Rome 2017: Pizza, Plazas, Pasta & Palatine Hill

   I honestly think I was more excited for Italy than the UK. I was ready to get so fat!    Our flight was quick, and this hotel was a dream compared to London's. For one, our outlets actually worked. (Don't even get me started on me trying to use a flat iron, or even … Continue reading Rome 2017: Pizza, Plazas, Pasta & Palatine Hill


2/18/15- 11:13pm I´m sitting here next to Chris. Our flight is tomorrow morning, we just finished packing our bags, and even though we´re sleepy, we´re too excited to rest. He´s on the phone speaking to Marcus, who´s busy giving him recomendations on where to visit, see and eat. We already have a crazy iteninary and … Continue reading Departure

Strolling to a Stream

Consider this part 1. Since there's so much to show, say and do. We, Chris, my little brother Jeremy and I were headed on an adventure. Pia, Phil and Nicole were in the other car, so we'll catch up with them later. We're on our way to Hunter Mountain, a two hour drive that started … Continue reading Strolling to a Stream