All Work and More Play

Because work always needs to be balanced out with a little bit of play.

Over this past year I can say I’ve been pretty blessed in the coworkers department. Sometimes you start jobs and find yourself stuck with people you would never consider yourself even talking to. These ladies have turned work shifts into full of laughs, and after work adventures.

Now that some of them are leaving for better opportunities, I know the vibe in the office won’t be the same. Tear. I know all of us will strive to be great, especially sine we’re all such stern women full of potential. Can’t to see what you ladies accomplish 

Rocos Tacos for Jess

My boss Jess is now in a different location, but before settling in and her changing her business cards, we had to celebrate.

Rocos Tacos is known for their hundreds of tequila options, and we were just the girls to get some laughs in. Since my shift ended a little earlier than the other girls, I headed to Target on the hunt for a going away present that would be from all of us girls.

Originally, we were going to get her some office supplies, but all of her stuff is already all pink and girly.

I suggested we get her a picture frame since she’s such a huge fan of pictures and is always complaining that the frames in her office are ugly. I found a frame that was nice and white and opted into getting 2.

I rushed back to the office to pick up my huge bag and we roamed the the streets on our way to the restaurant a few moments later.

Everyone was excited, the menus were titled “Tequila Bible”, the decor was eye catching and everyone was hungry. I was stuffed since I had some Chipotle earlier, so my main focus was drinks. We ordered two huge pitchers of  passion fruit margaritas. Luckily for us our waitress was such a doll, especially when we complained there was no taste of liquor in our batch. She replaced the other and and brought out a shot to heighten the ones we were already slurping on.The food was great, as much as I didn’t want to eat, us girls are never shy about sharing. Siobhan had a huge ass plate that looked bigger than she was. Shalonda secretly ordered some shots for us to toast Jess’s big promotion, as always Damaris got emotional, and Jess was trying so hard not to cry.

I think it’s great how we all not just work together, but have become like a little family,

especially when there’s tequila involved!

Ladies of Melody Lanes

My coworkers are a trip, each and every single one of them. Working long shifts wouldn’t be the same without a handful of women who consist on making everything hilarious and interesting. My boss Jess is the biggest doll of them all and insisted on all of us having a night out, no paperwork, no desk or computers, an escape. We were going to go eating, something we all like to do, but I was determined to actually do something physical. I see these girls sit all day, I wanted to see them have some fun. So when Damaris suggested bowling, everyone was willing.

While Nedra and I snuck chicken nuggets into the bowling alley, yes, you read that right…50 piece. Shalonda was pretty upset about her overpriced and bad service at the food counter. Which I wasn’t surprised since I noticed upon our arrival that I’ve been to this bowling alley about a couple of years ago and have no recollection of who the hell I even came with. This time I had better company without a doubt. Since Margina recently left the team, we haven’t seen her in a month, and we all missed her so it was great that she joined in, and kicked our asses while we played.

Oh man, I sucked so bad. Jess was kicking butt in the first round, while Damaris was busy dancing bachata after she knocked some pins down. I tried to get Carolyn to play a little, but when her mind is set up, that’s it. Booo..maybe next time, I know she was cracking up watching all of us play though. Nedra is a clown and I love her for it. She’s not afraid to get a little silly and you guys will definitely see that in the video below while Shalonda rocks out on  her air guitar.

Since Siobhan’s birthday just passed, Jess surprised her with balloons and alcoholic cupcakes, they were so good, and the liquor wasn’t shy. I think mine was vodka.

It’s no surprise to you guys that I failed horribly at bowling, every time I rolled the ball, it insisted on rolling to the right hand side, and then eventually the gutter. I would even attempt to lean all the way to my left hand side, maybe it’ll balance things out……. I was wrong. I still suck.

So, who said work had to be boring? I enjoyed my night….later guys!

kiss kiss

Birthday at the Office

Birthday at the Office

coworkersAfter Q left, after that wonderful and tasty and surprise at 12am, I hit the sack. It’s still a work week and that’s exactly where I was headed to in the morning.

I’m not a huge of birthdays due to the fact that I feel many people just say “Happy Birthday” to be polite. That’s why my Facebook and all my other everything’s never have my  birthday on them.

If you remember, I’m grateful. If you don’t it’s okay, life would go on.

I got to work and I knew off the bat that I was sharing a birthday with one of my new coworkers Dahiana.

I’ve only been here for 3 weeks and counting and everyone seems so nice and down to earth. I especially get along with all the ladies and Shanna was no exception. She is the most sweetest and most inviting woman I have yet to meet. Earlier during the week she was picking on me, telling  me my birthday is coming up, and I kept telling her it’s just another day.

If anything, everyday should be everyone’s birthday. We should all be nice to each other all the time, not just on the anniversary of the day you were born.

Once I walked into work I notice a yellow post it on my keyboard with the words

” You’re Special, today and always”

I thought it was so cute and ran over to her and gave her a hug.

stationaryOnce I got back from my lunchbreak, I found these adorable stationary sets on my desk.

Ah, I fell in love and ran up to Shanna for another hug.

