Puerto Rico 2015:Day 1: Arrival, Colon & Nuyoricans

It’s 7pm, we are stuffed beyond explanation. But first, we arrived at our first Airbnb, safe and sound. The owner Monica is super chill and gave us a few pointers on where to go in the plaza. Chris and I headed to Christopher Columbus’s castle, which was huge but  non- the less beautiful. The view was exhilirating. The humidity wasn’t my favorite, but the breeze that was going on was absolutely perfect.
We walked, we walked a lot. My hair and I , we have parted ways a long time ago. We walked into a tiny restaurant called “Mojitos” and even though we didn’t have any, the piña coladas with rum were delicious. The mofongo was and on point and some special sauce that was with it, was soooo amazing. It was infused with garlic and lemon, I need to learn how to duplicate that now!

Chris is busy bonding with a Puerto Rican map and a flashlight, while I’m laying down rubbing my stomach, I’m so full, and it feels so good! It was time to head back out again. Dancing started late, but once it did, what a blast. We walked into a tiny lounge called Nuyorican Cafe, an over air conditioned lounge for a reason. Since we arrived a little early, Chris was freezing and I could tell he was getting grouchy but tried his best to hide it. I on the other hand simply ignored it and kept jamming to the salsa that was playing. The opening band was good, it had a bit of an island feel to it. But I was there for the salsa, I couldn’t wait for the other band to arrive. 4 Beers later, it was time to get moving.

Chris swears he doesn’t know what he’s doing, he’s a liar. After a while he started correcting me on how to turn the right way. Ew. Check him out getting all cocky.