Sweat, Bruises and Sand, an Unexpected Weekend

I had a list of things I wanted to do this weekend, ask me if  I did any of it.

There was a huge flower festival, a concert featuring Ginuwine, Kid n Play, Mack Wild and DJ Camilo that I was eager to see. That did not happen. Not even a little bit.

Sometimes the things you don’t plan,end up being greater than you expected. This weekend was  both great and terrible, all at the same time.

Let’s begin with Friday, After spending an evening listening to poetry, trying to do my best to bond with someone I truly care about. I came to the realization, that maybe I just need to stop forcing things. The universe throws signs at us in many different ways, ways that we tend to ignore. That day just happened to be my wake up call, if something is meant to happen, it takes more than one person to make it work. I just walked away, as much I knew I didn’t want to, I had to.
Time for me.

Saturday was a little better, that turned into way better. My not so baby cousin is 21 now. That only means he can do everything he was already doing, legally. Raymond and I are close, though we don’t get to spend much time together, he’s one of my favorite people to hug.
Instead of taking public transportation I decide that a 35 minute bike ride wasn’t that bad. It was about 10pm and I’ll admit, I was a little scared biking around some areas. Especially when men want to whistle at you, screaming “oooh, can I get ride?” I’ve even had a ” damn mami, how much?”
Sorry buddy, not for sale, and I’m not talking about the bike. I had a little detour on the count that I got lost. Keeping my phone, that acts like a GPS in my pocket isn’t very convenient. (I just purchased a a handle bar phone holder..much needed!)
I stopped by Titi Margaret’s house and caught up on bochinche. I miss my godmother, I have to remember to make more time for her. Especially since now I know how to get there on my 2 little wheels.
The party was loud, in a basement, that have me flashbacks from when I was in high school and friends used to throw hooky parties. The fact that everyone was younger helped that feeling as well. Non the less. I poured myself a drink and started to dance. To my surprise my baby cousin Denise was in town for the weekend. She came all the way from Massachusetts to spend time with Raymond on his day. So sweet. She was looking at beautiful as ever, and I couldn’t help but to tell her, that every single time she posts a new picture online, she resembles her late sister Jasmine, more and more.

We danced the night away, along with sweating the night away. That space felt like a sweat box, everyone was dripping, dancing, removing clothed little by little. Even my brother Kiki and Taimane came to show love. They were sitting most of the time and still managed to break a sweat. They made my night when they told me they want me to be the baby’s godmother. I wanted to cry! It’s all I seem to think about now.
I danced until I couldn’t dance any longer. By 3am the last song was played and everyone started to leave. The floor full of grit and black water. That’s going to be fun to clean up.
Alberto decided to hang around and be amazing with us. We were all sleeping over a Raymond’s, and everyone was either drunk, tipsy or had some form of hype in their system. They set up the hookah, and we kept cracking up at all the snaps from the night. All the twerking, kareoking, sipping, ratchetness that happened throughout the night.
Sunday, my plans for that concert were out the window. We were going to make it a beach day, but first we all had a few errands to run, especially since most of us didn’t plan on spending the night, and little old me had my bike. We headed to my house, Alberto, Denise and I. I was their map letting them know which bus to take where, while I rode home. It’s only a 15 minutes bike ride, something that’s light work compared to how much I can actually bike.

