It’s Pretty Obvious, I’m Not Irish

Who the hell drinks at 8am? This is how my conversation started with the bartender at Blarneys.

Fred invited me out for a drink, and though it’s pretty obvious that I’m not Irish I was willing to go have a little fun. I’ve been trying to restrict  my drinking lately, so I assured him that getting wasted was not on my agenda. I was actually hoping I would get to witness others in their belligerent state, so I can photograph them. Is that cold hearted?

I’ve actually never gone out on the bar crawls for St. Patrick’s Day, but I knew I was in for a treat. We met up around at 1pm, especially because I insisted that my liver couldn’t handle anything at 10am. So crazy. He came along with his niece, who is a complete sweetheart, she’s not much of a beer drinker and was the only one slurping on a green cocktail, while Fred and I downed a pitcher of colored beer.Unless it’s olive, I personally don’t own anything green, so getting ready was a bit of a struggle for me. Luckily enough, I found m y comfy flannel that I’ve had for years, and when I say years I mean years. I originally purchased it off the men’s section in a much too large size, because it looks so damn comfortable. I was right, it’s been pajamas and everything else in between. This time I decided to wear it around my waist, I lined my eyes with green eye liner and threw on a chunky green necklace I think I’ve worn once. While walking the streets to our next destination, the pavements are already getting crowded, almost everyone is participating, beads around their necks and funky hats in green. We noticed a pair of fellas all dressed up in almost Harajuku style*, they looked so damn cute!

We were all offered complimentary drinks at our next spot, and who doesn’t love anything that’s free… that’s my favorite number!

After another beer it was time for me to head over to the Bronx, I was getting messages for me to come back to the bar, but I’m not about that life anymore!


*I almost  busted my ass trying to snap a picture of these two!

Madrid |A Night Like Tonight

After the Flamenco show it was time for a night cap, some of us wanted to party a bit in our last night in Madrid, some of us wanted sleep. We split our ways, and with a night like was time to dance.

We walked into a bar.. sounds like I’m starting off a really bad joke. Everyone had been drinking about the whole day, and I was the only one sober, which was a bit confusing since I was the one with the most energy. Hey, all I need is really loud music and I’m ready to party.

The bartenders didn’t understand anything we tried to order, and I was speaking perfect spanish. All Pia wanted was whiskey on the rocks, I thought I was explaining how to perform heart surgery. We still didn’t get what we wanted. On the bright side, literally when the bartenders lit the bar on fire it caught us all by surprise and got us pumped up..
Time for the next stop. The dj at this first place only kept playing old songs… I swear, I think they only play what they think tourists want to hear, hate it. We finally got some good music pumping, the pizza at the end of our night was on point, wish I could have one of those slices right now.

Madrid | Nice Meeting You Paul

A nice night out, Chris I noticed a bar that was having live music. We got ready and ran out to the streets. When we walked in it looked like a college bar. The music that was playing was old school rock, not really what I was expecting for Madrid. I guess it was more of a tourist trap.

Since the place was so packed, I started playing a guessing game with Chris. I picked out where we were going to sit, and boom, the space became available. Right before we sat, I mentioned that the guy sitting right in front of us will make friends with Chris, and hahaha… we ended up naming him Paul, especially since we never got his name. He actually even recommended a beer and offered C some of his.. go Paul!

It was  enough sitting down for us, I wanted to dance.
We roamed the streets looking for a place with loud music, and before we even had a chance to decide a promoter came up to us and led the way. Our night was full of dancing, just like I wanted. We got a little lost getting home, but nothing that we couldn’t fix in 2 minutes. Hopping in to bed was much needed after a long day of walking… tomorrow’s another day!

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

I’m the biggest type of kid there is when it comes to certain things. Happy go lucky environments are one of those things. Macy’s Herald Square is presenting it’s annual Santa Land, I knew I had to be there. I went to grab lunch with a friend first and catch up on life like we usually do.  I ordered the pernil, and while hearing stories I just vacuumed my whole plate up. I speak after I see a clean plate.

I wanted to walk off the new weight I just gained, and begged to go see Santa, even though someone else wasn’t feeling it. But like usual, I tend to get my way.  The interactive holiday windows were absolutely stunning. A story about a boy who traveled through all the planets in his discovery for the holidays, each window being a different planet. 
When I walked inside the store, there were garlands and chandeliers hanging  from the ceiling. It was nice an elegant and I couldn’t wait to see what the 8th floor had in store for me… you know, the kid section that’s covered in toys from top to bottom. Waiting on line for Santa was a little longer than expected, but the wait didn’t bother me one bit. I had adorable little girls in front of me, and some super hyper ones behind me. Can’t always win can you. The line swerved many ways, but you were never bored, your eyes were constantly being feasted with decorations, everything from trains, reindeer, stuffed animals, snowmen and much more. It was like a magical fairy land.
You still have a chance to go see Santa yourself. He’s there everyday from 9am-9pm on the 8th floor of the Macy’s on Herald Square. Bring your kiddies, and if you have a youthful spirit like I do, feel free to bring yourself for a nice treat. Pernil sold separately. lol

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Crippled Nipples for the Win

A girls night is always needed. You  know the deal, catch up on each other’s life, the juicy gossip, show each other love and with us, bonding over beer. I haven’t seen Kat as often as I’m used to, and I missed her so much. She’s been bragging non stop about a fellow coworker by the name of Kery, while I’ve been spending some time with Ashley. I swear, we’re not cheating on each other! hahaha. We figured, let’s invite the girls, and all get to know each other. It’s hard making girl friends as it is, so we were relieved when we all got along so great.

