Photography: Soulful

 This year I have fallen in love with my camera more than ever. I’ve been putting in work, and I can see the growth. I’m so proud of myself. I know you guys are usually used to me drawing and photographing women, but I’m here to tell you, that I haven’t forgotten about you men. Working with Sonny was a nice experience, and who wouldn’t have a good time with laugh lines like his?
I have so many more photo sessions that I can’t wait to share with you guys, so please stay posted.
Dont’t forget to follow Sonny on his IG: @soul__ful and like always you can find more of me on either of my instagrams: @millistephania & @millistephaniaphotography

Photography: Malikah Kelly

The other day I had the pleasure of photographing fashion blogger Malikah Kelly from
We were both in a bit of a rush, but if I didn’t tell you that, I don’t think you would have ever known. I’m digging how these pictures came out, and she was ecstatic about them as well, which made my job much better.

Photography: Curls & Cut-Out Jeans

Curls and Cut-out jeans in hidden gems in the city. My second session with fashion blogger Francheska from She’s on the verge of revamping her blog. She started some time ago, and is ready to start taking it more serious, from her fashion and even travel. I had the chance of giving her some new images to work with and I loved how much she loved the outcome.

Photography: BoWhoreNYC: FURociously Fierce Hooded Cardigan

Hey guys, I know things have been a little slow around here. If you’re a loyal reader, not only are you appreciated, but you also know that my family is dealing with a great loss. Not only have I been super busy, but even when I’m not, I simply don’t have the energy or strength to do anything. My best friend at the moment is my bed, and when I force myself to go to work, I’m missing my pillows like crazy. Today I gave myself the momentum to update you guys on the last looks of a recent photo shoot I had the pleasure of photographing.

Look 7 has to be one of my favorites of the bunch, that trench is everything, and if you would like to order your own you can do so by going HERE. I’ll be posting the last look in a few minutes while I still have some drive to do so. I might not have much to put up for a little while since I’ll be in mourning, which I’m sure you all understand. But I’m not going far, I just need a little space to heal. I’ll see you guys soon. Much love.

Photography: BoWhoreNYC: Rosé

Hi my loves,  as you can tell, I’ve been pretty busy. I’m loving all the inspiration that’s been surrounding me lately. This collaboration with designer Julee from BoWhoreNYC has kept me occupied. I’m enjoying all the new images I get to add to my portfolio. I’m even more ecstatic that Julee loves the final results. I call that a double win.  Model Laurie is killing all of these looks, and I can’t wait to keep sharing more with you. This  is look six out of eight, this dress is so soft and gorgeous. It reminds me of a romance novel. I love how glamorous the end results came out to be. I only have 2 more looks left to show off, so stay posted!

Captured by Belle: Chrissy Joy Styles in White

IMG_3515help-wantedLately I’ve been trying my best to stay productive. It’s a little tough when I have the temptation of just staying in, cuddling up with some Netflix and getting addicted to TV Dramas. Let’s not even mention Instagram, every time I pick up my phone it’s dry, so I spent my time scrolling about in everyone’s business. Mostly liking everyone going crazy in clubs, babies, people sucking face or people taking pics of their food. Ugh… I know.

So yeah, productive, like I said. (moving on)

Chrissy from is the biggest southern sweetheart ever. We met while working in Armani Exchange almost 2 years ago, though we weren’t the closest, the many times we did speak, it was always in good faith and chuckles all the way.

She started blogging a couple of months ago, and I couldn’t be happier for her. She always had style whenever I would see her in the workplace. And not the style you see our generation wearing now-a-days. She has this crisp clean way of her, and my favorite part, she’s never over exposed.

We met up near her place, where I had the pleasure of not only catching up, gossiping and laughing, but I got to shoot  her in action, looking splendid in all white.

Check out my photographs, check out her attire, click some links and scroll below to see how she “remixed” this look once it got a little bit chillier.

IMG_3507IMG_3524IMG_3468 IMG_3513IMG_3463Let’s throw on a sweater and roll up those sleeves, a quick shoe change and Chrissy was looking brand spanking new.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, go make a new friend… and also, I decided to make a new instagram to separate my photography from my artwork,

so go .. go.. go.. follow!  ——> @2minxinxphotography

1cb375036ff5b6d0a8b411e038b0949dIMG_3604IMG_3562IMG_3551Chrissy and Minxie ♥20140527_184635