Beers and Paint, Making Friends at Bronx Brewery

When you’re kid, making friends is easy. You say something stupid, push someone on the swing, ask to play tag and next thing you know you guys are best friends. As an adult, meeting new people usually involved alcohol.

Isn’t life funny?

Chris and I wanted to get a few beers in, we picked up the game of Battleship and I got my ass handed to me twice, I finally made a comeback on our third try and I was hype!

When were playing, we started talking to some guys and next thing you know we’re all bonding over art. Old school graff writers at that. We mention how we just came back from Paris and one of them starts asking if I got to do any painting out there, something I really wanted to do, and didn’t. Tattoos came in to question next and it just reminded me that I didn’t get to do that either.
His next stop is Cuba, and I started smiling, because that’s all I seem to talk about lately. Cuba is next on my destination-wanderlust list. I have so many other places I want to visit, but right now Cuba seems to be it, at least for this year. I really want to visit before they start modernizing everything. I want that old school feel.

We were invited to their art studio and brought a case of beer along with us. The dj had the turn tables playing some freestyle and the dog Dexter was loving all the attention.

Chris ended up buying a cool Al Capone piece that was drawn on a subway map, a perfect piece to match another piece he bought last year painted by Soel.

Unexpected nights are the best, and meeting new people who share your same interest was just the cherry on top.signature

Atlanta 2015

“This ain’t Chicago or New York, You in the A!”

That was our first official greeting upon landing in Atlanta, Georgia. Chris was trying to enter “Marta” the public train system, and of course being from NYC, buying one metrocard easily lets 2 people enter the platform. The older woman, with long nails and braids just laughed and told him to get another card.

Check in at our Airbnb was at 4pm, and I’ve luckily convinced our host to let us drop our bags around 2pm, a little better, now we only have 4 hours to kill instead of 6. Didn’t think our flight and travel would go by so quick.
Our loft was the cutest thing. We walked up to The Big House On Ponce.  Currently ran by artists, this Inn has been holding up since 1919. History right at our fingertips.

We ended up staying one of our nights inside, there were so meany beautiful rooms and community spaces filled with love couches of different colors. The house was filled with quirky knick knacks, and hour hosts couldn’t have been any more inviting. Thank you!

The backyard was being run by 3 chickens who were big bosses, popping up  at our door or even following us around every time we made an appearance. Our first step was the aquarium, I  had this stop on my list ever since I started doing some homework on Georgia.  They have one of the biggest arches, a tunnel you walk through where all of the sea creatures just swim right over you. It was absolutely magical. I only wish there wasn’t so many people, making noise and taking up space. Tourists suck (coming from one herself) The aquarium was actually pretty small,  but we had fun non- the less.

I think the jelly fish have had to be my favorite. They looked so whimsical and just free of worries.
We headed to a sports bar so Chris could catch a quick glance of the score of the football game that was going on. He’s obsessed with his fantasy league, I swear. We had some good ass mac n cheese and sweet potato fries that killed it with their hint of cinnamon. Our plans were fucked up as soon as we looked outside. I really wanted to get on the famous ferris wheel, The Skyview.  Ugh, it looked so gorgeous and this rain was a bust.It’s been raining for the past 2 days, and I’m pretty glad that I was smart enough to pack a jacket, a rain resistant one…. 2 points for Milli!

I ended up investing in some beanies anyway, you know a girl can’t have messed up hair while on vacation, I am Dominican after all, this frizz is expected.After all the rain, well, not even after…during all of the pours, we decided to spend a day in, doing nothing but just staying in bed, talking all night, him with his beers and myself with a bottle of wine. Heh, you know me and wine… that’s my other lover. Our night in was much needed. I love nights like this. We actually ended up binge watching Narcos on Netflix.

Booooy, let me tell you, we have been obsessed with this show. This was one of our “we watch this together” shows… and the other day I got really upset when I noticed he skipped ahead a few episodes. His chuckle did not help -__- Rainy day number 3, this weather is killing me Smalls. Who can even try to get cute when you’re hiding under an umbrella?

Atlanta’a Hip Hop festival was  happening at the square, the crowd was still dancing, and we didn’t stay too long, because we noticed a tent, calling us to come in.

Dutchmasters was holding an event, they were handing out smokes and free drinks. Free, that’s my favorite number.

Cipha Sounds and DJ Drewski were hyping it with the music, and after a couple of drinks, we were ready for more.

Off to the The Great Atlanta’s Beer Fest.

This was one of Chris’s picks of course, but I was all for it. My guy is a huge sucker for craft beer, and he’s dragged me into it. Even though I love the blondes, he’s always willing to try a new IPA. This was the perfect place to be.

