Ciara’s 30th at Uptown Social

My cousin Ciara is officially 30! Not only were we celebrating her big 3-0, but her long time boyfriend popped the question earlier this week as well. So two times the celebration! Most of my cousins have babies now, and this was going to be their first time going out since popping out humans. I … Continue reading Ciara’s 30th at Uptown Social

Dominican Republic. Day12: Wao Hector!

I'm soooo excited! I need to move! It's part 2 of Hector's Birthday Celebration. We walked into a night club by the name of Wao. A bottle of Jack Daniel's was ordered, and to mix it up, some 7up. The music was amazing, everything I was hoping it would be. It was bachata, merengue, tipico, … Continue reading Dominican Republic. Day12: Wao Hector!