Photography: Curls & Cut-Out Jeans

Curls and Cut-out jeans in hidden gems in the city. My second session with fashion blogger Francheska from She’s on the verge of revamping her blog. She started some time ago, and is ready to start taking it more serious, from her fashion and even travel. I had the chance of giving her some new images to work with and I loved how much she loved the outcome.

Photography: Cherry Blossoms at Botanical Gardens

The cherry blossoms are out. The camera is out, and it’s time to bring out the flower dresses to match. Fashion blogger Francheska from picked out a cute little green number, and we made out way to the gorgeous Botanical Gardens.
I haven’t been there since I was a kid on a field trips, so I was excited to what what in store for us. I threw on some comfy white sneakers since I knew I was going to do some walking and met up with Francheska at the front doors. I did not think the weather was going to be so warm. I had on a little leather jacket that I immediately regret bringing with me. We had a nice time, and got some great photographs to match. Stay tuned for session 2.

Photography: Easter

I’ve been putting this camera to good use. This time, I got my brother Christian with his little family. My sister-in-law Taimane, and my god daughter Harlie were looking precious. Harlie was wearing her first poofy dress, and she looked adorable! Look at those thighs!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter with your loved ones.

Photography: She’s Making a Human Part 1

This weekend I took the time out to photograph my beautiful sister for her maternity pictures. We’re all excited that Amaury is coming soon, and June couldn’t could come any slower.
Julissa looked stunning, and I’ll be sharing these in small batches. I took advantage of the day and took some pictures of my brother, with his little family as well, so you’ll be seeing those soon!

Photo Journal: Lonely Valentine

A little stroll through the Lower East Side, a lonely heart, still glowing with hope.

Photo Journal No.7 Crystal Garden

I was taking a stroll though the city and bumped into this little crystal garden. I loved the patterns, the colors,  the dream catchers, the feathers and the agate stones.
It was  the perfect treat for my soul. I needed this. I should start my own little meditation corner at my place. Give myself a space to relax, to wonder, to pray, to wish for good things.

Photo Journal No.8 | Rustic

My eyes have been attracted, and moving towards color schemes lately. I’ve been leaving my camera at home more often, especially ever since I invested in an iphone. I’m not here to say that your cellphones should replace dslr’s, because I would never agree with that statement. But many times I find myself not wanting to carry anything. When my purse stays home, so does everything else. My “phone, wallet, keys”are the only thing that join me. That’s my little mantra before I walk out the door. “Phone, Wallet, Keys, check!”The First image was taken while I was on my way to visit my niece Harlie at her momma’s house. I like how the branches kinda gave it that spooky feel.
I have the best friends sometime I swear. The next image was taken at The New Amsterdam Theater. One of my homeboys, send me a message at last minute asking if I was around the city, he had an extra free ticket to the Broadway musical “Aladdin”. Though I couldn’t really take many pictures. I was trying to soak up all the inspiration I could. I was only wishing I could take photographs, I was hurting on that chair, because I wanted to capture everything. The textiles were gorgeous. All the purples, orange patterns.. I can’t wait to see what I create with all these ideas roaming in my head. It also really made me want to visit Morocco.The last image was taken on a stroll in The Bronx. I was actually headed to Toys R’ Us to buy Yamilet, Jhonny and Lily’s daughter a  gift for Christmas. She loves My Little Pony, and I found some cool walkie talkies with them plastered all the radios. I thought it was pretty cool. Especially since everything else was so frilly, and non useful. I swear girl toys are so wack. When I was younger I used to love going to the boy section. They have remote control cars, nerf guns, all the cool things, while girls got dolls that peed, and toys that looked like an iron and vacuum. Umm, no thank you!