Hmmm… wait until I surprise her back, no birthday needed.

Never Made Its

♠Never Made Its♠

Here’s another round of the “Never Made it’s” .

Those random pictures through out the day that have just never made the cut to get into their own post.

You can catch these and many more pics on my instagram…

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meQ and I

One of those days, where my bed just happens to be my bestfriend. sadly enough that has been the case lately due to the lack of hours at work. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy by updating my portfolio all the time. Which definitely explains why I have the time to be painting and updating so many body art shoots lately. But no worries, I think I got the hint and though I know my job is still promised ( for the time being ) I always have to look out for myself, which is why I took out the time to finally update my resume today.  Oh, and we all know that’s Q nextto me, sucking my face.

z working on my tatpractice

My brother Zero working on my tat. I finally decided to start my sleeve… let’s see how long it takes me to finish.. I’m very lazy.


I have never shed a tear for any of my tattoos. Yes, it may not look like I have much, due to the fact that all of my tats can be hidden if needed. But Kat was a trooper and held my hand through the whole thing because I was squirming like a little bitch towards the end. Love you!

baby minxie

This is what baby Minxie looks like, chubby cheeks and red lips… I guess not much has changed except for all the bleach that I marinate in my hair.

sidneyq and luci

Drunken nights with the job of course. Thats’s Sidney, the coolest guy ever with a great voice! Q and Luci, the sweetest yet spiciest, coolest girl!


Here’s one of us sober,even though we don’t look it… Check out Darien looking like a Thanksgiving day parade float! And yes, we look like twins!


This is what Insomnia looks like at about 4 in the morning.  That, and the fact that you can’t tell that I was moving furniture around my room like always… I swear I’m never satisfied.


Here’s more of an oldie, but I couldn’t resist. before leaving to see Oli

Celebrated Oli’s birthday at Bubble Lounge. It was a cute champagne bar, we sipped on some bubbly and then headed to M-15 to dance everything else away… I actually had fun seeing my girls. I need to start making time for them. I’ve been so wrapped up in my little bubble, it’s very easy tolose yourself…  also I just realized this the most times I have ever used the word “bubble” in a single paragraph. What the hell!?

zombie mode

I have the worst memory I have ever encontoured to date, which explains why I always write everything down. I got waaaaay to excited when I realized the walking dead is finally gonna be on February tenth. Thats’s the best Valentine’s day anyone could ask for.. just give me a pie of pizza and wine, yes, I can be a ratchet sometimes!

psychoThis is what psychotic lovers look like, just incase you had no idea.


I’m very blessed.

oh well

This was basically my reaction towards the Superbowl…I had no idea what was going on, and was actually just looking forward to seeing Beyonce perform.

cousin lidiababy cousin Raymond

Beyonce always reminds me and my family of my cousin Jasmine… which was perfect timing since we were all together for my cousin Lidia’s house warming get together, look how cute she looks all decked in leopard, she matched her apartment perfectly..leopard/cheetah print everywhere. That’s my favorite baby cousin Raymond.. not much of a baby anymore though, he’ll be 18 in June!


Extra shots from Gj’s birthday while we waited for our drinks at the bar.

basic bird pic

I look like a basic bird in this pic…oh well, until next time guys!

Never Made Its

Here’s another round of Never Made Its. Those random pictures that just have never made it to get their own post on the site. Mostly random pictures through out the day. You can find most of these on my instagram, if you’re not folowing me already!

@2minxinx Get to it!

Stuck at work looking like a rabbit.

My gorgeous Lee and I . Keeping the kiddies entertained, watching Paranorman with a diy fort =]

One of those mean mug days.

Thanks to Kash for uploading this #tbt ( Throwback Thursday ) pic of us from when we used to be roommates back in 2009.

The stunning Ariana.

Lunchbreaks in Chipotle.

When you spend most of your time at work, you end up falling for your coworkers and all of their personalities.

All smiles.

three’s company with Kat, Mikey and myself.

Lumberjack life. Being lazy on my day off.

Barbeque time with Kat’s family. There’s baby Ashton, looking all cute!

Blessed to have all of them in my life. Zero, my godson Zj and Kat

Finally home after a long day at work, comfy and ready to spend my night online.

At work supposedbly.

Can’t you see how hard I work? ( closing shift at 1 am )

Food shopping with my handsome godson. I had to give him my scarf while we strolled the meat/frozen foods section.

Burrito lunch date with my Diana.

A new Mini You of @Moonoverdose, that I just haven’t had the chance to post up on the site…. busy with the move and all.

I had to use two different pictures to get her final result, but I have to admit, she looks so cute!

Now That it’s Over

To those who don’t remember in September I started my first seasonal Job .The one and only Bergdorf Goodman in Fifth avenue. A store of luxury for the elegant.

I have to say, it was such a good experience, the service in that store is exceptional, I have never seen anything like it.

But some of the coworkers made work, not feel like work. I can honestly say some of the people I have met have become friends and I truly hope we don’t lose contact.

All characters in their own different ways, thank you guys for making my seasonal experience so special.