Back to Pizza Zoo

Pizza Zoo, oh, you've been fun. For those of you who don't know what it is, picture a house party, with cool vibes, drinks, pizza and music blasting. It was amazing. I haven't seen MaryAnn in quite some time, you know, work and living our lives and all. So when  I saw that this event … Continue reading Back to Pizza Zoo

A Little Bit of Him

Relationships aren't easy, they're a lot of work and are never perfect. That doesn't mean I would change mine,  I'm blessed to have a bond with such a challenging man. I know that may sounds like the opposite of what someone wants, but I'm constantly learning new things about myself, especially on how to have … Continue reading A Little Bit of Him

Madrid |A Night Like Tonight

After the Flamenco show it was time for a night cap, some of us wanted to party a bit in our last night in Madrid, some of us wanted sleep. We split our ways, and with a night like was time to dance. We walked into a bar.. sounds like I'm starting off a … Continue reading Madrid |A Night Like Tonight

Christmas Eve 2015

You know us latinos, Christmas is celebrated the day before. Last year Christmas, Chris and I spent it at his aunt's house in Jersey. This year we decided to keep it a bit local. Our initial plan was to just stay at his house, but I changed my mind fairly quickly, when I learned my … Continue reading Christmas Eve 2015

Atlanta 2015

"This ain't Chicago or New York, You in the A!" That was our first official greeting upon landing in Atlanta, Georgia. Chris was trying to enter "Marta" the public train system, and of course being from NYC, buying one metrocard easily lets 2 people enter the platform. The older woman, with long nails and braids … Continue reading Atlanta 2015

Mermaid Parade 2015

Coney Island's annual Mermaid Parade... I think this one might just be the best one yet. Ever since I gained knowledge about these festivities, I told myself I was going to come ever year. ( See the Parade from 2011, 2012, 2013 ) Originally we were supposed to arrive with a pack of people, but … Continue reading Mermaid Parade 2015