Photography | Bringing Baby

It’s official, I get to be a titi!

That’s auntie for all you non-spanish speaking folks.

My brother Christian is going to be a dad, and he couldn’t more excited about it… we’re all so excited about it. Mami is running around so happy that she gets to be an abuela now. Eventhough we have known for a little while now, we have all been waiting for that 3 month curse to fade away so we can finally let the world know. Facebook friends and family are all going crazy, and I’ve even noticed a cousin bringing me into the mix. ” I guess you beat Milli to it” Damn…. not yet.

We won’t know the gender until August, it seems so close, yet so far away. All I know is, we’re all just praying for a healthy new life to join us. We can’t wait until we start spoiling that baby, I’ll be the first one snapping pics back and forth.

Check out the announcement photographs I shot for the new-to-be parents.

Not only do I get to have a baby niece or nephew, but I’ve gained a new sister as well.

Welcome to the family Taimane.
love, m


For all you wonderful fathers out there, I hope you were surrounded by people who appreciate you, because you men, we are grateful to for you.

Love, it’s what brings us all together. Fathers day was spent like I usually spend every Sunday lately, at the ‘rents. Christopher and I did a little shopping before we showed face, for both presents, and a whole bunch of beer, burgers and hot dogs. This time we were the ones bringing the BBQ to them.

I haven’t seen my sister Julissa as much lately. I understand though, she’s kicking ass in both school and her new job. Since she’s on probation her schedule isn’t really optional. I miss her.

I also got to see Giana, my sister’s sister. Sounds pretty confusing I know, but we’re a big family. hahaha. It was nice seeing her, and her girls are getting so big and beautiful.

My father, is my ride or die. He’s the parent I’ve always naturally leaned on, He’s always patient, gives words of wisdom, even if he doesn’t always agree with me. He always has a sense of humor that never quits. He’s the best dad I know. and for this I thank you.

Chivo Para Los Chicos

It’s Easter!

Last night was a late night spent playing poker, so I woke up a bit on the late side, not that there was any rush. I had no plans today but to spend some time with my family. Mami was in the kitchen cooking up a storm, chivo (goat),  which everyone always loves. She’ll spend the whole day in the kitchen, and she doesn’t even eat it, what a trooper.

My brother Luis arrived, in the greatest mood, well, why wouldn’t he, it’s his birthday! We’re six days apart, and when we were younger we always used to bicker and fight about who was the oldest sibling. He never cared that technically I was older, but because he was a boy, he was the big brother. Now that we’re so damn close to thirty, we all want to the be young ones. Damn three years away from 30, time goes by so fast, I still feel like 17 years old sometimes.

Mami baked us some cupcakes, and everyone started to sing us happy birthday. I of course had mine with no frosting, because, yuck… frosting.
love, m

Billiards with the Brothers

My brothers are my world, even if I’m not the best at showing it sometimes. As soon as I got back from Atlanta, I hit my brother Kiki up, and he was down to have dinner. Here was the catch, he was picking me up on his bike.

O..M..G… I’ve never been on a motorcycle before, and knowing him, his soul screams “speed demon”. Always looking for that thrill. I wasn’t scared, more of a bit nervous. I trust my brother, I just don’t trust everyone else on the road.

I have the biggest road rage, yet I don’t even drive.

The ride was heart exhilarating, and it got a bit more intense once it started raining. I think I did pretty damn good for myself as a first time. Not that I did anything but hold on for dear life.

We decided to eat at home, and Kiki made me a drink, malibu, his are the best. My abuela is in town, and I offered her a cup, she liked it, and chugged it down… she didn’t know it had liquor until my mother walked in, and said to be careful, that we were trying to get her drunk. No never!

My little brother Jeremy finally got home from school and football practice, and even though it was as bit late, we wanted to go out, even if it was just for a little bit.

We arrived at the bowling alley, and since all of the lanes were packed, I was pretty happy with just playing pool for the night. That’s what I wanted to do in the first place anyway.

Jeremy has never played pool in his life. . . correction, in real life. He loves his video games. He was trying so hard to hold the cue stick. But you want to know something… he ended up winning after all!

