Mood Board: July 2016 Wants

  I need a huge change.  I have a list of things I want to do, career wise, travel, love life, creating, etc. I have so much on my plate, sometime even something as simple as walking into an apartment that doesn't feel  like "home"  can be a bummer.  I want to be able to … Continue reading Mood Board: July 2016 Wants

Graffiti, Gay Icecream & Sneaky Cervezas

Where should I even begin? Chinatown of course. I headed with Q to meet with Misha, we were headed to Canal Street to see artists paint in a lot and I knew this neighborhood a little too well. See, my step-father( father to me, I don't see him any other way ♥ ) had worked in … Continue reading Graffiti, Gay Icecream & Sneaky Cervezas

Potluck Dinner

♥ Potluck Dinner I was excited for the Potluck Dinner I was throwing, I got to see great friends and family, and not to mention the fact that I had awesome food and drinks in the process. Q and I cleaned like crazy before everyone arrived. Even though there wasn't much to clean, sometimes I … Continue reading Potluck Dinner

Update on my Apartment Part 2

♥ Update on my Apartment  Hi guys, lately I've been putting in work to my apartment. I've only been here for going on six months now, I have so much work to do. So many plans and ideas, and I hope everything comes together in person like I see it in my head. You can … Continue reading Update on my Apartment Part 2

GJ’s 1st Birthday

Q and I got ready to head out to my baby cousin's 1st birthday party. GJ ( short for Genesis Jasmine ) is growing up so quickly! Her babyshower seemed as if it was only a week ago. Here's the birthday girl looking as cute as ever in her pink tulle dress while her Auntie … Continue reading GJ’s 1st Birthday