Illustration: Crop Top See Through Blouse

I didn’t know that when I finished this piece I was going to be drooling over her shirt that way. Sometimes I surprise myself with the things I create, and the see-through blouse she’s rocking, needs to be in my closet, like yesterday!

Illustration: Counting Down the Days

Counting down the days until
my next vacation like….

Also, I’m glad I’m getting back into my rhthym of drawing.

Illustration: Taza, Twins & a Clementine

Bloggers, there are everywhere. When you’re one yourself, you tend to gravitate to other bloggers, and they somehow become like your virtual little family—in a non creepy way of course.
One of the many personalities that I tend to follow on instagram is Taza from She’s about to burst out twins, and when I saw this most adorable picture of her eating fruit, I picked up my apple pencil and got to work.
This is only the second time I’ve drawn a pregnant woman, (see the first HERE) and I gotta say, I don’t hate it. Maybe I should start a series. (We’ll see, because I may just be brainstorming out loud here)
I love the colors I used, purple just always seems to sneak into my work somehow, how do you always do that purple?
   I hope you guys like this illustration, and if you’re curious enough, she recently gave birth to two healthy girls, you can read that post HERE.

Illustration: LaTonya Yvette

Bringing in Women’s Day with a new illustration inspired by the lovely @latonyayvette ✨
Her love for her kids, writing, Brooklyn and natural hair gives me all types of — ” I want to be like this as a parent!”

Illustration: Frappuccino Frenzy

Let’s just all quit our day jobs and become unicorns full time.

This illustration was inspired by all of the hype of the unicorn drink by Starbucks.

New Artwork: Selfie

You know we all love to take selfies. This is a selfie generation. My newest illustration “Selfie” rocks her sea foam green hair and is ready for her close up!

Nanny Diaries

zjThis summer I’ve been spending a lot of time with my godson Zj. Babysitting is always a different experience when it comes to him and now that there’s a new puppy by the name of Ripley, more stories to tell. She’s this hyper little thing who loves to poop everywhere, and when she’s not being annoying, she can be pretty cute. I finally caught one of those cute moments and we decided to play.

After running around with Zj and play fighting most of the time, I decided to sketch for a bit. It was one of those 2 minutes sketches I had no idea where was headed, but decided to pick up a sharpie anyway. Here’s a few pics from our day 

sig 2ripleysketch ripleyzjripley