hide my bag across the room as far as I possible can. No one needs to be drenched in that.

model: Cierra Brooksmodel: Janice Picconi
I meet two ladies who happen to be event coordinators, and ask to borrow their phone. I call Cass at her shop and she assures me she’ll be there in an hour.  At least I’m not the one who’s late. A relief off of my shoulders.

me and Miss NY

The models arrive and Roderick does shortly after. I offer to help glue rhinestones on his flyers for the time being to keep myself busy and useful while the girls start to rehearse. Once I see two horns appear through the door I head downstairs to help Matt and Cass unpack all the supplies from the car.

models line up!Roderick himself putting on Jewlery
I haven’t had the chance to use an airbrush machine and I was eager to get the chance to learn tonight. It doesn’t look too difficult anyway.

matt adjusting jewelrycass getting her makeup done by lady lexxus
There was a lot of time in between actually starting to paint, but once we started I was excited to finally begin.

and the show begins model: Jessica Moore
We started with the 4 men who were to be positioned at the the end of the runway. Painted as roman/Greek statues.

model/dancer: Patrick Shannonmodel: janice Picconi

We airbrushed for a little while until the machine broke down and refused to work, which let us to our last minute plan B solution.

model: upamodel: Leona Chiaki Wilkes
We watered down some acrylic paint and some airbrush paint and started to sponge the guys down.  I had some guys screaming at how cold the water was, but all I could do was laugh.  I was titled “the evil one” all night.

model: Oakley Boycottmodel : Haley Scnieder
When it came to the women the concept was simply this: 12 women, half in real lingerie, the other half in fake lingerie.

end of the runwayend of the runway

That’s where we came in.

We, as in Cass, Matt and I painted stockings, garter belts, corsets, and bras.

It looked, what can I say… I personally think we did really well. Not to mention, that we finished RIGHT on time.

end of the runwayCass Jones
The show was already starting, cocktail hour had begun an hour ago, it was now 9pm and the models needed to be out.

Roderick placed all the jewels on the models and they looked great.
That man really knows jewelry! Hey, that’s what we were all there for.

Bodyartist: me, Cass Jones, Matt Colon
Karen Gravano from Mob Wives was the guest emcee and the music soon began.

Thew group
Cass, Matt and I didn’t even have time to go and change… So we did the only thing we could do…

greek godsfreddy

We stripped down and threw on our fancy cocktail attire, all while covered in paint ( good thing I bring baby wipes ) we all got dressed in less than two minutes….

Cass Haley meMatt

And hey, we’ve been seeing boobs and spreading buttcheeks ( while we painted, pervs! ) all day, so I doubt we made any difference in all that behind the scenes action.
I ran out to catch the best glimpse of the show that I possibly could. After all this hard work, I definitely wanted to enjoy the end result.

Marl, Chris, Matt, Colon brothers rooftop
Everyone seemed to love it.
Once the dancer, ( Phillip did great ) and the models finished with their walks, it was time for the Crew to walk the runway.
I have never had so many flashes come at me at the same time. I had people screaming ” I’m from _____ magazine, look over here !” Or ” this way, this way_____ press”
It was , how can I say… Exhilarating.


Concept and Show director: Roderick A. Gunsell

Emcee: Kathy Polston- Dalton- Mrs. New York Globe

Guest Emcee: Mrs KarenGravano- VH1 Mob Wives

Hair and Makeup: Lady Lexxus

Creative Body Concept : Cass Jones, Minxinx and Matt Colon

Models: Cierra Brooks, Oakley Boycott, Jessica Moore, Tanisha Weir, Amanda Uduka, Upa, Leona Chiaki Wilkes,

Janice Picconi, Patrick Shannon, Rodney Lozier, Andrew Nierenburg, Haley Scnieder, Hannah

All Photos on this blog, by me.

February Wants

February Wants♥ February Wants ♥

tall stripe band back dresspow boom print tube skirtstripe denim shortslace setflame leopard bodysuitlace traingle braplatform heelblue heelscut out strap shoeslazer cut platform heelneon ethic necklacebeaded bracelet

May Wants

Can you believe I just realized I didn’t post this month’s wants!!! I’ve been so caught up with everything it is that I’m doing… I know I always post the “Desirables” on the first of the month.. but here’s a late entry, I hope you guys, mostly =]