Madrid | Nice Meeting You Paul

A nice night out, Chris I noticed a bar that was having live music. We got ready and ran out to the streets. When we walked in it looked like a college bar. The music that was playing was old school rock, not really what I was expecting for Madrid. I guess it was more of a tourist trap.

Since the place was so packed, I started playing a guessing game with Chris. I picked out where we were going to sit, and boom, the space became available. Right before we sat, I mentioned that the guy sitting right in front of us will make friends with Chris, and hahaha… we ended up naming him Paul, especially since we never got his name. He actually even recommended a beer and offered C some of his.. go Paul!

It was  enough sitting down for us, I wanted to dance.
We roamed the streets looking for a place with loud music, and before we even had a chance to decide a promoter came up to us and led the way. Our night was full of dancing, just like I wanted. We got a little lost getting home, but nothing that we couldn’t fix in 2 minutes. Hopping in to bed was much needed after a long day of walking… tomorrow’s another day!

Hair of the Dog

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (1)It’s officially Marcela’s last night in NYC, and since most of the time she was here we were stuffing our faces and exploring, this night called for drinks. My Oli Oli O, came to join in on the fun, and instantly I was feeling better. My day didn’t start off that well, since I was in such a crappy mood because, well. some people just get on my last nerve! I won’t mention no names, but I get really bothered when others try to use you, and when you put them in their place, they get upset upset about it! I’m no puppet on a string, so my mood was basically “fuck off!”  Good thing I was on my way to get some drinks, and knowing me, I was already pre-gaming with a lot of wine while I got dressed. Marcela kept insisting she looked too “hoochie” while I kept telling her she didn’t. I’ve seen hoochie, and that my dear was not it. She looked like she just got out of work and was just getting  a beer after, Oli agreed. I wore  maxi dress that I ended up flipping and drapping into a shorter dress… and trust me the whole time I was getting dressed Marci kept pushing the fact that I was wearing a long dress, and I’m just like ” Can I just finished getting dressed woman!”

Hair of the Dog was my kind of bar, yes it was pretty damn packed, but you couldn’t beat those prices, I ordered a jameson and ginger ale for me and Marci, while Oli got a beer. Once we were finished, the screens where the baseball game was playing just shot up, and all of a sudden we finally see a menu. Whaaaaat, we can get pitchers!? 

Pitchers of Blue Moon it was. Plural.  After al that beer, I insisted on us going dancing, and that was just what I needed to get me happy again. Not to mention the fact that someone who met up with me was in big trouble, and was trying to make it up to me!

Six point beers, and more jameson. Marcela had booked a hotel so we can all drink some vodka and hang out all night. I knew I had work the next day, but since it was later on, I was like whateveeeer! 

Omg, that hotel room was too funny, not the physical hotel room, but you know… all the shit that was happening.

Drunken nights guys, drunken nights for the win.

The next day I was grateful I had no hangover, while someone suffered with one and even threw up a couple of times. Poor baby.

We all decided to go to my place after check out and take a much needed nap. Oh man, we were knocked out!

As soon as my alarm clock ran, it was time for me to be an adult again and get ready for work, while Marcela had to pack her bags and make sure she wasn’t late for her flight.

Once work was over, it was time for a glass of wine, until next time guys.

kiss kiss

Ciara’s 30th at Uptown Social

2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxMy cousin Ciara is officially 30!

Not only were we celebrating her big 3-0, but her long time boyfriend popped the question earlier this week as well. So two times the celebration!

Most of my cousins have babies now, and this was going to be their first time going out since popping out humans. I couldn’t miss this. I was a little upset at first because I got stuck going in to the wrong place at first. (someone forgot to text me, cough cough)  No worries, I headed to Uptown Social and all the girls were partying already, looking gorgeous as ever too. I was ready for a drink and decided to go with pineapple ciroc and orange juice. I usually never go for light liquor, but fuck it, why not?

Apparently all the girls decided to ditch the men tonight, so I guess that worked out, which I found pretty funny and convenient.

I felt so bad for my cousin Evelyn, who’s purse had gone missing, no idea how either, since we were in one specific corner the whole night in VIP, and no one but us was really in our section.

Lionela was doll and drove me home, something that I was grateful fur because my heels as comfy as they were, were still tall. haha.

I kept telling Ciara she looked Elvira, because she had this killer long black dress with her boobs all out, a split down the leg and the longest lashes ever!

Dancing was just what us girls needed.

Happy Birthday Ciara!

Bembe After Dark

2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxFor the first time in a long time,  I was way to busy to bother taking pictures of my night. Good thing Nikki was on camera duty and I managed to get a few to share with you guys. As I mentioned before, long time friend Pia was in town from L.A. So it was our duty to jam pack her stay with good times and a lot of drinks. This is one of those nights where there was plenty of both of those to go around.

Location: Bembe in Williamsburg.

I had never been there, but have heard good things, I was mainly excited because everyone chose a spanish spot, something I’ve been urging to do since forever. I got to talking to one of the dj’s at the bar, while I waited for everyone to arrive, and he mentioned how every day of the week there’s something different going on. Reggae nights, Jazz nights, etc. I was all in, but for now, I was exited to hear some salsa. Which I later found out was more Brazilian style, so everything was more of a electronic latin mix. Not that I’m complaining, and neither was anyone else. We shaking our hips, all on top of each other!

Red Stripes, shots, ginger ales and Jamesons.

We were feeling the buzz in no time, can’t you tell by that last picture?

sig 2

Dominican Republic. Day12: Wao Hector!

I’m soooo excited! I need to move!
It’s part 2 of Hector’s Birthday Celebration. We walked into a night club by the name of Wao.

A bottle of Jack Daniel’s was ordered, and to mix it up, some 7up.

The music was amazing, everything I was hoping it would be. It was bachata, merengue, tipico, salsa all night. I was in loooove.  I haven’t been dancing in so long, it’s so sad. Bachata to me, is my all time favorite. I bust out my moves and hope someone, anyone can keep up with me. I’m usually leading and it’s always a surprise when I actually have to follow.
I had the chance of meeting more of  Yenny’s coworkers and they are all so fun, and funny. There was like 6 women and 3 men, so when it came to dancing we ended up having to wait a few  turns. I was just grateful that the men danced. Whenever I want to dance I have to beg someone to get up…. so not my favorite thing to do.
My camera was being passed around the whole night, something I never mind. I always find the funniest randomest pictures of my night.

Since of course, we were celebrating Hector’s birthday, Yenny and I snuck in a request to the DJ to give Hector a shout out…. Once he did, we were the loudest bunch cheering him on.
My cousin Yenny is a trip ♥
After all our dancing, and not the best straight walking we headed to what drunken people do best…. eat.
There was this bright yellow chimi truck that we all stopped by. Typing this now, I actually want one now! That chimichurri was delicious. Can you tell how bad Yenny wants hers?

Look at her face!
It was a great night, I want to do it all over again. Hopefully it won’t be forever and a day until I get to dance again.

Happy Birthday Hector!