Illustration: Counting Down the Days

Counting down the days until
my next vacation like….

Also, I’m glad I’m getting back into my rhthym of drawing.

Blacklight Slide

I’ve been meaning to write, but without the images I feel like I’m half-assing a post. I keep forgetting my memory card at my beau’s apartment, which means my posts have been a bit delayed. For now, since I managed to work on them a bit, I have few pictures, but bear with me, because there’s way more to share with you guys. And you guys know how much I like sharing.
My siblings and I were excited for The Black light slide, so excited we committed to  purchasing the tickets back in March! I didn’t even bother telling Chris I bought him a ticket as well until maybe like July. So now that he had it in his calendar, it was time to make moves.I decided to dress in all white, so when I’m splattered with paint I would glow a little brighter under the black light. Turns out my neon green socks did better that I expected. I was told to get there early, to avoid the long lines, and I’m pretty glad we did. We got some beers at the bar before we started, a little something to wake us up.The lines were a little annoying but the slide was everything. I bought some too tiny inflatable tubes, and it was funny seeing a grown ass woman with a baby floatie. Didn’t matter though, my butt fit perfectly and it did it’s job.

The slide had glow in the dark paint, so every time we got wet, it only meant we were going to illuminated more after. Once it was dark that’s when  the party began. The DJ was blasting top 100’s and we were dancing our wet, glowing butts off. Under the florescent lights we all looked amazing.

I took advantage of how bright even was looking, the colors were mesmerizing,  and  decided to just keep snapping away. Taimane and Christian’s new addition is going to have some cool ass parents.Tonight was wonderful. We danced, we slide, we glowed. Ps. Check out the illustration.

Family: Boarding the Infinity

Let me just start with we had every intention on bringing my cousin Yenny and my Abuela Lidia with us. I was actually pretty bummed out that they couldn’t join us. They would have loved tonight. The music, the view. The experience. But I guess it’s not up to me to always show people a good time, even though I’m pretty damn good at it.
Let’s start at the beginning. Like I mentioned in my previous post (if you follow along) the girls were supposed to take Yenny to the Dominican Parade. We haven’t been since Jasmine passed away, it to wouldn’t be the same. Since Yenny was here for her visit, we figured now was the time if ever. Since the parade was early  I’d figured wake up early, hit Fifth Avenue with the ladies, get back home by 2pm and start getting ready for the boat ride. I would be exhausted, but I can accomplish anything. Yeah, that plan did not end up happening at all. I woke up at 10am to only find out the girls had overslept and were hungover.  What are you going to do?

Oh well, I had a yellow dress to throw on, and Chris threw on some nice ass boat shoes. I think we looked pretty good if I say so myself. I knew I was going to be dancing up a storm, and I didn’t want this Dominican do to get all crazy, so a bunch it was. Alex Bueno, Luis Vargas, J’Martin and Max Banda were performing, it was going to great, and that it was.  I love spanish music and I was ready to dance.Super Vip was packed, I mean packed. Unlimited food and drinks seemed like a tease when hot baby drinks are being served to you. The guys ended up splurging at the bar anyway, buckets after buckets, and shots all around. Yeah, someone were feeling it more than others.  I on the other hand was having a blast with the music, and dancing. My dad was loving it too. He’s a hit!

While outside, enjoying the view it started to drizzle a bit, it didn’t last long and the breeze felt amazing. Spending time and making memories with my family was even better. I hope we start having more great nights like this.

love, m