Because Unlimited Mimosas

I love playing catch up with my MaryAnn!

This time we decided to meet in the Heights, I almost never go all the way up there. M suggested the popular Apt.78 , you know the one that hosts all the Brunch Bounces and Pizza Zoos. When we got there, the place was packed with no where to sit. Wait time was 40 minutes, and I wasn’t willing to wait.

Since Locksmith Burger Bar is right next door, that’s where we headed. I’ve been there before a couple times, for Zero’s birthday and then maybe two other times for just drinks with friends. It’s always been a blast, and the food has always been good.

You guys know my addiction to burgers, and this one was perfect, what was even better? Since we made it to brunch, unlimited mimosas were being offered, and how could I possibly refuse? Even after I told myself I wouldn’t do too much drinking….I lied.

A group of three guys walked in, and since all the big tables were taken, M and I were chivalrous enough to move to a smaller table. They were gracious, and ended up buying us a shot of patron. We toasted and said thank you.

After all of our mimosas, we asked for another refill, and gave it to the guys, they laughed at how we were trying to get them messed up, and we juts laughed it off. Told them it was nice meeting them and we on our way.

M and I did a little shopping, and every store we walked into, we kept dancing around the aisles. We were in the  mood for dancing, and we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I had work in the morning, or else I would have been throwing on some heels and was willing to dance tipico all night!

Big Kids at New Rochelle

I would bicker and fight with my brother Kiki when we were younger, it was like war in our house. One day we would love each other and spill so many secrets, the next day we were enemies, beating each other up. I guess that’s what siblings are for. Now that we’re older (and don’t live together anymore) we have grown much closer, or should I say, more fond of each other, and way more respect towards the other.

There is no greater love that I have than my little brothers (and sister). While doing nothing and waiting for Chris to get home, Kiki hit me up telling me he was a block away, he wanted to take me out for my birthday, how lucky am I?

I have never been to Buffalo Wild Wings before (I know, don’t laugh) so when he told me he was waiting for me downstairs, Chris had made it right on time to join in on the fun. I’ve known Chris since I was about 13 years old, since we all went to junior high school together, and watching him and my brother catch up after all these years was just ….(whispers) great.We arrived at New Rochelle, grabbed our seats and looked over the menu. Kiki brung along long time friend Checa and others with him, and they already knew what they were ordering since apparently they come here all the time!

I love ordering the restaurant’s specialties when dining somewhere, and I really wanted to taste their wings, but I was craving a burger and mozzarella sticks like nobody’s business. Don’t worry, I stole a wing from Chris’s plate. hahaha.
We walked up to the arcade, where I used to spend so much time in when I was a teenager, like usual, I always run to the air hockey table first. Checa and Kiki were already playing. Chris and I went against each other… and since I  was a little bothered by a comment he made earlier, know that all of my shots were aggressive.. and on point. That doesn’t mean I’m going to let one one little thing ruin my whole day, I get over things pretty quickly. Especially when I kick ass.

We decided to spice things up and went to one of the larger tables. This time we were going to play 2 on 2. Chris and Checa against me and Chris…. left handed, with our right hand behind our backs. It was way more difficult than expected, especially since we’re all righty’s. I was more on defense mode, while Chris kept making the shots, good team work, and yes we won!

Downstairs were the go carts, and I secretly wish they were bumper cars, because I just wanted to crash into everybody. I am no driver, Chris drives pretty damn well, and my brother Kiki is all into racing. Checa was just like me… us, drive?  I think we pretty damn good for 2 girls with no driver’s license.

Kiki kept saying he won, but what was he really winning, when there was no race and the track was just a big loop… and if that’s the case (cough cough) I won, because I was ahead of them most of the time. lol He’s not going to like that I said that.

The night was still young and we didn’t really feel like going home, at least not to sleep yet. Chris invited everyone back to his place, for more beers and when we got there, the Uno cards came out. We were cracking and just messing the other person up at any cost. Then that’s when the Nerf guns came out. I was already feeling pretty sleepy since I had to get to work at 8am the next morning, so I watched as everyone ran around the house and “killed” each other.

Nights like these is when things feel the absolute best. Good food, and amazing people… especially when they all act like big kids. Who says that just because you’re in your twenties you have to be an adult?

Raymond’s 19th Birthday

My not so baby cousin is officially 19 years young. I arrived early and got to help my godmother with all the shopping for the BBQ that was happening tonight. You had to see us, running around that supermarket like crazy ladies. We were running short on time and had so much to do. Raymond was expecting about 15 friends to come through and it was time for the grilling to begin, My godmother being the pro that she is, was on point and finished everything just as needed. The hookah was out and orange vodka was being passed around. Silly us forgot to bring out the cake that my cousin Sasha went nuts to get, so with most of his friends gone, Happy Birthday was sang with his tight close friends and family. Not a bad deal anyway.

Love you Raymond, wish you the best in life always.IMG_4888.jpgIMG_4926.jpgIMG_4867.jpgIMG_4942.jpgIMG_4866.jpg.jpgIMG_4947.jpgIMG_4923.jpgIMG_4874.jpgIMG_4934.jpgIMG_4880.jpgIMG_4940.jpgIMG_4893.jpgIMG_4906.jpgIMG_4911.jpg

Hot Date with the Broski

IMG_4347 IMG_4344 IMG_4348UntitledOn this rainy day I got to spend it chowing it down with one of my loves, My little big Brother Chris. I may be the oldest of the bunch, but I’ve grown to the be the shortest and the biggest mess of them all. lol

My brother and I met at 5 Napkin burgers, since I loved it the first time around. We finally got to catch up on everything that has been going on with us. After dinner we decided it was way to early and  headed to go see Captain America 2.