At an instance, all I felt was a car leaning towards the right hand side, where I was riding push me off and slam me into a parked car. I fell hard. The left side of my body was in pain, my bicycle flat on the floor underneath the parked car. I tried to wiggle it out but the rim was tucked into the car’s tire. The white Nissan slowed down, whoever was inside was obviously debating if they should stop. When it did, it took longer for someone to even come out. He didn’t even say a word, I asked him his name and he went in full defense mode. He didn’t even ask if I was okay. I’m up, there’s no sign of anything teared or scraped. Again, I ask him his name and I get nothing. If he doesn’t want to tell me, I’ll find out another way. I start taking pictures of his license plate, the registration on his window and he’s screaming “so call the cops then”
How ignorant. How unsympathetic. Reminded me of someone else I know… is that just all men?
I didn’t want to get the cops involved, I think i was fine, I felt a bruise forming on my left butt check, my right elbow throbbing, and a scrape burning on my right calf. I think I was okay, brushed up my okay… he starts screaming at me, “you didn’t fall, what do you want to do then,call the cops!” I’m telling him, without raising my voice, “I did fall, I fell hard, you can’t see it, but I’m in pain.” “You didn’t fall he says”
How can someone else tell you what you’re feeling, what happened to you or didn’t happen to you? Reminds me of another man of a dilemma I know.
I practically had to beg for an apology, that’s all I wanted. He wouldn’t give it to me. Another guy across the street comes over and asks me if I’m okay, I say yes I guess, but I’m hurting. Guy number 2 hears all the screaming Guy who hit me is saying and corrects him. “She did fall, I saw her, you hit her.” Only then is when he apologized.
Why does it take an outside person to validate what should of happened naturally? I tell him, I’m a human being, I know you’re scared, but look at the bigger picture. You didn’t see me fall but that doesn’t mean I didn’t. Just because I’m not bleeding, it doesn’t mean I’m not hurt. It did hurt. Badly.

What is it with men? The lack of communication and empathy. I’m sick of it.I trooped it home anyway. I had way too much adrenaline in my system, alongside a huge bruise on my ass. We had plans to head to the beach and how could I disappoint? I threw on my bathing suit, at least the ones I have left at home. Seems like they’re all disappearing  now a days. The trip to Far Rockaway was a little longer than expected. I’ve actually never gone by train before, I tried once a long time ago and got terribly lost. This time I found my way, even with a dying phone.

Raymond and friends were already on the sand. Some were making out, some were sipping on drinks. Denise and  I jumped into the water as soon as we got there. My curls needed some salt water. I just love how they look when it’s drench in it. D was telling me that I can actually buy salt water for my hair in beauty supplies stores. I never knew that. I’m sure it should probably be used in moderation. I don’t need my hair falling out.

We stayed the whole night at the beach, and let me tell you, the stars were beautiful. So much is going on with me right now, and it was the perfect time for me to relax and just take it all in. I have a lot of decisions to make soon and I don’t even know where to begin.

Hanging out with my two baby cousins (who are now full grown!) was way too much fun. I’ve been trying to convince Denise to spend more time in New York, now that she’s on break from college. Let’s see if it works.

As for now, it’s time for a long ride back home, and for me to soak in a nice hot bath. My body is too sore from that hit.love, m


Santo Domingo: Day 1: Bendiciones

Omg, omg, omg… what the hell is all that banging that’s going on outside?! The light is peeking through the blinds and the studio is a mess. Chris and I take a quick look at each other and it’s like we both read each other’s mind. We jumped out of bed in a panic. “What time is it?”

10am…holy shit! We’re going to miss our flight!

We ran around the room like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to pack and not forget anything, keeping the space decent and clean for our host so it doesn’t look like we’re slobs. Rushing and getting ready, while constantly bumping into each other, so we can make it to our flight on time.

When we first arrived, we had to pick up the keys at the Chinos right below the condo, now that we’re leaving, it was pretty hectic to return the keys since they were closed. We didn’t have time for this. We ended up leaving the keys at the tiny restaurant next door with a waitress, texted our hostess and hoped for the best. We checked into the airport and made it right on time. Thank goodness… Santo Domingo, here we come!

Part 2 of our trip…. You thought we were going home didn’t you?

“Look for a cute, short blonde” That’s what I tell Chris after we picked up our baggage. My cousin Yenny was waiting for us at the gate with my cousin Franklin. I introduce Chris and everyone says their hellos. He seems to be hiding his spanish, I’m guessing it’ll make an appearance once he feels more comfortable. I explained to him that this is the first time I bring a boy to meet my family in Dominican Republic. He asks me if that’s a good thing. I don’t even have an answer to that yet. I will admit, I was a tiny bit nervous though.

