Thot Juice & Peanuts

Dates. I think everyone knows how much I’m a fan of them. This time Randy was meeting me at West 4th Street, and good thing he knew his way because I would have gotten lost without him. We were headed to Pier 46 on the Hudson where the movie “Peanuts” was going to be played.

Someone “cough cough – Randy” was supposed to be in charge of food, while I had lugged around my bright yoga mat with me all day. Instead of getting snacks we decided to get drinks instead. We stopped by a local corner deli and picked up some margaritas, and if you’re from the hood you may know them better as thot juice. hahaha… since they’re not that strong, we made a second stop at the liquor store and grabbed some vodka to stiffen it up.  Grown ups.While we were busy trying to find a decent spot to lay down our mat, a mother stops to asks us where we got our “nut crackers” we laughed and told her they were home made. The line for the free popcorn they were giving out, never seemed to quiet down. We kept tabs on it, to see when we would finally get up and grab some… yeah, that never happened. The movie ended and there was still a line.

The movie was so damn cute, Randy and I kept giggling at how cute Charlie Brown was, especially when he got nervous around the little red haired girl.
After the movie, we walked into his job, a beautiful hotel, with rooftop access. The view was gorgeous and the free drinks were even better. We danced a bit and decided to roam the streets instead. We walked into some weird alley that had art installments, and drunkenly started snapping away. Getting back home was a bit of an issue for me. My phone was dead, and I had no idea where I was at. I’m just glad I had my glasses, and was able to see the street signs. I am upset though, because I think I lost my prescription sunglasses. So upsetting, those are brand new., m


The Peanuts Movie with the Sissy

This week has been a little tough. Work has been taking over my life, and when I get home all I really want to do is sleep, or maybe just watch Netflix all the damn time. I’ve been addicted to Gotham and only get to watch it when you know who is around. I needed to get out of the house, and who better to bug then my little sister Julissa.

I ordered my tickets online and she grabbed her niece, Gialin. I haven’t been to the movies in almost a year and a half, and I really wanted to watch the new Peanuts Movie. I can watch little kids movies all day, and this time we got to see a remake of a classic. It was absolutely aaaadorable! I’ll include the trailer below:

Gialin has gotten so big! She really has knack for the camera. Every time I give Jula my camera, she struggles, Gialin grabbed it and took some nice shots every time. Someone get this girl a Polaroid or something.I miss hanging out with my sister, we were all cuddled up in the movie theater, and I forget how nice it is just to have bond with someone who loves you so effortlessly.

Thank you for making my day better sissy. I love you.

Bacon & Bubbles

Friends and food is always a good mix. Family and food is even better.

Chris picked me up at work, while I just finished googling where I could find a supermarket that is open late on a Sunday. Luckily for all of us I found a 24 hour supermarket  that was more than willing to fit my needs. I threw cubed steak, green plantains, avocados and eggs into my cart, everything else would have to come from home.

Karli, Marc’s girlfriend was visiting NYC on a business trip, and since she leaves tomorrow, tonight was the only chance we could have snuck some quality time together.  

While packing my bag at home, I made sure to season the meat, while Chris helped by shredding some cheese, that way when we got to their place, everything will be ready to cook. As soon as we arrived, we said our hellos and I jumped straight into the kitchen.

The place was beautiful, it was very minimal with exposed brick through out the apartment. I was in love.

Since Karli was in the mood for Dominican food, I was the closest thing she was getting. Especially since none of us wanted to even attempt to go outside in this freezing weather. I decided on making some mangu, so the plantains went straight into bowling, one of the things that take the longest to be done. Especially since you want them to turn a nice golden color since I was going to be smashing them a little later.

The brothers did what they do best, nothing. Even though they did offer.

Saturday Night Live 40 was keeping them pretty occupied so I wasn’t complaining. Especially since Karli and I took advantage of that time to do what us girls do best, gossip.

As much as he pretended to keep watching television, I knew he was being nosy everytime we were cracking up. Chris comes over and asks what we’re talking about, I laugh and tell him “you”.  Why lie? hahaha I tell him, this is how girls bond, talking about the stupidities boys do. He gives me a smirk and an eye roll.

Wine was served, and now that the steak that was wrapped in bacon and was put in the oven, it was time to bake the avocados as well. I broke an egg in the middle and then sprinkled mozzarella cheese on top. Karli help mashed the plantains, and while I served and made the plate pretty, I could now say dinner was officially served.