The place was packed, and we quickly noticed that many people had pretzels tied around their necks, necklace style. When we tried to find a stand where to find them, someone informed us that that’s the only food that was allowed to be brought in. Booo.. what sucks worse, with all of that beer that was being indulged, there was only two food stands.

I ordered a Tom grilled cheese which was pretty damn good, mozzarella and tomatoes, yum!
The festival was held in Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves.   I know we had plenty of drinks to keep us occupied, but I was secretly kicking myself in the ass, because I wanted to surprise Chris with football tickets, but then I quickly learned that the Falcons were playing Texas all the way in Houston….that shit sucks.

Our time was well spent, roaming from one beer stand to the next, trying all these different drinks, and if we didn’t like them, we would just spill them right on the floor and off to the next, and no one would get offended. There was a band playing some cool songs that nobody paid attention to, but you know drunks, have enough and everyone was dancing in the rain.

We ended up meeting and talking to a bunch of cool people, and you know me, I was ready with business cards everywhere I went.After all of the dancing and our “pregame” we headed to the infamous Magic City, you know guys, the strip club all those rap guys blurt about.

The bouncer must have loved us, and was super sweet, everyone else was cashing dough just to get in, and we got in for absolutely free…thank you!

More money to spend at the bar and the dancers, and that we did. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take pictures, I didn’t even try to, but you all know what tits and ass look like, so moving on.I could tell Chris was nervous, I think it was because he was there with me.

You know what, he’ll get over it. It only took him a matter of time for him to get comfortable and finally start having a good time.

My train ride home was a bit dark, and scary, probably because it was so damn late and I’ve been drinking the whole day. Made it back to the loft, no idea how the streets already made sense, but they did. Thank God!

Our next day was a rough start, I surprisingly had a clear head, but this one not so much. His hangover had him queasy, and once it reached night I wanted to go out. ATL is filled with food and drinks, and since we weren’t in the mood to drink, I was ready to stuff my face. My plan was to go food hopping, grabbing an appetizer from every place we passed.

My guy wasn’t really into to the idea because of his weak stomach, but after he had some chicken soup at the first place I think he was feeling a little better. I ordered yuca con mojo de ajo at the first stop, a Cuban spot named Papo’s.

Oh my God, that ajo sauce was EVERYTHING!

Our next stop was a sports bar, mac and cheese, (yes, again.. we have basic go to’s : mac and cheese, sweet potato fries, mozzarella sticks and burgers, burgers, burgers, burgers, we love to critique them all)

After that we ended up at Vortex Bar and Grill, it was filled with wacky drinks  ( I had The ATL-ean, a play on “alien”) which was greenish blue drink (Malibu and Sailor Jerry Rum, Midori, Blue Curacao, Sour Mix and Pineapple Juice) with two straws and 2 cherries on top resembling a, you guess it..alien. I ordered funnel cake fries, so good!

There were deer heads on the wall, skeletons riding Harley’s, and a huge wooden dick you rub for good luck, and no, I couldn’t Chris to take a rub, but I sure stroked a few.
Atlanta is filled with such sweet people. You walk down the street and everyone has a welcoming “hello” for you. It was a nice change from the hustle and attitudes of New York. Every time someone asked where we were from, and we would answer, we usually got the same response “Oh, you guys are buying a house out here?” Apparently it’s pretty cheap down there, and you still get the feel of city life, so yankees like us tend to head south.

Even if that was the case, me buying a house is something that I never even considered, I’ve never seen the thrill of it. Give me a nice loft space and then maybe we’ll talk.

Puerto Rico 2015: Day 3: Electric Daisy Carnival

Buenos Dias Puerto Rico!

That sprinkle of rain in the morning was refreshing . Good thing my hair is all out and curly, so I can’t be all picky about it getting messed up. We started our day at Walgreens. I was so lucky I found one. After thinking about what it could have possibly been to disturb my stomach. Tracing back moments..I soon realized it was from the tap water that I had been served at a restaurant yesterday.

Chris insisted on seeing more sights, which meant more walking. He slowed down for me which I appreciated, but there was no pace in this lifetime that was slow enough for me to feel better. i was cranky as hell and with the hills and the sun beaming on me, it didn’t help.

For breakfast, which I was forced to eat, I ordered a chicken noodle soup, which I ended leaving all the chicken and just sipped on the broth.

We met up with Monica for a quick pull, but today was EDC, and today was the only day we didn’t have a place to sleep tonight. Chris was beyond stressed. I on the other hand was more than ready to camp out on a park somewhere. Jose, the host of the communal living space we were staying at, who’s a such a chill person, was amazing and set us up with a space in the common area. This space was filled with different characters from all different kind of places. Toronto, Pennsylvania, London etc.