We stopped at Boca Chica to get some food before heading home. Some pescado frito (fried Fish) and tostones. Amazing! i wasn’t even hungry, but my plate will tell you other wise. I warned Chris that while our stay here, he would never be without a beer in his hand when it comes to my family, and he’s slowly starting to realize that. With just a 30 minute ride to the infamous green house, we already had gone through about 3 jumbo Presidentes.


(a greeting used when saying hello in latin customs, you are asking for blessings from your'elders, they usually respond with " Dios te bendiga" which means, "may God bless you"

My abuela was in the kitchen cooking up a storm as usual. She looked great and I was happy to see her. I hopped into the shower and got ready to head out to see some cousins and my aunt and uncle. Everyone usually just hangs out in the front of the corner store with a beer in hand, music blasting in the background.

Whenever I see my Tio Netty, I get the instant flashback of Papi Neto, my abuelo. They look so alike to me, it’s mind boggling. Kisses on the cheek going back and forth, introductions were made to the neighborhood friends were done. Everyone here is so inviting….and always willing to fill up your cup with more beer.

My cousin Ernesto finally settled down with a girl, Katerine, so he was all smiles when he was showing off his new place. I’m so proud of him, and even better yet.. he looks so happy.

Elijah Turns 6

So many cousins, so many babies, so many birthdays, so much cake.

My cousin Ciara’s baby boy Elijah turned 6, and he’s such a cutie.

I was running a bit late, and I was kicking myself in the ass for it.  Luckily for me, I was one bus ride away that took forever to get to me,  but once on, I arrived pretty damn  quickly, thank goodness. I was so happy to see all of my primas, almost all of them had taken a vacation to Dominican Republic for the holidays, to go visit some more family. So I can in with bags of presents ready to give out that never made it to their possession from Christmas.

Ciara had the cutest desserts set up for everyone to devour,  my favorite was a white chocolate strawberry that was covered in sugar. I was a good girl though and only had one…but I wasn’t too good, because I had like 3 slices of pizza to match.

Almost all of cousins have babies, and it’s just 2 of us now, baby less… or at least I thought… my cousin Janneice is pregnant and I couldn’t be more excited for her and husband. That’s when the girls started to pick on me, saying I was the last one left… hey, by the time I have mine, all of theirs will be grown and babysitting my kid. haha

Hey with all these kids around me, I don’t need to be popping anything out just quite yet.

I kept busy throughout the night chasing the kiddies around and capturing some random moments. These kids are hilarious. Let me let you guys scroll these pics, I’ll be back soon, especially since I had to go meet Tanya right after this kiddie fest.

Chuckie Cheese for Chase

2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxI got to spend the day with my cousins Scarla and Diana, and their rugrats. Scarla’s oldest Chase was having a birthday, and even though the weather stopped her original plans from going Pumpkin Picking (boooo), Scarla was’nt going to let that stop her from surprising her little one with something special for his special day. She quickly set up some decorations and had Diana’s kids wait super quiet downstairs while her two boys, Chase and Chad got ready. Chase had no idea anyone was even in the house, so his face was priceless once he finally made his grand entrance and everyone yelled “SURPRISE!” After singing happy birthday, all the kiddies decked out in their ninja turtles attire it was ready for part 2 of the day.. Chuckie Cheese. While waiting for Scarla to get everything together, you know, mom stuff.. I took the kids outside and had them play red light, green light 1-2-3. I used to play this game all the time when I was their age with my cousins(who are all grown and popping out babies now! haha)

Once we got to Chuckie Cheese, I was on big kid mode, of course I was snapping pics away like I usually do, but I was ready to kick some butt! I did pretty good when it came to basketball, and apparently that was Chase’s favorite as well. That went out the window quickly as soon as he saw that Chuckie the mouse was coming out, he was sooo excited! I have never seen a kid so happy as I saw him when he came out. I swear Chase was holding on to the poor guy in the suit, and even though the mouse kept walking around, there was Chase grabbing him by the shirt. I can’t say the same for Katelyn, Diana’s baby girl, as a tough cookie that little girl is, (super smart, love it!) Her and Chuckie was not a good mix… as soon he got close or even half way across the room, she would panic, She was so scared, I felt so bad… but I loved when she was clinging on me! 

It was a good day!

