Santo Domingo: Day 1: Bendiciones

Omg, omg, omg... what the hell is all that banging that's going on outside?! The light is peeking through the blinds and the studio is a mess. Chris and I take a quick look at each other and it's like we both read each other's mind. We jumped out of bed in a panic. "What … Continue reading Santo Domingo: Day 1: Bendiciones

Puerto Rico 2015:Day 1: Arrival, Colon & Nuyoricans

It's 7pm, we are stuffed beyond explanation. But first, we arrived at our first Airbnb, safe and sound. The owner Monica is super chill and gave us a few pointers on where to go in the plaza. Chris and I headed to Christopher Columbus's castle, which was huge but  non- the less beautiful. The view was … Continue reading Puerto Rico 2015:Day 1: Arrival, Colon & Nuyoricans

Matt’s Hibachi

This Valentine was more of a triple date birthday lunch. I have not one complain about it. i spent my day with Chris's family, Matt's birthday (Chris's brother) had just passed and it was time to have a little celebration. Millie wakes us all of us up out of our slumber and lazy modes and … Continue reading Matt’s Hibachi