Madrid |A Night Like Tonight

After the Flamenco show it was time for a night cap, some of us wanted to party a bit in our last night in Madrid, some of us wanted sleep. We split our ways, and with a night like was time to dance. We walked into a bar.. sounds like I'm starting off a … Continue reading Madrid |A Night Like Tonight

Madrid |Flamenco en Villa Rosa

It's our last night in Madrid, and there's no leaving España without watching a bull fight or seeing a flamenco show, and since bull fighting was out of season, you all know where we headed. Villa Rosa was a little tricky to get reservations for, but it was worth all the hassle. We walked in … Continue reading Madrid |Flamenco en Villa Rosa

Madrid | Jardines de Sabatini, Madrid

Guess who just got into town!!! That's right Pia! She's such a trooper, all the way from L.A. to have a long layover in NYC to get to Madrid, to spend a measly 24 hours with us. Now that's love! We caught Pia up with the shopping, the churros, the plaza de Sol, and walked … Continue reading Madrid | Jardines de Sabatini, Madrid

Madrid |Nothing Like a Mother’s Cooking

Oh, what happened? Did you really think my trip way over? It's time for part 2, The two hair plane ride to Madrid, Spain was pretty painless, which I'm grateful for. Finding our airbnb this time was a little more than a hassle then it was in Paris. Our host gave us directions, but for … Continue reading Madrid |Nothing Like a Mother’s Cooking