Ladies of Melody Lanes

My coworkers are a trip, each and every single one of them. Working long shifts wouldn’t be the same without a handful of women who consist on making everything hilarious and interesting. My boss Jess is the biggest doll of them all and insisted on all of us having a night out, no paperwork, no desk or computers, an escape. We were going to go eating, something we all like to do, but I was determined to actually do something physical. I see these girls sit all day, I wanted to see them have some fun. So when Damaris suggested bowling, everyone was willing.

While Nedra and I snuck chicken nuggets into the bowling alley, yes, you read that right…50 piece. Shalonda was pretty upset about her overpriced and bad service at the food counter. Which I wasn’t surprised since I noticed upon our arrival that I’ve been to this bowling alley about a couple of years ago and have no recollection of who the hell I even came with. This time I had better company without a doubt. Since Margina recently left the team, we haven’t seen her in a month, and we all missed her so it was great that she joined in, and kicked our asses while we played.

Oh man, I sucked so bad. Jess was kicking butt in the first round, while Damaris was busy dancing bachata after she knocked some pins down. I tried to get Carolyn to play a little, but when her mind is set up, that’s it. Booo..maybe next time, I know she was cracking up watching all of us play though. Nedra is a clown and I love her for it. She’s not afraid to get a little silly and you guys will definitely see that in the video below while Shalonda rocks out on  her air guitar.

Since Siobhan’s birthday just passed, Jess surprised her with balloons and alcoholic cupcakes, they were so good, and the liquor wasn’t shy. I think mine was vodka.

It’s no surprise to you guys that I failed horribly at bowling, every time I rolled the ball, it insisted on rolling to the right hand side, and then eventually the gutter. I would even attempt to lean all the way to my left hand side, maybe it’ll balance things out……. I was wrong. I still suck.

So, who said work had to be boring? I enjoyed my night….later guys!

kiss kiss

Dominican Republic. Day12: Wao Hector!

I’m soooo excited! I need to move!
It’s part 2 of Hector’s Birthday Celebration. We walked into a night club by the name of Wao.

A bottle of Jack Daniel’s was ordered, and to mix it up, some 7up.

The music was amazing, everything I was hoping it would be. It was bachata, merengue, tipico, salsa all night. I was in loooove.  I haven’t been dancing in so long, it’s so sad. Bachata to me, is my all time favorite. I bust out my moves and hope someone, anyone can keep up with me. I’m usually leading and it’s always a surprise when I actually have to follow.
I had the chance of meeting more of  Yenny’s coworkers and they are all so fun, and funny. There was like 6 women and 3 men, so when it came to dancing we ended up having to wait a few  turns. I was just grateful that the men danced. Whenever I want to dance I have to beg someone to get up…. so not my favorite thing to do.
My camera was being passed around the whole night, something I never mind. I always find the funniest randomest pictures of my night.

Since of course, we were celebrating Hector’s birthday, Yenny and I snuck in a request to the DJ to give Hector a shout out…. Once he did, we were the loudest bunch cheering him on.
My cousin Yenny is a trip ♥
After all our dancing, and not the best straight walking we headed to what drunken people do best…. eat.
There was this bright yellow chimi truck that we all stopped by. Typing this now, I actually want one now! That chimichurri was delicious. Can you tell how bad Yenny wants hers?

Look at her face!
It was a great night, I want to do it all over again. Hopefully it won’t be forever and a day until I get to dance again.

Happy Birthday Hector!