Photography: Stefanie Katja

Had a little fun in Chinatown with fashion blogger  Stefanie Katja . I love when my models are wearing bright clothing, and red in Chinatown is a beautiful match made in heaven! See more of my photography on instagram ---> @millistephaniaphotography 

Family: La Hora Loca, After the Vows

After the ceremony it's time to party! What, did you think we weren't gonna get get down and dance all night. Ha! You must not know Dominicans very well. After we left the church, we arrived in style back to El Palacio Royal. Everyone was already seated and waiting for the wedding party to arrive. … Continue reading Family: La Hora Loca, After the Vows

Photography: Jack with his Daniels

No, I haven't stopped drawing. Like everything in life is it's all about balance. My camera has been getting some love and attention from me and today was no different. These shots weren't planned at all, but I love how they came out. I've been wanting to photograph more men, since all I seem to … Continue reading Photography: Jack with his Daniels

Photography: Little Red Riding Ash

It was time to test out my new baby, my Canon 10-18mm lens. I've only dipped  my toes into this wide angle lens, I didn't want to waste an opportunity with my gorgeous model for the day, so a lot of these were taken with my handy 50mm portrait lens. Any who, look how glorious … Continue reading Photography: Little Red Riding Ash

Tangled in Samara’s Birthday Party

Samara was turning 4, and every princess should be treated like one, especially on her birthday, Annette and Sammy (Samara's parents) did just that. Upon our arrival at Jump On It in Jersey, we got straight to decorating while the kids removed their shoes and headed straight into the moon bouncers. The place was bright … Continue reading Tangled in Samara’s Birthday Party