Photography: Stefanie Katja

Had a little fun in Chinatown with fashion blogger  Stefanie Katja . I love when my models are wearing bright clothing, and red in Chinatown is a beautiful match made in heaven!
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Photography: Cherry Blossoms at Botanical Gardens

The cherry blossoms are out. The camera is out, and it’s time to bring out the flower dresses to match. Fashion blogger Francheska from picked out a cute little green number, and we made out way to the gorgeous Botanical Gardens.
I haven’t been there since I was a kid on a field trips, so I was excited to what what in store for us. I threw on some comfy white sneakers since I knew I was going to do some walking and met up with Francheska at the front doors. I did not think the weather was going to be so warm. I had on a little leather jacket that I immediately regret bringing with me. We had a nice time, and got some great photographs to match. Stay tuned for session 2.

New Artwork: Micah Giannelli

2minxinx artGuess who’s been busting her ass on this website lately? That’s right, your girl. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new homepage, a new header, and my portfolio is getting an upgrade as well. Mhmm, I told you, I’ve been on my shit. Oh, and yes, that’s all my handwriting that you see all over the place, my chicken scratch. It was time to add some personality to the place.
Making all these changes is time consuming, and if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right. Even though I’ve been focusing on the small details of the site to make navigation easier, that doesn’t mean my artwork gets tossed to the side.

This piece is inspired by @micahgianneli and I couldn’t be any prouder of it. I really took my time with this one. Every lunch break, I had my ipad in my hands (and a sandwich in the other). Fashion bloggers are always fun to draw. They’re so put together and the color coordination just wakes up all the brain storming cells in my brain. Her faux fur coat was tricky, but I liked adding all the layers and dimensions to it.

But can we talk about her face?
I am soooo jealous. Why is it that I could never do my makeup this perfect? I look like a hot ass mess when putting on foundation, so why is it that my drawings are better contoured than I am!? (starts binge watching tutorials on Youtube)sig

Photography Shoot: Chrissy Joy Styles : Business Casual

Sometimes I photograph fashion bloggers.

I worked with Chrissy from for the first time last year. She was dressed in all white and I was working with my Canon Rebel T3i. My baby Belle, what I named my Canon has  been collecting dust on a shelf, since lately I’ve been using my Sony A6000, or Cher like I like to call her ( I have another Sony I named Sonny, get it… Sonny and Cher) aaaanyway…enough tech talk.

My schedule has been pretty packed lately, so when Chrissy agreed to meet me during my lunch break at work, I was all for it. These are a few of my favorite shots I wanted to share with you guys.

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Captured by Belle: Chrissy Joy Styles in White

IMG_3515help-wantedLately I’ve been trying my best to stay productive. It’s a little tough when I have the temptation of just staying in, cuddling up with some Netflix and getting addicted to TV Dramas. Let’s not even mention Instagram, every time I pick up my phone it’s dry, so I spent my time scrolling about in everyone’s business. Mostly liking everyone going crazy in clubs, babies, people sucking face or people taking pics of their food. Ugh… I know.

So yeah, productive, like I said. (moving on)

Chrissy from is the biggest southern sweetheart ever. We met while working in Armani Exchange almost 2 years ago, though we weren’t the closest, the many times we did speak, it was always in good faith and chuckles all the way.

She started blogging a couple of months ago, and I couldn’t be happier for her. She always had style whenever I would see her in the workplace. And not the style you see our generation wearing now-a-days. She has this crisp clean way of her, and my favorite part, she’s never over exposed.

We met up near her place, where I had the pleasure of not only catching up, gossiping and laughing, but I got to shoot  her in action, looking splendid in all white.

Check out my photographs, check out her attire, click some links and scroll below to see how she “remixed” this look once it got a little bit chillier.

IMG_3507IMG_3524IMG_3468 IMG_3513IMG_3463Let’s throw on a sweater and roll up those sleeves, a quick shoe change and Chrissy was looking brand spanking new.

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1cb375036ff5b6d0a8b411e038b0949dIMG_3604IMG_3562IMG_3551Chrissy and Minxie ♥20140527_184635