It was, oh, nice to finally meet you! I’ve heard so much about you!

We also had Trivia as an ice breaker, not to mention all the sliders we ate and beers and shots we took.

Did I mention this was on a Monday?

There were two rounds of Trivia, the first round we won with a total score of 22 our of 30… not bad!

There were questions about Batman, we couldn’t possibly get wrong, who design the “Crack is Wack” wall, of course I knew that one, questions about presidents and their death, Ashley got that one, questions about sports and animals, Kat and Kery took over for that one.. it was all team work, and we all ended up winning Heineken T-shirts!

For the 2nd round, we left Kat all alone while on a cig break. Poor Kat, when we got back her paper was empty, and we were all stressed trying to catch up. Luckily for us we came up with a great team name “Crippled Nipples” hahahhaa and ended up losing 9/30 but won a free lunch thanks to our dope ass name.

Cheers to more girly game nights!

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Hair of the Dog

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (1)It’s officially Marcela’s last night in NYC, and since most of the time she was here we were stuffing our faces and exploring, this night called for drinks. My Oli Oli O, came to join in on the fun, and instantly I was feeling better. My day didn’t start off that well, since I was in such a crappy mood because, well. some people just get on my last nerve! I won’t mention no names, but I get really bothered when others try to use you, and when you put them in their place, they get upset upset about it! I’m no puppet on a string, so my mood was basically “fuck off!”  Good thing I was on my way to get some drinks, and knowing me, I was already pre-gaming with a lot of wine while I got dressed. Marcela kept insisting she looked too “hoochie” while I kept telling her she didn’t. I’ve seen hoochie, and that my dear was not it. She looked like she just got out of work and was just getting  a beer after, Oli agreed. I wore  maxi dress that I ended up flipping and drapping into a shorter dress… and trust me the whole time I was getting dressed Marci kept pushing the fact that I was wearing a long dress, and I’m just like ” Can I just finished getting dressed woman!”

Hair of the Dog was my kind of bar, yes it was pretty damn packed, but you couldn’t beat those prices, I ordered a jameson and ginger ale for me and Marci, while Oli got a beer. Once we were finished, the screens where the baseball game was playing just shot up, and all of a sudden we finally see a menu. Whaaaaat, we can get pitchers!? 

Pitchers of Blue Moon it was. Plural.  After al that beer, I insisted on us going dancing, and that was just what I needed to get me happy again. Not to mention the fact that someone who met up with me was in big trouble, and was trying to make it up to me!

Six point beers, and more jameson. Marcela had booked a hotel so we can all drink some vodka and hang out all night. I knew I had work the next day, but since it was later on, I was like whateveeeer! 

Omg, that hotel room was too funny, not the physical hotel room, but you know… all the shit that was happening.

Drunken nights guys, drunken nights for the win.

The next day I was grateful I had no hangover, while someone suffered with one and even threw up a couple of times. Poor baby.

We all decided to go to my place after check out and take a much needed nap. Oh man, we were knocked out!

As soon as my alarm clock ran, it was time for me to be an adult again and get ready for work, while Marcela had to pack her bags and make sure she wasn’t late for her flight.

Once work was over, it was time for a glass of wine, until next time guys.

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Loft and a Cobra

2minxinx2minxinxMy friend Marcela is visiting NYC from L.A. as soon as her plane landed I had plans ready to go. Initially we were going to head to Connecticut for my cousins’ housewarming get together. Since time wasn’t really on our side, plan B it wasn’t. No pill needed. I told Marcela to drop her bag and to throw something on quick. We headed to a loft party in  Bushwick where friend Smurfoudirty was djing.  When we got there it, it was this abandoned looking warehouse, and once we entered inside it looked like a mini version of The Phun Factory circa the 80’s, except there was actually tenants living there. What a dream come true! (spins around and waits for my fairy godmother to appear) I love places like this, because you never expect the inside to look like what appears from the exterior.2minxinxI’ll admit, we didn’t even bother getting into the actual party, there was so many people hanging out in the hallway and it seemed like it was almost over, so we decided to have some fun and roam around the building. We went to the rooftop first, where we got to see a pretty good view, including the Empire State Building, the lights were bright and Marcela was taking in the view, while shivering. Yet, here am I wearing shorts, even though I was pretty comfortable and she’s making fun of me because according to her, L.A. is never this cold.2minxinxWe roam around the building some more, where we find a creepy looking bullshit laundromat, I guess you can it that, since there was only one washer and dryer, and you guessed it, covered in graffiti. Not that I was complaining, I was loving every second of it, especially when we bumped into an old school elevator, you know the ones you only see on t.v. I tried to get it to work, but I’m guessing I needed a key… since it was looking pretty creepy, I decided today was not the day I needed to die. Moving on.2minxinx

After insisting I open the door to an apartment that looked open, someone grew some balls, and Marcela decided to open it. I was looking inside liek the nosy thing that I am, when I noticed a blonde sitting on a bar stool, what was weird, she turned around super slow with no type of expression…eeew, we ran sooo fast!

After surviving the warehouse, going home wasn’t an option. We walked into Cobra Club. Some hole in the wall bar, that looked like it could belong to truckers. Right away we got into some argument with some douche-bag who felt like hogging the billiard table, after not dealing with his nonsense we headed to the back, where karaoke was going on.

Marcela, being the coward that she was, never went up, after insisting I go up. I decided to go up anyway, and sang my heart out to Joan Jett’s- Bad Reputation. i sucked! But according to the crowd, they liked it, I even had about 3 people come up to me afterwards to tell me I did good.

Let me not quit my day job!

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