2/18/15- 11:13pm

I´m sitting here next to Chris. Our flight is tomorrow morning, we just finished packing our bags, and even though we´re sleepy, we´re too excited to rest. He´s on the phone speaking to Marcus, who´s busy giving him recomendations on where to visit, see and eat. We already have a crazy iteninary and it´s starting to get overwhelming with all the things we want to do. . . It´s exhiliarating.

2/19/15 – 7:30am

Waiting to Board, an hour and  half to go. This is our first trip together, alone that is. I´ve got my feet up, phones are charging and everytime we catch glimpses of each other, we start blushing and smirking. I adore it.


We´ve landed and Chris still insists on speaking english. I told him about that. His “idioma” (language) will be impeccable by the time we get back to NYC. Te lo prometo (I promise you). We´ve just picked up our bags from baggage claims and he´s already tempted to change into shorts. Our cab driver was super sweet and actually ended up being dominican. We all bonded talking about NY. At least that makes person number 2 picking on Chris because of his non speaking spanish skills.