Great Vibes & Chill: Vision Board Workshop

Don’t you just love “feel good” moments?
Today was all about that, and I couldn’t be more inspired than how I feel right now.
The gorgeous and inspiring, @allthingsada and @readingsbyvida hosted an intimate vision board workshop. This get together made all the gorgeous women who attended vulnerable to the point where they almost ran out of tissues.  Imagine opening up to a room full of strangers? It was beautiful.
We all want to become a better version of ourselves, and today we had the chance to tap into our goals, both long term and short.
This event was made to uplift us. Remind us that we have to manifest the things we want for ourselves into existence. When things are physical, they tend to be more real. We  rummaged through magazines, and shared scissors and glues to make our masterpieces.  Our vision boards needed to be a reflection of our talk and I gotta say, I like how mine came out. I keep staring at it!

This event was sold out in about 3 hours when it was posted, I was so glad i didn’t hesitate to sign up when I did. Now there’s a long waiting list for the next one, and I’m not surprised at that one bit. I think this was such a feel good wake up for all the girls who attended, and I only hope others get to bond the way that we did.

Also, shout out to @nycfoodmuse for being my collage partner and a friendly face in the crowd.

To sign up for the waiting list go HERE, to see Ada’s instagram click HERE, for her blog HERE and her youtube HERE. Follow Vida on her instagram HERE, and check out her website HERE… oh, and of course, don’t forget to follow me on instagram HERE.