Fifty & Fabulous

My mother has just turned the big FIVE -OH!

On a day like a Tuesday, most of us were rushing out of work, trying to get to the parents on time. My father wanted to surprise her with a nice family dinner. When we all got to the house, my mother was getting ready in a rush and in confusion. She kept asking where we were going, and I kept picking on her, saying we were going to McDonald’s, so we can throw her in the ball pit. Do they even have those anymore?

We showed up to Olive Garden, since she’s been craving it for the past week, and never goes out. Our server didn’t have to persuade us much in to getting three bottles of red wine. By the time we got our entrees, everyone was stuffed with their unlimited salads and bread sticks. I think that’s what everybody does there.

Happy Birthday Mami!love, m

Madrid |Flamenco en Villa Rosa

It’s our last night in Madrid, and there’s no leaving España without watching a bull fight or seeing a flamenco show, and since bull fighting was out of season, you all know where we headed. Villa Rosa was a little tricky to get reservations for, but it was worth all the hassle.

We walked in to the dimmed restaurant and the first thing you see is a well light stage.I was excited. I wasn’t really hungry and I told myself I wouldn’t be drinking. Everyone’s meal looked delicious, though I was set in my ways with just water, bread and some black olives. For some reason I couldn’t force myself to eat at that was okay.The dancers came out on stage and the singing started. They build up was anticipating up to all the dancing. The first flamenco dancer  had a butt on her, and she was sexual in all the ways her body twitched. It was nice, and I know all the guys were loving the view. Their eyes were practically popping out of their sockets, and their tongues rolling down on the floors.

The next dancer was a guy that blew everyone out of the water, I don’t think anyone expected him to be as good as he was. He absolutely killed it.

As soon as the show was over, Fitgi was clapping and stepping all over the streets, I guess it comes natural when your’e a dancer.


Macondo for Nikki

It’s Nikki’s birthday!

That only means one thing, it was time for the group to get together, get fat and catch up.

Macondo it was. Everyone seemed like they ordered steak and frites, while I on the other hand opted for an avocado with shrimp and ribs with a sweet sauce. Oh  my, delicious!

Nikki’s tres leches cake arrived, and happy birthday was sang by the staff and of course us. The gang was ready to go out dancing and drink some more. I was way to exhausted from all the dancing that was done yesterday at Pajama Christmas. My sides were sore and all I wanted to do was go home and do nothing.

I was stuffed, the food was great, the company was even better.

Nikki baby, thank you for being such a great friend. I hope this new year for you is all you expect it to be. mhuuuah!

Fancy Ai Fiori

The big 30!

I think that’s a number so many of us “young folks” are scared to reach. It’s a milestone where the days of doing dumb shit is over.

Chris’s brother Marc has just hit the double digit with the big three in front of it.  I know I’m like 4 years away from it, but better him than me..haha.. I’m horrible,

Marc is the sweetest of the bunch, so for his special day, Millie (their mom) wanted to go all out and splurge on her first  born, and that she did. When we arrived at Ai Fiori, I already knew we were in for a treat. The place was stunning, everything and everyone was polite, attentive, and may I say, very reserved.

Millie was looking fabulous in her pink dress and her brand new hair color (that I dyed earlier that day), Marc was looking super spiffy with grey blazer, and Chris was looking pretty dapper himself. The menu looked exquisite and everything tasted even better. Millie ordered the lobster soup, Chris went with a prime dry aged strip loin, I went with a lobster from Nova Scotia poached in butter and the birthday boy went with the Tortelli, a ricotta & mascarpone ravioli. Yum!

Those were the main dishes, but don’t think we weren’t spoiled for the night. Marc, being amazing as he is and through all of his travels, was being served gold. (literally, when it came to the dessert that had gold shavings)  by the Sous chef, Russell Ashton , a friend. Everything was absolutely delicious!

When we first arrived, Marc was greeted and surprised by a bottle of champagne, brought to the table, purchased by his lovely and beautiful girlfriend Karli, who wasn’t able to  make it.  They’re so freaking cute together, I can’t take it!

Dinner was amazing, and after the night was over, I don’t think anyone had any space left for anything.

Happy Birthday Marc, may all of your future wishes come true, wish you the best always!

Bacon & Bubbles

Friends and food is always a good mix. Family and food is even better.

Chris picked me up at work, while I just finished googling where I could find a supermarket that is open late on a Sunday. Luckily for all of us I found a 24 hour supermarket  that was more than willing to fit my needs. I threw cubed steak, green plantains, avocados and eggs into my cart, everything else would have to come from home.

Karli, Marc’s girlfriend was visiting NYC on a business trip, and since she leaves tomorrow, tonight was the only chance we could have snuck some quality time together.  

While packing my bag at home, I made sure to season the meat, while Chris helped by shredding some cheese, that way when we got to their place, everything will be ready to cook. As soon as we arrived, we said our hellos and I jumped straight into the kitchen.

The place was beautiful, it was very minimal with exposed brick through out the apartment. I was in love.

Since Karli was in the mood for Dominican food, I was the closest thing she was getting. Especially since none of us wanted to even attempt to go outside in this freezing weather. I decided on making some mangu, so the plantains went straight into bowling, one of the things that take the longest to be done. Especially since you want them to turn a nice golden color since I was going to be smashing them a little later.

The brothers did what they do best, nothing. Even though they did offer.

Saturday Night Live 40 was keeping them pretty occupied so I wasn’t complaining. Especially since Karli and I took advantage of that time to do what us girls do best, gossip.