Most of us were headed to EDC, so when it was time to get ready, the girls were butt cheek exposed in tutus, while I was busy putting on rhinestones on my face, which I ended up sharing with all of them in the long run.

Waiting on line to enter the festival was HORRIBLE! Worst experience from a festival so far. There were thousands of ravers outside the ticket booths. I would say there was a line but in reality there was no order or organization at all. We arrived at 7pm knowing all we had to do was pick up our tickets since they were already purchased online.

Boy, were we wrong. Making friends on the line was easy. We all came from different places so “Where are you guys from?” was always an ice-breaker. We bumped into some cool people who made the wait on line a little more bearable. But after 2 hours, I was done being friendly and I had my game face on.

We would move one tiny baby step every other 15 minutes…if we were lucky. Some of the other people had no consideration for who or what was around them. Like one girl who kept leaning on the gate, knowing there was people behind her, and she’s squishing us with the gate. A blonde girl nicely asked her to watch herself, since she was shoving her, and the girl on top of the gate simply ignored her. When she shoved me with the gate, I told her her to get down, there was people behind her, and right away, she was back on her feet. Blondie whispered “Thank you” to me.

I’m the type of person who would say something if you step on my toes. Chris on the other hand is more free-spirited, and friendly, he kept telling me to calm down. Thing is, I was calm.

Since I was in front of Chris, I made it my mission to finally get to the front of the line, even if it took us a total of 3 hours to get there. This guy kept tugging on my shirt, and at that point I made it pretty clear that I hope he was holding on to dear life because he wasn’t trying to get lost, not because he was telling me to settle down.

Once we finally made inside at 10pm, the vibe was instantly different. Now everyone was to ready to party, ready to dance, ready to drink. That was the first step, Medalla beer please!

The music was blasting, the dj’s were turning their tables (or pressing buttons on their laptops) the lights were trippy, especially with how dark it was. Right in the middle of Blasterjaxx’s performance it started to rain. It was liberating having those 5 minute showers refresh us. Dancing in the rain. It was freeing.

The walk back to the hostel was not my favorite, our feet were killing us, If I could detach them from my body, Iwould have thrown them in the ocean.



Crippled Nipples for the Win

A girls night is always needed. You  know the deal, catch up on each other’s life, the juicy gossip, show each other love and with us, bonding over beer. I haven’t seen Kat as often as I’m used to, and I missed her so much. She’s been bragging non stop about a fellow coworker by the name of Kery, while I’ve been spending some time with Ashley. I swear, we’re not cheating on each other! hahaha. We figured, let’s invite the girls, and all get to know each other. It’s hard making girl friends as it is, so we were relieved when we all got along so great.

It was, oh, nice to finally meet you! I’ve heard so much about you!

We also had Trivia as an ice breaker, not to mention all the sliders we ate and beers and shots we took.

Did I mention this was on a Monday?

There were two rounds of Trivia, the first round we won with a total score of 22 our of 30… not bad!

There were questions about Batman, we couldn’t possibly get wrong, who design the “Crack is Wack” wall, of course I knew that one, questions about presidents and their death, Ashley got that one, questions about sports and animals, Kat and Kery took over for that one.. it was all team work, and we all ended up winning Heineken T-shirts!

For the 2nd round, we left Kat all alone while on a cig break. Poor Kat, when we got back her paper was empty, and we were all stressed trying to catch up. Luckily for us we came up with a great team name “Crippled Nipples” hahahhaa and ended up losing 9/30 but won a free lunch thanks to our dope ass name.

Cheers to more girly game nights!

kiss kiss

Just another Sunday with a blonde German

2minxinxJust another Sunday with a blonde German.

3 different kind of Sliders, garlic and Parmesan fries, and German beer. All in good company all at the Bronx Ale House.

Of course, I had to leave a something something on a napkin.

kiss kiss

An African, a Jew, & an Asian Walk into a Bar

2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxWelcome home Pia!

Pia is back in NYC from L.A. for about a week. Which means we have to jam pack her stay with a whole bunch of hanging out and drinking. I mean, it’s what we do best. I headed to Williamsburg to met up with Nikki and Pia, dinner at SEA it was. I’ve passed this place many times and never stepped inside. I’ve seen the swings from the windows and I now I had the chance of jumping in .

Pia looked gorgeous and I missed her so much! The girls ordered sangria while I decided to go with a Pina Colada. It tasted like the cocitos icees just with liquor. Yum. Since I wasn’t really that hungry I decided to go with Sushi, while Nikki had chicken and Pia had a fish with the whole face attached. Creepy!

