Madrid |A Night Like Tonight

After the Flamenco show it was time for a night cap, some of us wanted to party a bit in our last night in Madrid, some of us wanted sleep. We split our ways, and with a night like was time to dance.

We walked into a bar.. sounds like I’m starting off a really bad joke. Everyone had been drinking about the whole day, and I was the only one sober, which was a bit confusing since I was the one with the most energy. Hey, all I need is really loud music and I’m ready to party.

The bartenders didn’t understand anything we tried to order, and I was speaking perfect spanish. All Pia wanted was whiskey on the rocks, I thought I was explaining how to perform heart surgery. We still didn’t get what we wanted. On the bright side, literally when the bartenders lit the bar on fire it caught us all by surprise and got us pumped up..
Time for the next stop. The dj at this first place only kept playing old songs… I swear, I think they only play what they think tourists want to hear, hate it. We finally got some good music pumping, the pizza at the end of our night was on point, wish I could have one of those slices right now.

Madrid |Flamenco en Villa Rosa

It’s our last night in Madrid, and there’s no leaving España without watching a bull fight or seeing a flamenco show, and since bull fighting was out of season, you all know where we headed. Villa Rosa was a little tricky to get reservations for, but it was worth all the hassle.

We walked in to the dimmed restaurant and the first thing you see is a well light stage.I was excited. I wasn’t really hungry and I told myself I wouldn’t be drinking. Everyone’s meal looked delicious, though I was set in my ways with just water, bread and some black olives. For some reason I couldn’t force myself to eat at that was okay.The dancers came out on stage and the singing started. They build up was anticipating up to all the dancing. The first flamenco dancer  had a butt on her, and she was sexual in all the ways her body twitched. It was nice, and I know all the guys were loving the view. Their eyes were practically popping out of their sockets, and their tongues rolling down on the floors.

The next dancer was a guy that blew everyone out of the water, I don’t think anyone expected him to be as good as he was. He absolutely killed it.

As soon as the show was over, Fitgi was clapping and stepping all over the streets, I guess it comes natural when your’e a dancer.


Madrid | Jardines de Sabatini, Madrid

Guess who just got into town!!!

That’s right Pia!
She’s such a trooper, all the way from L.A. to have a long layover in NYC to get to Madrid, to spend a measly 24 hours with us. Now that’s love!

We caught Pia up with the shopping, the churros, the plaza de Sol, and walked straight the Palace so she can see the sights. We decided to visit the infamous Jardines de Sabatini. The view was gorgeous from above the stairs, and once we stepped inside the garden, the mazes was all I wanted to step into. 

Madrid | Nice Meeting You Paul

A nice night out, Chris I noticed a bar that was having live music. We got ready and ran out to the streets. When we walked in it looked like a college bar. The music that was playing was old school rock, not really what I was expecting for Madrid. I guess it was more of a tourist trap.

Since the place was so packed, I started playing a guessing game with Chris. I picked out where we were going to sit, and boom, the space became available. Right before we sat, I mentioned that the guy sitting right in front of us will make friends with Chris, and hahaha… we ended up naming him Paul, especially since we never got his name. He actually even recommended a beer and offered C some of his.. go Paul!

It was  enough sitting down for us, I wanted to dance.
We roamed the streets looking for a place with loud music, and before we even had a chance to decide a promoter came up to us and led the way. Our night was full of dancing, just like I wanted. We got a little lost getting home, but nothing that we couldn’t fix in 2 minutes. Hopping in to bed was much needed after a long day of walking… tomorrow’s another day!

Madrid |Croissant Killer

I’ve been in the mood for a good croissant, and as soon we stop by a bakery close to our home, we splurge on some cronuts and I get the croissant. Nikki and I get distracted by some shops before we hit Puerta de Sol, the main plaza that resembles our own NYC’s Times Square. We walk into Pull and Bear and there’s a huge sale going on. I told myself I wasn’t going to go crazy buying random things, but everything was so pretty and cheap. I was debating on even having to pay for an extra check in if needed.

I ended up just getting a few necklaces, a skirt, a purse and a pretty dope wallet for only €18.00 which is basically only like $20.

I would have grabbed more if I could.

Someone was falling asleep while the girls shopped, so by the time it was time to eat, Chris devoured the croissant all by himself, how rude!

Ramon kept raving about how good the churros are in spain, so naturally we had to go find some. We walked into Los Artesanos, Churreria Chocolateria and all the waiters were dressed up all spiffy, in white suits. Our waiter was this older man who had such a grungy voice and grunted when he spoke. I kept thinking how great he would be if he was a cartoon character.

The churros were delicious and the hot chocolate was so thick it was perfect to dip into.
Today was a day for walking, a lot of it. It was raining and the last thing I wanted to do was get all cute. My curls have been shit this whole trip, which explains why I’ve had tiny buns and braids for most of it. It’s constantly raining, and since we’re always rushing in the morning, who am I to hog the mirrors.

Everything in Madrid seems to be at a walking distance and with our better luck, our apartment is right in the center of the city, at least according to my map it is. One side to the other only takes 30 minutes , so unlike Paris once we stepped out of the Metro when came from the airport, we never had to get back on it again.
Our first stop was visiting the Palace, El Palacio Real de MadridIt was grand, huge and was packed with tourists. We attempted to to make the line to visit inside, but we never made it in. Boo.

Madrid |Nothing Like a Mother’s Cooking

Oh, what happened?

Did you really think my trip way over?

It’s time for part 2, The two hair plane ride to Madrid, Spain was pretty painless, which I’m grateful for. Finding our airbnb this time was a little more than a hassle then it was in Paris. Our host gave us directions, but for some reason all the calles (streets) seemed to confuse me.  We hiked up the up-hills with our luggage, loud as ever due to the cobble stones. I actually ended up walking inside the wrong building and ringing a complete stranger’s doorbell.

I was at least grateful that unless France, I knew the language and I could pass by. My spanish isn’t perfect, and let’s face it, Dominican spanish is all pretty much slang. I appreciate how Spaniards are so polite and well spoken. Let’s see if some of that rubs off on me.
Ramon’s mother had a special treat for us, but before we get in to dinner, as soon she opened the door she ran straight into his arms. You can tell how much she’s missed him, and how much he’s missed her.

The first thing I noticed was how much they resembled each other, second thing, she was was so damn cute with all of her giddiness and excitement. We all sat down for dinner and opened up a few bottles of vino rojo, red wine.

Our first course was served, it was a seafood lasagna, and I’ll admit, at first it didn’t look so appeasing, but the taste, good. I was ready for the second course, and since Nikki isn’t a fan of seafood, she was too. It was tuna stuffed into red peppers, so good, but nothing, I mean nothing, beat her main dish, paella with mussels. Delicious.

Dessert was nothing short of amazing as well, it was a champagne sorbet.

Thank you for such a welcoming dinner!