As much as he pretended to keep watching television, I knew he was being nosy everytime we were cracking up. Chris comes over and asks what we’re talking about, I laugh and tell him “you”.  Why lie? hahaha I tell him, this is how girls bond, talking about the stupidities boys do. He gives me a smirk and an eye roll.

Wine was served, and now that the steak that was wrapped in bacon and was put in the oven, it was time to bake the avocados as well. I broke an egg in the middle and then sprinkled mozzarella cheese on top. Karli help mashed the plantains, and while I served and made the plate pretty, I could now say dinner was officially served.

The men sat down and it was nice to just sit there, talking, drinking vino and getting fat. I like usual, am always the first one to finish my food, I’m like a garbage disposal, while everyone else ate like little birds. I got compliments, and I was happy knowing everyone else was happy. Once dinner was over, everyone gathered around the television, while I on the other hand was in awe of how deep the bathtub was, I prepared myself a bubble bath and decided to spoil myself.

Omg, I put on some Etta James, and my glass of wine disappeared in no time. Everyone was comfy, and I got a little comfier when I put on my onesie. Hey, I don’t play. I had a great night hanging out with Marc & Karli. She’s been trying to convince me in to going to L.A. and to be honest, I really don’t need much convincing, just a big wallet.

kiss kiss, Minx

Thanksgiving Times 5 equals 2014

This was a Thanksgiving for the books. It’s been a very long time, since I’ve had a good Thanksgiving, and this one is one that I would always remember. Not only was I surrounded by amazing people, this was a new record for all the stops made in a day. Luckily for me, Chris was such a trooper, and since we had everything all planned out to the hour, everything worked out perfectly. First stop, was hugs at Kat and Z’s house. I went to steal my godson Zj for about an hour, and headed for drinks at my little brother Jeremy’s house. He wasn’t doing any of the drinking, since he’s only 14. But stop Number 2, was just what I needed to show that I’m here for him, no matter what. I spent most of the time catching up with my dad who was busy trying to get me to go to church with him. Stop No.3 was grub time, and I wasn’t complaining one bit. Chris and I headed to Ashley’s grandma’s house, where Matt was itching for us to arrive already. Oooooh my goodness, let me tell you, that woman can cook! I had everything from turkey, ham, rice, stuffing, turnips, sweet potatoes, potato salad, chicken, and so much more. I was such a happy camper.  The men were men, and watching football is a must, especially when it comes to Thanksgiving. Ash’s grandmother and mother were so inviting, I loved their energies, and hopefully I’ll get to see more of them soon. They were such sweethearts! I was kidding around with grandma, when I mentioned she could adopt me any time, if she continued to cook like that!My abuela was stop number 4. I was excited to see her, especially since it’s been a little while, and I knew I was going to hear it from her. I wasn’t wrong. I need to come by more often, that’s a fact. My girly cousin’s are all grown up, and all of them had babies in hand. I felt like the only one who wasn’t part of the cool club. hahaha. I’m in no rush, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a kid in my hands every other 5 seconds. My godmother kept picking on me saying I was next, and I kept shrugging her and everyone off who chimed in. No thank you! I’m not ready for that step yet. I’ll look at all your pretty babies, spoil them, squeeze them, and give them right back to you.

Cuteness was on overload, especially since it felt like all the couples planned their outfits to match each other. I must have not gotten that memo.

Lidia made some banging lasagna I couldn’t ignore, and I tried to limit my beers so I didn’t end up looking huge, but who am I kidding…it’s beer!Last stop, Number 5… Wheeeew! I’m exhausted.

We headed to Lu and Ju’s house. My brother Luis and his woman Julievet, who happened to go IN on her first official Thanksgiving dinner cooking. Her ham and stuffing were my favorite, not to mention the mini personalized cheesecakes. I swear, I don’t know how I do it… but I served myself 2 plates, and one for lunch for work tomorrow.

We were all in drinking mode, and Quelf it was, just like or Luis’s and I birthday earlier this year (see that post HERE) with this game we get to act silly, test our smarts of random facts and just laugh at the other person. Chris got stuck speaking with his thumbs in his mouth the whole time, or else he had to drink. He was such a cheater!

I got stuck being a mime, climbing a tree getting attacked by lobsters and a dwarf. Don’t ask me how that went, just know I looked ridiculous.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was blessed to be surrounded by so many loved ones, family, friends, and new beginnings.

kiss kiss

Little Italy

UntitledIMG_5253IMG_5229After Jeremy’s graduation, it was time for a celebratory dinner. My father is the biggest celebrity whenever he steps into Little Italy. He’s always welcomed with open arms into every business he steps into. I was ready for some food, since I ate not one thing the entire day! I ordered the “Pollo Sorrentino” which is chicken smothered in sauce and small potato on the side. I was so relieved when I saw my plate had no pasta. Something I was not craving for, especially since I’ve been trying to take care of myself lately.

My brother Christian, Julievet and I already had our own “business deal” going on before we even entered the restaurant. Everyone orders something different so we can have a taste of each others plates. One thing was for sure, we were definitely ordering cheesecake!

I wish I could say I got more pictures of Jeremy at dinner, but he was sitting all the way at the other side of the table! Note why most of these pics are of my brother Luis, his woman Julievet and my handsome nephew Tristan. Not that I’m complaining 

The waiter was a long time friend of my dad, and I swear I know he was hitting on me, I did one of those courteous smiles to kind of brush it off. hahahaha..

The Sangria and white wine were amazing, but when do I ever really say anything bad about spirits? 🙂1372784350218-light80perc.jpg