After our meal we headed to Berry Park, and since it was Sunday it meant the streets were as vacant as ever. I swear I have never seen Williamsburg so empty. When we arrived at the bar, we got to chatting up a storm, laughing at some dude who was way too wasted for his own good. Who then later on busted his ass, which was hilarious. Then out of nowhere his friend decided to come towards us. Great, he sits right next to me!

Someone was a little too friendly, and I didn’t appreciate the way he would brush his hand over my shoulder whenever he attempted to speak. That’s if we even understood him, because he has such a thick accent, who he claimed was French.

Eh, I wasn’t impressed, but it seemed like he was pretty impressed with Nikki, because he kept flirting with her, while she just looked at him in confusion.

Then he did the horrible mistake of trying to guess what our nationalities were. Epic Fail! According to him, Pia was African, Nikki was Jewish and I was Asian. I don’t think I’ve heard anything funnier in the longest time. Wow! The balls on this guy.

I know I’ve been out of the dating pool for a long time now, but is this what happens?

Douchebag guys being overly confident, trying to find any reason to speak to a girl and worse yet, find a reason to touch her?

ew. I was so turned off, I excused myself from the table, returned my glass to the bar, and after that 3 second delay, I sat my ass right next to Pia which was on the other side of where he was. Because yes, he invited himself to sit down with us.

After my beer, Pia’s ginger beer and Nikki’s girly drink, it was time to  head out… but not before we took advantage of the empty streets and decided to go a little over board with pictures.

I guess that’s what happens when you gave girly dates in the first place.

See you guys soon!

Ps. That last picture, totally looks like Nikki and Pia are making out, which I thought was hilarious. I guess the angle I was in didn’t really help! hahahhaa, they’re gonna kill me. 

sig 2


Bonnaroo Music Festival: Day 2

DSC04488Today was a no bra day.  “F” that. Don’t get me wrong, I start off with one, but they never last. Kind of like my romance life. haha. I have to make it funny or else it’s just sad.

The fellas are outside starting up a beer pong rivalry. I’m afraid to mention I have never played before. They’ll get me started in no time. Beer to me, is good to a minimum. I love it, but I have a pot belly that does not need to be exaggerated.

Matthew and Ashley are kicking ass at this game. Obviously it’s not their first time, their double team is ridiculous.

I started to play, Oh, man, I suck! My aim is horrible. After getting laughed at …… a lot, I managed to make a couple of shots on my own. Surprising not only everyone else, but me as well. But, ah, all this beer!

Making friends with our camping neighbors was easy and amusing. After bonding over our beer bong table, kicking some ass. While some of us sat on the side lines playing the congas, it was time for some adult fun. We later on headed to the farm to finally go see some performances.

Everyone is so hyped up and positive. I absolutely love it. What a great energy to be around. High fives for everyone!DSC04564.JPGDSC04546DSC04548 DSC04549 DSC04589 DSC04573 DSC04575

DSC04498|I loved when I saw Insa, was the featured graffiti artist for this event. I have been a long time fan & I finally got to see my first piece in person|DSC04447 DSC04448

DSC04617 DSC04609.b

First stop, Janelle Monae. What a beauty! Before anything else, I loved her set and her background singers attiire, especially because I’m such a huge a fan of black and white print. I was also happy seeing her because I was dedicated to seeing her perform in Brooklyn at Prospect Park about a week ago, and never really bothered to the show up. Back to the Roo..

Her song “Queen” featuring Erykah Badu is way too catchy. Getting to the front of the stage was a hassle. Not only because there was a lot of people, but because even if you got close enough, getting out was way worse.

Oh, and now I know, sandals may be comfy, but not when you’re dealing with mud. Squishy dirty toes are never cute. Good thing after a while of dancing and getting lost in the moment, you don’t really sweat small stuff like that.

Kanye West was a big disappointment as a performer. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Kanye music, so whenever he did happen to sing, I was jamming along side with him. His arrogance killed it, and it seemed like he was just pushing his fans away. Not only was somewhat insulting his fan base, he started to play ” runaway from me baby, just runaway” right after it. I guess you already know what happened. Everyone started  screaming ” Fuck Kanye!”

Ramon jumped in the fountain…. oh man, If you thought it was pretty it in the day time, it is gorgeous at night!

Ashley and I painted our faces for the night in gold paint… we were fierce!

DSC04626.bDSC04660DSC04657DSC04665.b DSC04635 DSC04638DSC04642DSC04651DSC04653DSC04645DSC04680Now check out my illustration for the day…and night!

PicMonkey Collage