Happy Birthday Chase!

Jonahs and Magelis’s Baptism: The Celebration

2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxIt was time to celebrate and my family knows how to do it right, and we always do it big. I swear whenever something is going down, is like a herd that sticks together. Every time we see each other, it’s like we haven’t seen each other in years, and there’s always plenty of bochinche (gossip) to catch up with. I spent most of my time chatting up a storm with my cousin Janneice, who’s up in Connecticut, and is desperately waiting for her husband to make it back to her.

Whenever we see each other we always have a main topic at hand, boys. Aaaah, isn’t it great?

This time we had  some good food to recharge us, and after grabbing some beers it was time to hang out outside with the rest of the cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. My not so baby cousin Raymond is always in charge of the hookah, and like animals in the wild, we make a circle surrounding our prey.

The babies ended up taking a huge nap, so it was some adult time.

And we all love that!2minxinx2minxinxI2minxinx2minxinx| my not so baby cousin Raymond and I |2minxinx

| Juniors ready to party! |2minxinx

| Cousinly love: Janneice, Sasha and I |2minxinx| The Mayhem |IMG_6893| I love when Magelis is in tropical colors  |
2minxinx| Jonahs waking up from a much needed nap, and Magelis being held by my godmother, her grandmother. They were celebrities for the day with all of their outfit changes, Lady Gaga has nothing on them |
IMG_6789| The men getting busy playing dominoes, true dominicans |2minxinx2minxinxIf only it were simple enough to explain what’s going on in these pictures. The men decided to play a trust exercise of their own. They had to hold themselves up, while they lay on the other, someone was to remove the chairs and they had to hold their position, without using their hands.

I guess you all know what happens next!

Liquor is brave people.


See you guys next time.sig 2IMG_6896 IMG_6908

Jonahs & Magelis Baptism: Pretty Poses

2minxinx2minxinxIMG_6484.bAs I mentioned in my previous post, I was in charge of the photography for my niece Magelis and nephew Jonahs’s baptism. So of course, not only was I taking candids, which I love taking… I had to get some posed shots as well. Cute babies and beautiful family members, easy enough. After the mass, the church had a cute little garden right next to it, and natural light is a girl’s best friend.

I grabbed a table cloth from the church that I “borrowed” so these chunky babies can lay down and not mess up their all white attire. Jonahs was a little cranky, but after a few tears he managed to look at the camera, maybe because I had like 5 people behind me making funny faces and calling him over.

GJ (short for Genesis Jasmine, Lionela‘s cutsie daughter) is awesome to point the camera at. Mind you, she wouldn’t just give me a regular smile the whole time, infamous for her funny faces.

When we got back to Sasha and Ramgy’s place, Ceci was in charge of the cake, which was way too cute.

Stay posted for the next post, where we get a little crazy celebrating Dominican style.sig 2IMG_65102minxinx2minxinx IMG_66782minxinx2minxinxIMG_66642minxinx

Jonahs & Magelis’s Baptism: The Ceremony

jonahs y magelisMy cousins Sasha and Lidia are officially grown ups. I’m sure you guys have seen my nieces Jonahs and Magelis posted on my blog, and now today was their big day, one of many.. their baptism. I was asked to provide pictures, and how can I say no when it comes to my chunky babies. ( my heart melts). The ceremony was sweet and in spanish. Which I haven’t heard a spanish mass in almost forever.

My family comes in bunches, don’t ever expect any one of us to ever show up singular.

For Jonahs, my cousin Lionela‘s husband Junior and mother Ceci were given the title as his godparents.

When it came to Magelis, my cousin Sasha and her boyfriend Ramgy were the one to do the honors.

I took so many pictures, I ‘m gonna have to break this day into 3 different posts. The ceremony, the posed photographs and the celebration after. It’s a lot, I know, but totally worth it. Especially since my family parties hard.

They’re the best!

Enjoy these pics from the ceremony, I’ll be back soon!sig 2
2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx| My handsome godfather with his 2 grand kids |

| Lidia and Magelis, and then me with Magelis |2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx| my gorgeous grandmother and Magelis |
2minxinx| Familia |