The men sat down and it was nice to just sit there, talking, drinking vino and getting fat. I like usual, am always the first one to finish my food, I’m like a garbage disposal, while everyone else ate like little birds. I got compliments, and I was happy knowing everyone else was happy. Once dinner was over, everyone gathered around the television, while I on the other hand was in awe of how deep the bathtub was, I prepared myself a bubble bath and decided to spoil myself.

Omg, I put on some Etta James, and my glass of wine disappeared in no time. Everyone was comfy, and I got a little comfier when I put on my onesie. Hey, I don’t play. I had a great night hanging out with Marc & Karli. She’s been trying to convince me in to going to L.A. and to be honest, I really don’t need much convincing, just a big wallet.

kiss kiss, Minx

Hot Date with the Broski

IMG_4347 IMG_4344 IMG_4348UntitledOn this rainy day I got to spend it chowing it down with one of my loves, My little big Brother Chris. I may be the oldest of the bunch, but I’ve grown to the be the shortest and the biggest mess of them all. lol

My brother and I met at 5 Napkin burgers, since I loved it the first time around. We finally got to catch up on everything that has been going on with us. After dinner we decided it was way to early and  headed to go see Captain America 2.

Check out the trailer below, ( and no, I won’t tell you what the finishing credits preview were ) I’ll see you guys later!

A Little Bit of Spice


I have NEVER had Thai food before today. Is that awful to say? I’ve heard many brag about how delicious it is, but I’ve always been skeptical of trying it. Maybe because I’m not a fan of spicy food, and because I heard it is cooked with a lot peanuts, which I’m not really a fan of. Q and I headed to one of his favorite restaurants by the name of Spice.DSC00740_1I have to admit, I was nervous. But the food was delicious, especially since I ordered a baked salmon, with white rice. Q ordered porkchops, while we both shared fresh spring rolls, calamari and some japanese burger with super soft bread that I don’t remember the name of.

I do have to say though, the service wasn’t the best. Not only where we in a tiny table and smushed, I felt like our waiter kept rushing us to order and didn’t try his best to look like he enjoyed his shift. I know we all have our off days (Lord, knows I do!) but in a business you need the right staff to represent you the best, and he simply was not it.

Either than that, we had a great meal while catching up on how our days went. Until next time, ♥ M.DSC00745_1


My Milkshake Brings All the Art to the LES

01_12a82ecdb1470080da7f234f51fd29a3245e16f3df97e07216bd1149948a3de11 240478e37009820371616f1dc60f6b191It was another night where I met up with the loverboy to grab some random flicks of the city. Since I knew the Bowery wall had a new mural up I was ready to see the changes. Maya Hayuk had some bright drips that needed some of my attention.02 23_1 5_1 4We stopped by a small gallery on Delancey by the name of Rox, with a great space and the most rudest host possible. Not only were we not greeted at the door (even after we said hello first) but her attitude was unnecessary. She treated us as if were scum on the bottom of her shoe. Never again.  6

(ATTENTION by Jonathan Rosen)

The art itself was interesting and we laughed at the closer we got to each piece.7Check out this Kanye West piece that was hiding in their office.

Q was in love.9 10 11 12We walked into a hole in the wall restaurant with the cutest 50’s decor. I was in awe, but once we got the food I wasn’t as smitten anymore. It tasted like microwaveable wings, mozzarella sticks, and cheese fries. We devoured it anyway. Hey, food is food.  13_1 14_1 15_1DSC00084

Sushi at Marks

1e7fc6d23ae967d8083973682b6076ec0It was one of those random dates with the Mr.

I had just finished a meeting in Washington Heights for a potential showcase. I think I’m gonna be one of the potential artists, but let me not jinx it. 😉  After meeting new artists and networking a bit, it was time for some food.

Q and I headed to best buy, where I fell in looooove with a camera and then started to drool over mac’s 27in desktop that I want so much.

After leaving empty handed we went to get some sushi, which was delicious… California rolls are my favorite. Which he says are sooo basic. While he ordered spicy tuna rolls and something else with eel in it.

Since we’re both fatasses, sushi wasn’t enough and we crossed the street to one of  our favorite bars, mostly because they have the most awesomest mozzarella TRIANGLES ever.

I was one happy camper.

Ps. Check out the cute Spongebob mailbox I bumped into.
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