Check out the trailer below, ( and no, I won’t tell you what the finishing credits preview were ) I’ll see you guys later!

5 Napkins for the Birthday Girl:Chevy

278b6b89c507fc688da802b6e0f2bba99 b75589e2a99d03a67b539085658fd160I suck. I suck the worst. Apparently I don’t know how to read because when Tanya texted me saying that she and Jesus were throwing Chevy a surprise birthday dinner, I failed at the keyword “SURPRISE’.     Ugh, I’m such a mess… I started talking to Oli through instagram and Chevy bumped into her name, and well … you all know the rest. Luckily for me, I didn’t put any details of when and/or where, so she knew there was a dinner just not anything else. Like I said, I suck.. I know!

1_1We (Q and I) made it to 5 Napkin Burgers exactly 5 minutes before the birthday girl arrived… so we were safe! Tanya, her beau Richie, Chevy’s mother and cousin were already there waiting for all the guests to arrive.

Let me tell you, I was staaaaarving. I didn’t take my lunch break at work because I knew I was gonna be eating good tonight. Oooooh, I’m so glad I waited. I ordered the avocado-ranch burger and my mouth felt like I have died and gone to heaven…it was that good!

Plus the service was amazing. Our waiter was a doll, looked he enjoyed being there, didn’t rush us to order or leave, and had great recommendations. Now that’s what I’m talking about.4Chevy was so surprised… (yes, even though I still suck) and looked absolutely beautiful in her pin up skirt. Her loverboy Jesus, had kidnapped her for the whole day, took her bowling, to japanese shops and others to keep her busy while still celebrating her crazy day. They are the cutest couple ever, let me tell you. Spend 5 minutes with them and you’ll fall in love with new friends.

After all the burgers, we (Chevy, Jesus, Jesus’s brother, Q and I) decided it wasn’t time to go to sleep just yet. We headed to the birthday girl’s apartment where Q cheated on me with Xbox one..(the guys were in their own world) and while Chevy and I bonded over nailpolishes and My Little Pony.

Yes, you read right. Apparently, The My Little Pony series is amazing, and I must watch it. It’s like a drama series but anaimated for kids. I watched one episode and thought it was pretty damn cute… I guess I have to keep watching to really get hooked.

Chevy also explained how almost every pony has a completely different character of their own, and how all of us (Chevy, Tanya, Sara, Oli, me seem to have a pony that resembles us) Bookworm, party girl, ditz etc. I thought that was pretty damn adorable. Chevy marked me as Rainbow Dash, but once I saw the colors for Nightmare moon, I was like..hell naaah! She looks way better.

Omg…. I just realized I wrote like 3 paragraphs about pony’s. hahahha

We were on the only sugar high, with swedish fish and cotton candy and started to play Mario on the Wii. I definitely need more practice.

Anyway, check out the pics from our night.

Happy Birthday my love.

3_1 5 69_1 78_2 1011_1 12

Never Made Its


Here’s another round up of my Never made Its. Those random pictures that just never seemed to make it to a post of their own.

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Let’s begin!
DSC06898Look how spiffy Q looks. We decided to play dress up while shopping at Urban Outfitters.. hehehe, Q looks like a Pipe Cleaner from Mary Poppins.DSC06899Apparently I look like a Pilgrim, good thing Thanksgiving is coming soon.

I have no set plans yet, but most likely I’ll be going to my grandmother’s house. I’m pretty sure Q wants me to go to his family’s house, since I didn’t go last year. But I don’t know, I guess I’ll see soon enough.DSC06903The other day, Marlene, Kat and I headed to 1-2-3 Burgers to grab some, you guessed it, Burgers and beers to catch up on life. Well, Kat and I got beers and burgers, since Marlene is pregnant! Ah, I’m so excited for her. She’s having a little girl for her first born.

Kat introduced me to a beer named ‘Angry Orchard’ which I happened to fell in love with!

Its was like a an apple cider with kick of buzz in it, not to mention the 8 burgers I had and yuca fries, yum! IMG_20131004_173035As you all know, I started Minx’s Mail, which is me randomly sending out packages to whoever has signed up, it could be anything from sketches, stickers, notes, trading cards even coupons for future commission pieces.IMG_20131008_174720If you want to sign up, feel free to do so! HEREIMG_20131024_131714Selfies at work. Goes to show how fast I get my work done 🙂IMG_20131025_010114Dates with Misha.
photocatTKL x Minx

This piece was shown at my duet show in June and I never even showed you guys this collaboration. I started this piece first, making my girl with the outfit I had originally planned to wear that night. With my purple hair and all, I was gonna rock an orange top and black skirt, both packed with polka dots. Kinda sucks that I changed my mind about the outfit, but I liked how this piece came out regardless.

Once I was done, Tanya picked up the canvas and did her part. A blue royal holding the world in her hands, look at that pretty pink dress. See, thing is, I had no idea what she was painting. When I walked in to the show, I was completely surprised by the end result.IMG_20131108_161718I started playing around and have been making key chains, I love how this one came out!IMG_4704Bucktooth Berry officially has a new home!

I just love it when my babies go to good homes. Thank you PhilartisteIMG_6336 IMG_20131009_180504Cute new supplies !

Who remembers these from the 90’s?IMG_20131009_100202picture002

Ps. I recently got a new webcam, so hmmm… who know’s maybe I’ll start uploading stupid random videos. I have to admit, I recorded myself just talking crap, but I felt so silly!

Kudos, to all the youtubers who do it so well, and look fabulous doing it, I obviously need more practice.

Until next time guys!picture005