Sister Sister

I arrived at my little brother’s place, ready to spend the day with my sister. I was needing a day like this so bad. My sister Julissa and I have always been very close when growing, but not that we both have so much going on and live in different boroughs, we don’t always have the time to hang out. Today was the best exception.

First of all I was starving, and she had mangu waiting for me. After being all stuffed, the little bro Jeremy received a package in the mail, his new professional xbox remote. I don’t play video games, so I didn’t really see the difference. But hey, if it makes him happy why not? He locked himself in his room right away, Kiki was trying to figure the damn thing out too.

I needed to get rid of everything I just ate, I have the habit of walking right after I eat. Jula wasn’t up to that, so bike riding it was. We headed to the point, where we used to bike ride all the time as kids. The view is still beautiful, it makes you forget about your troubles for just a split second.

When we got to back to the house, we were all exchanging apps. Trying to figure out what the next big thing is. Kiki introduced me to “Periscope” which I pretty much got the hang of, but I didn’t really find convinient, especially since everything is live and at the moment.

I was ready for some wine, like I usually am. I rode to the liquor store and some creepy old men where to trying to hit on me, I was disgusted. Who ever told these men that that’s okay? Go pick up your saggy balls off the floor old man.

Wine was served, I was making tostones and my father was on the grill. It’s been a very long time since we have all out hung out together and it not being a special occasion. The only one missing was my brother Lu. But hey, it happens… almost all of us are out of the house now. We’re all growing up. Making time though, that’s where it counts.

Art Show: Soel at Greenpoint Gallery

My boy Soel had his first solo art show and the crew couldn’t be prouder of him. Yes, it’s been a while since most of us have been in the same room together, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not there for each other when it really matters.

I met up with Chris and had a few beers and some mac n cheese with bacon at some tiny bar that looked like it was homed in the south. Their cornbread was pretty delicious as well.

We stopped by a deli and picked up more beers, this time I stuffed them in my purse, for you know :cough cough: “easy access”.We walked into Greenpoint Gallery and the walls were filled with Soel’s pieces. Graffiti inspired everything. Some inspired by the late Cheech Wizard. I fell in love with a water tower piece that I regret not paying for sooner.

While roaming the other floor (that had different artists) Chris and I missed our chance on two different pieces that we wanted to go home with.

When we got back to his floor, we ended up purchasing 2 items, that are now hung up and living beautifully at Chris’s.

Catching up with the fellas is always great, after the show we headed to a bar in Williamsburg to get some more drinks. The guys are hilarious, especially when it came to their freestlye rap battles.

A Day On The Sand In Connecticut

IMG_5608Family has never been just about blood to me. I am so blessed to be surrounded by friends that I consider loved ones. And this week was no exception. I decided to bring my godson Zj to Connecticut to visit Tio A and Titi Jenni. I haven’t seen them since my niece Jolie’s birthday in October and I was having withdrawals.  Zj was a little fussy on the train ride over there, especially since he kept stating that he hated the beach, and that;s exactly where we were headed.  Ha.. serves him right… once we showed up and met up with everyone he was super excited!

Justen, my nephew was ready for war, and when Jolie and Zj were in the sand, he was ready to destroy castles… and when in the water, he was ready to shove them in the water. I guess that’s what big cousins/brothers are for!

IMG_5451UntitledIMG_5457.JPGUntitled IMG_5463 IMG_5486I on the other hand was trying my best to hide from the sun, at least for today. I’m not much of a sun bather, especially since I always manage to get tan without even trying. Lately I’ve noticed the only part of me getting bronze is my shoulders, while the rest of my body is as white as snow. Hence the huge hat I was hanging out in.

My “brother” A was not one to hide from the beams, and was comfy while blasting some old school hip hop in the background.

Jen was prepared like the amazing mom she always is, and had deli cuts and ice-tea ready for all of us to destroy.

It was a good day at the beach, and I was so glad I got to catch up with family.

Now enjoy these pics 🙂sig 2IMG_5489IMG_5444UntitledIMG_5578IMG_5641IMG_5634